Not only do we need to keep an eye on their online activity, but we also need to shield them from things like cyberbullying. Thankfully, several pieces of software can make life easier and less stressful for parents. You’re covered by us. Here are some useful Mac programs that will assist you in blocking unapproved websites, limiting your child’s computer use, monitoring your child’s activity, and more. Whether the children are at home or outside, the parents are constantly concerned for them. The internet is a new form that their dread has adopted as a result of technological innovation. The threats that can be encountered online have significantly increased. It seems as though everything and everyone has been exposed to a wider audience without anyone’s permission. To protect their children from any harmful information online in such a case, the parents need best parenting apps for Mac for the gadgets that their children used to browse the internet. Let’s learn about the best parenting apps for Mac as it is one of the devices that today’s youngsters choose to use.

Here is the list of Best Parenting Apps for Mac


Qustodio is the best parenting apps for Mac that works on multiple operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and mobile devices. Once installed, it operates in the background, adding a menu bar icon, but all configuration is done online using the Qustodio Family Portal. It will conveniently apply some basic filters and controls right away. You can establish time restrictions and limited times for device use in the free version. Additionally, you have access to the common web filtering feature, which lets you ban particular website categories while also allowing exceptions. You can view your child’s activity for the day, the week, the past 15 days, or the past 30 days in the Family Portal. Both the websites and apps they’ve utilized are included in this. It’s simple to obtain a clear image of what your youngster has been doing with their devices because everything is plainly laid out.

Norton Family Premier

Norton, an award-winning the best parenting apps for Mac, significantly increases the safety of the web for your children. They are protected from offensive websites, content, and internet predators thanks to this. Nortan monitors their time online and monitors their search, social networks, and videos. When your youngster tries to access a restricted website or conduct a search for restricted information, the software notifies you through email. Additionally, you will get brief activity reports every week or month throughout that time.

Spyrix Activity Monitoring

The best parenting apps for Mac for ensuring that children are secure online. Keylogging, URL monitoring, app tracking, screenshot capture, and many other features are among the main features. The program also allows you to block URLs that you believe are unsuitable for your child and warns you when a computer user accesses a website that is unwelcome. Applications may also be placed on a blacklist. Additionally, Spyrix Activity Monitoring enables real-time live surveillance of the computer screen. In addition, the software has the ability to transform the target device into a surveillance system. You can easily find out what is happening around the child’s device by enabling the webcam and microphone recording. A secure internet account can be used to remotely access all recorded data.

Net Nanny

Despite being one of the more established brands in the best parenting apps for Mac sector, Net Nanny has consistently added new features. The most recent version now includes features that aren’t necessarily found in the more recent competition. The app’s web content filtering uses real-time content analysis to identify concerns on every website your child visits rather than blacklists and site categories to identify issues on every website your child visits. There is also more creative YouTube surveillance with search and viewing histories. Since the company hasn’t forgotten the fundamentals, you may also limit screen time, block or restrict the use of certain apps, and carefully review your child’s recent habits. Net Nanny’s entry-level plan is $39.99 per year, but you can only keep an eye on one desktop computer with it. Net Nanny also offers two family protection licenses. The five-device plan has an annual cost of $54.99 while the twenty-device plan has an annual cost of $89.99. There is no free trial or free version of Net Nanny with limited capabilities.


Kidlogger is impenetrable to nothing. This free best parenting apps for Mac records your kids’ program usage as well as any screenshots they take in addition to what they type and the websites they visit. There is even a voice-activated sound recorder if you’re worried about who your children might be chatting with online. You may pick and choose which options to watch and grant your kids some privacy if they’re a little older and more responsible. Although the free program lacks some of the more cunning capabilities included in the commercial models, it is still a useful tool if you are worried about the safety of your children. While the professional plan can watch up to 10 devices, the free and standard plans can only watch up to 5.


Although MMGuardian doesn’t provide the same level of social media monitoring as Bark, it does cover some of the most well-known apps, like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Without asking for a check-in, you can always track where your child is. Geofencing is no longer available, however, as there were far too many erroneous alarms generated by it. If your children use more than five gadgets in total, MMGuardian isn’t very cheap. One child gadget costs about $35 per year, while five child devices, such as smartphones and tablets, cost about $70 per year. FamilyTime costs almost the same as that, although Qustodio or Boomerang offer greater value. Additionally, Bark offers you unlimited device coverage for a small additional fee. Currently, this is one of the best parenting apps for Mac that you can check right now.


OurPact was formerly the most potent the best parenting apps for Mac, but Apple briefly removed it from the App Store and reduced its functionality. OurPact does a wonderful job of scheduling and involves kids in controlling the daily screen time allocation you give them. Even on iOS, its Premium Plus subscription enables you to take screenshots from the child’s smartphone. And block messaging and texting apps even if you are unable to view the content of the messages. However, the time-management interface is a little awkward, and the internet filtering only blocks porn. OurPact can tell you where your child is and when they enter or exit particular locations thanks to its geofencing feature, but it cannot tell you where they have been.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Many of the best features of Kaspersky Safe Kids are available without any additional fee. You can select from a variety of pre-made categories in addition to adult websites and YouTube in order to make the best parenting apps for Mac even simpler. Additionally, you have complete control over the websites your child can view by making your own preset list of websites and even games. Establish the number of hours per day that your child can use a device, and use GPS to find your child’s position for peace of mind while they are out of sight. With Kaspersky, you can keep an eye on up to 500 devices with almost no constraints and without having to choose which ones to watch.

Aura Family Plan

Aura provides everything you could possibly need, whether you’re a busy family who needs to guarantee that your children are browsing safely online or an individual searching for credit monitoring that includes the three major US-based bureaus Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. In addition to providing a VPN, antivirus protection, spam and junk email filtering, as well as safe browsing tools, Aura’s and the best parenting apps for Mac has some exceptional features. The type of plan you need, however, depends depend on the features you need. An individual package, which covers a single user for up to 10 devices, starts at $12 per month when billed annually. A $1 million identity theft insurance policy is also included. The Couples Plan is $22 per month when paid annually and covers two users on up to 20 devices. Identity theft insurance is included in this plan up to a maximum of $2 million ($1 million per adult). These two policies both offer protection from identity theft and financial fraud.


Easily one of the best parenting apps for Mac available on the app store, the Bark keeps an eye on more than 40 services and apps across many platforms, and when Bark’s algorithms spot possible threats including indications of cyberbullying, depression, online predators, adult content, and more, you automatically receive email and text notifications. Four times more than any other software of a comparable nature, its algorithms monitor. The software does away with the need for parents to read through every message and post that their children send or receive, or to spend hours discussing their children’s phones. You are aware that it is neither practical nor possible to read every text your child sends. So, Bark enters the picture here. It was developed in association with experts in the field of digital media, law enforcement, and child psychology. Bark guarantees the safety of the family and the protection of your children. This economical service is worthwhile to test because it offers limitless kids, monitoring that is available around-the-clock, and activities.

Final Words

We first created an account with the appropriate software platform, then we evaluated the service to see how the program could be used for various tasks and in various scenarios in order to determine the best parenting apps for Mac. Each program was tested to determine how useful its fundamental tools were and how simple it was to master any more complicated tools.

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