Most importantly, the vault is safeguarded by powerful encryption, two or more-factor authentication, and a master password known only to you. The best password managers for Android can make it simple and easy to avoid internet hacking. Using a password manager, in addition to antivirus and a VPN network for further security. If you want an easy way to manage your internet logins, consider utilising one of the best password managers for Android alternatives in this post. Consider using a physical security key in addition to an online security suite for a complete set of digital defences. Consumers have always had trouble remembering so many passwords, thus several password wallet apps have been developed to help users with this problem.

Here is the list of Best Password Managers for Android


Bitwarden is an open source best password managers for Android vault that is gaining traction due to its free account purpose to make security available to anyone. You may store an unlimited number of secure passwords and use the manager on an unlimited number of devices for free. The software supports biometric unlock. Makes use of Android’s autofill API, and may be protected with two-factor authentication (AKA 2FA). You can also host the manager on your server, which is something that many rival programmes do not offer. Bitwarden, on the other hand, is available on all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.


The best password managers for Android is Dashlane works seamlessly with Android’s autofill feature, allowing you to access your passwords on your smartphone without having to copy and paste them. Dashlane, on the other hand, is not confined to Android smartphones. You may also instal one of several web browser extensions or download a desktop programme for Mac and Windows devices. Dashlane offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all premium plans, while the Free plan can be used indefinitely. This plan’s biggest limitation is that you can only use it on one device and store up to 50 passwords. Monthly subscriptions start at $4.99 and include unlimited devices and password storage.


Security and convenience are the most critical aspects of any best password managers for Android. Enpass provides the same level of password vault security as the competition, but it adds an extra layer of security to its approach by not storing any of your data itself – you choose where to keep it and sync it so that you can put it in Google Drive or Dropbox. Then there’s comfort. Of course, Enpass has apps for all major platforms, and your cloud service of choice can enable syncing, but there’s nothing more convenient than never having to pay a regular fee to keep your password manager running. Enpass is a one-time purchase rather than a subscription, so you buy it once and own it forever.


Keeper is one of the most feature-rich best password managers for Android. Even though there is no free edition, every feature contained in the software is worth the money. Multiple login methods, secure communications, and additional tools are available. When it comes to Android password managers, security and privacy must come first. Keeper is fully aware of this, since it employs AES-256 encryption for your data and provides a plethora of 2FA solutions such as hardware tokens, SMS, TOTP apps, and more. Finally, this password manager has a zero-knowledge architecture and has passed numerous independent audits with flying colours.

Google Passwords

To be honest, this isn’t the most dependable password manager in the world, but it requires you to input your Google account password in order to view or modify the essential data on the Google Passwords website or in your Google Account settings. Furthermore, Google has provided best password managers for Android since 2015. When it began offering to store passwords within the browser as part of its Smart Lock feature. This programme works as an autofill service on Chrome browser (Android and PC) by default, and if you don’t want to deal with Master Keys and heaps of encryption, this app is ideal for you.


PasswdSafe is an open source password locker that began on Windows and has since expanded to Android. Despite its transition to mobile, the app remains free, albeit it is not as simple to use as some of the paid options on today’s list. Similarly to KeePass, you put your encrypted file in a file locker, such as Drive, to sync your database. This way, whether you’re on Android or Windows, as long as the database file is synced with Drive, any changes you make to it are reflected on all of your devices. Because fingerprint recognition is supported, you won’t have to type your master password every time. Because the programme is free, anyone can try it out, even if you’re just interested in the Windows version.


Keepass2Android is a popular open-source best password managers for Android. In general, it secures all of your passwords in an encrypted vault and works with any Android web browser. Furthermore, it allows you to upload password database files to numerous cloud providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and others, and it includes an integrated keyboard to protect you from clipboard completion.


KeepSolid Passwarden has a robust feature set, making it one of the most capable best password managers for Android for individuals, families, and corporations. KeepSolid Passwarden syncs across all of your devices and makes it simple to autofill passwords when browsing the web. It’s great for small teams because it allows users to securely share a single password vault with other team members. The most significant disadvantage of Passwarden is its cost. Many individual users do not require Passwarden’s top-tier functionality. If you do not require password sharing, you may be able to choose a considerably less expensive competition. Passwarden is a great password manager for individuals and small groups.

Final Words

These are some of the best password managers for Android out there, in our opinion, and we selected them because they are affordable and easy to use. Therefore, we have provided all the information about the best password managers for Android  in one article. Therefore, test them out and see which one is more useful and better for you. However, if you have used any other password managers and think they are decent, then let us know in the comment section below.

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