Because third-party password managers secure your vault with strong encryption, several authentication choices, and a master password, a single matched login for your Keychain and Apple account provides little or no protection. You can quickly save all of your passwords safely in one place for easy access using one of the best password managers for iPhone. At the same time, the best password managers for iPhone allow you to quickly and easily construct strong, complicated passwords for you, eliminating the need for you to come up with them on your own. This also aids in reducing password repetition. If you repeat passwords, a hacker who obtains one of them can then access all of your other accounts and potentially steal your identity.

Here is the list of Best Password Managers for iPhone


NordPass is provided by Nord Security, a cybersecurity market leader, and includes best password managers for iPhone and other devices. Combining a cutting-edge security suite with an easy-to-use UI ensures that your passwords are always safe. Unlike the rest, NordPass uses XChaCha20 encryption to encrypt your vault, which is said to be a better cypher than the industry standard. You can also enable two-factor or multi-factor authentication, which incorporates face recognition and provides an impenetrable security barrier for your logins. Not to mention a master password that you create. This password manager adheres to a stringent Zero-knowledge design, which ensures that your encrypted or decrypted credentials are only stored on your devices.


1Password has been in the business for over a decade, making it an easy-to-use best password managers for iPhone with a strong security track record. Over 100,000 businesses now rely on 1Password to safeguard their most sensitive data. Their solution is simple to instal and integrates with various identity and access management (IAM) platforms. They also employ AES 256-bit encryption, as well as extra security measures, to ensure that only you have access to your vault and that your passwords remain secure while in transit. 1Password offers a variety of subscription plans ranging from $2.99 to $7.99 per month for individuals, families, and businesses.


Dashlane competes with LastPass, 1Password, and Keeper in terms of platform coverage and, for the time being, offers very good desktop software. Its standout feature is a mass password changer that can reset hundreds of passwords at once and was recently updated. The password organiser is well-designed, simple to use, and effective at entering personal information into web forms. A scanner searches your email inbox for online accounts that you may have forgotten about. Dashlane’s disadvantage is its expensive pricing. Its Premium plan costs $60 per year, or $78 if paid monthly. Dashlane’s free plan is restricted to 50 sets of credentials and does not support device syncing.


RoboForm is a straightforward best password managers for iPhone with few features. However, it has all of the important features you’d expect from a password manager, such as limitless password storage and generation, syncing across multiple devices, 2FA support, and more. You can also use AES 256 encryption to store other personal information such as credit cards, bank accounts, and licencing keys. Surprisingly, RoboForm supports the storage of contacts and bookmarks. It examines your passwords for vulnerabilities and prompts you to update them if any are discovered.


The best password managers for iPhone is mSecure is meant to make it simple to enter a new password or other record information. It comes with over a dozen readymade designs and hundreds of symbols to help you customise your login list exactly as you want it. You can categorise and filter items to find what you’re looking for more easily thanks to the robust and configurable tagging options. Favorites can be marked to be kept in a separate folder, sorted by date, type, or group, and browse through entries in different folders. You may take use of premium features such as personalising your templates, backing up and restoring if you lose your data, using Touch ID or Face ID, having Apple Watch compatibility, and much more for a one-time fee of $30.


Bitwarden has grown in popularity among supporters of open-source best password managers for iPhone. We can see why after using it for a few months. It’s completely free with no restrictions, and it’s just as professional and user-friendly as our top option. That means the code that enables Bitwarden is open for anybody to inspect, find weaknesses in, and patch. In principle, the more eyes on the code there are, the more secure it gets. Bitwarden has also been audited by a third party to assure its security for 2020. If you choose to run your own cloud, it can be installed on your own server for easy self-hosting. Bitwarden has also just implemented Windows Hello and Touch ID support to its desktop apps for Windows and macOS, providing you with the added protection of those biometric systems.


Passwarden is a user-friendly but powerful best password managers for iPhone and beyond. It use both current and traditional ways to provide all-around security for your passwords and other sensitive information. As a result, you may be confident that your data is secured with a sophisticated cypher. Passwarden synchronised your data with their cloud servers to ensure your privacy. As a result, when you close your vault, your encrypted data remains on their servers and is inaccessible to everyone. The organisation also adheres to a strong zero-knowledge policy, ensuring that even the provider does not view your decrypted information and does not share it with third parties.


Keeper is the best password managers for iPhone is available in a variety of price packages, including Personal, Family, Student, Business, and Enterprise. The Personal account includes unlimited password storage, unlimited phone, and synchronisation, and live assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you upgrade to the Max Bundle, you also get safe file storage, KeeperChat, a private chat, and BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring, which notifies you if any of your previous passwords have been compromised in a data breach. Keeper may be downloaded on a variety of devices, including your iPhone, and used as a biometric login with your face or fingerprint.


RoboForm has been in business since 1999, but its newly revamped online interface and mobile apps are modern and responsive. The desktop app is still a little clumsy, but it still has RoboForm’s famously good form-filling. The features’ functionality is somewhat limited when compared to those of other password managers, but they will suffice. The free tier is functional and covers the majority of RoboForm functionality. It will not, however, sync across multiple devices. RoboForm’s premium edition is less expensive than most other best password managers for iPhone, with a list price of $24 per year and may be just the thing for someone looking for the fundamentals on a budget.

iCloud Keychain

If you typically use best password managers for iPhone to access the internet, you may not need to look any farther than the iPhone-own maker’s iCloud Keychain service. Users may keep their passwords and other protected information updated across devices once they set up Keychain with their Apple ID. While this service is free for Apple users, keep in mind that you may only utilise it if your devices meet certain system requirements. That would be at least iOS 15 for iPhone, iPad, and the now-defunct iPod Touch. Mac devices must be updated to macOS Monterey 12. WatchOS 8 must be installed on Apple Watch.

Final Words

Most of the best password managers for iPhone perform the same basic functions, but their supplementary features differ. Some of them, such as Dashlane, 1Password, and Keeper, will notify you about the most recent data breaches for a fee. Many best password managers for iPhone will also record your personal information, credit card numbers, and other frequently used information so that they can fill out online forms for you fast.

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