An efficient and economical way to protect yourself from identity theft is by using best password managers for Mac. These services securely store all of your passwords for various accounts, allowing you to remember only one master password. The greatest Mac password organisers offer simplified administration across your desktop, mobile device, tablet, and other devices.

Here is the list of Best Password Managers for Mac


1Password is an all-in-one best password managers for Mac that can save your passwords, automatically fill in your login details, and even notify you if any of your passwords have been compromised in a data breach. Over 100,000 businesses now rely on 1Password to safeguard their most sensitive data. Their solution is simple to instal and integrates with various identity and access management (IAM) platforms like as Okta, Azure Active Directory, and Rippling. It is compatible with the majority of major operating systems and devices, and it includes a specifically built Mac version with a sidebar, “mini” mode, and dark mode.


Since LastPass was one of the initial pioneers in the industry, it is undoubtedly the most well-known best password managers for Mac. With the claim that “AES 256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to provide perfect security in the cloud,” the corporation places a high priority on security. Additionally, the Premium subscription offers two-factor authentication as an additional security measure. This process, known as MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), also works with voice commands and biometrics (Face ID and Touch ID) in addition to SMS messages for confirmation (although some of these methods are reserved for the Business plan).


Keeper isn’t as well-known as some of the market’s other large names. To be honest, it should be – it’s a wonderful all-around solution that works flawlessly with macOS. This best password managers for Mac includes almost everything you’d expect from a high-quality service. When you add your passwords to the vault, you’ll be notified which ones have been reused and need to be updated. It also notifies you which data breaches were discovered so that you can take proper action. Keeper has additional modules that can be purchased individually to enhance your experience. You can, however, completely disregard them and not suffer too much loss. This allows you to reduce the price if you don’t believe you need every function offered.


Many of the capabilities offered by other best password managers for Mac are also offered by Dashlane, but it stands out for having a modern, user-friendly design that, according to the company, can “radically simplify your daily life online.” Up to 50 passwords and one device are the maximums for the free plan. Dashlane offers apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets in addition to support for Windows and Linux operating systems and a number of browser extensions. Dashlane will automatically fill out your forms and logins for you, saving you from having to repeatedly type the same usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other information.


You require a straightforward, no-frills approach to password management. Try mSecure after that. It takes a simple approach to protecting all of your data on your Mac and other devices. You receive a secure location to keep all the information that matters to you with mSecure, and everything is encrypted. You also receive best password managers for Mac, a strong password generator, autofill forms, and information-filled templates. Following your free trial, you have a choice between the Essentials and Premium subscriptions, with the Essentials starting at just $1.66 per month. The earlier version provides synching, biometrics, browser add-ons, and more.


Because it is open source, BitWarden is a unique password manager. This implies that your company can review the code you’re entrusting your passwords and accounts with in order to improve features. In an effort to be accessible in the majority of web browsers and operating systems, BitWarden supports the majority of contemporary computing platforms. The intriguing thing about BitWarden is that you may implement a self-hosted version of the service at your company in place of utilising BitWarden’s for-pay cloud for item syncing. A great feature for best password managers for Mac in the enterprise context where MFA is common security policy is the ability to unlock BitWarden using MFA SSO services like Duo.


No matter how many passwords you need to store, KeePassXC is a free, open-source best password managers for Mac so you’ll never have to pay for it. The drawback is that you have to be confident handling your own synchronising and it isn’t as user-friendly as other pricier solutions. However, for consumers, it might be worth a look. KeePassXC provides downloads for macOS, Linux, and Windows, however at this time there are no mobile apps available. You can easily access your passwords using third-party smartphone apps though because they are saved in the Keepass file format. Additionally, you may use the command line interface to run scripts and browse the source code on GitHub.

Final Words

Keychain is simple to use across all of your Apple devices, but it lacks the capabilities and security of a specialized in best password managers for Mac. It also lacks the ability to work with different browsers and operating systems. The best password managers for Mac because to its extensive feature set and high level of security. It is expensive, though, which would make another choice, like 1Password, more alluring. Even if iCloud Keychain might be a passable solution, there are still areas where it could be improved.

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