It’s always entertaining to look through an old photo album. You get to relive those wonderful childhood memories, your first day of college, or the day you got married. Even wonderful is to see them gathered in a vibrant throng. Best Photo collages apps have been around for a while, so it was only inevitable that they would become more popular when smartphones received cameras. With so many collage makers available in stores for either no cost or a modest fee, creating collages has never been simpler.

Here is the list of Best Photo Collage Apps


For those who want to make collages that seem professional, Canva is a great photo-collage tool. This app’s procedure is rapid, simple, and yields reliable results. It’s helpful for those who work in social media because of all the features and capabilities it provides. There are so many different social media templates available with this picture collage maker. Everything is there, from Facebook advertising to Instagram Stories. By doing this, you may quickly change your photo’s proportions to fit the most widely used media formats. Following your selection of the desired social networking platform, a number of unique layout possibilities will appear below it. Overall, this is one of the best photo collage apps that you can download right now.

Pic Collage

Easily one of the best photo collage apps available on the app store, the Pic Collage, you may choose between using a pre-made template, a freestyle blank scrapbook, or a traditional collage grid as your starting point. Simply look through your social network or library of photographs, and select the ones you wish to use: To fit what you’ve chosen, Pic Collage automatically provides a wide range of templates and grid patterns. Then you can change the boundaries, choose a background color or pattern, set the focus of the image inside each cell, swap images, and alter the overall size of the grid and the dimensions of each individual cell. Each image can be given a rudimentary modification in a built-in photo editor, as well as stickers, doodles, effects, and picture frames. Because of all the options available, Pic Collage is our top pick for the best picture collage applications. Pic Collage is free, but you can upgrade to the premium edition for $35.99/year or $4.99/month to get rid of the watermark and adverts, add movies, and access more templates, stickers, and patterns. Additionally, you may buy individual templates and sticker packs for a price between 99 cents and $2.99.

InstaSize Editor

With a large selection of filters, borders, collage layouts, and text styles in addition to professional editing tools and scaling options, Instasize is a fantastic online collage builder and comprehensive mobile picture editing app. The free iOS version gives you access to a library of free photographs that you can use with your own, as well as beauty tools that can treat acne and correct your tan. That’s only the fundamental account, too! You can access an all-purpose editing powerhouse with premium filters, text and border styles, cutting-edge beauty tools, and more by subscribing to Premium for $4.99/month. You can always work in accordance with what’s fashionable thanks to the app’s frequent upgrades to its library of creative tools. If you want to achieve a minimalist look, a classic film look, or any other current trend, Instasize has the appropriate editing tools for you. So, if you want one of the best photo collage apps, we highly recommend this app.


Another top free collage generator, PhotoGrid, offers useful features like video and photo collage, video and photo editing, slideshows, and other enjoyable functions. Your edited video, photos, and other enjoyable features like text and emoticons can all be combined with music. This app’s variety of collage grids, which we couldn’t discover in other collage creation applications, is what we appreciate about it. Although the program has a premium edition, not everything is included in it. To get fresh templates, themes, and backgrounds, you only need to view advertisement videos. After finishing the changes, you can watermark the document by adding your name and signature. In addition, PhotoGrid has several output quality options, ranging from 720p to 2048p, as well as formats like.jpg and.png. Thus, this app is one of the best photo collage apps available right now.


This software is for you if you want simple, sophisticated graphics for your Instagram collages. Your collages will appear to be a collection of old photographic films thanks to its lovely layouts with a film aesthetic. You can make collages using its more than 150 distinct templates. The 150 templates are unique, despite the fact that this may appear like less than the other apps. The 10 filters that it offers can also be used to alter your photos and give them a more intriguing appearance. There is a seven-day free trial available for this premium app. Additionally, you may purchase various premium frames and filters through in-app purchases starting at a base price of $0.99. So, if you want one of the best photo collage apps, we highly recommend this app.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

A number of useful capabilities for making collages are included in Adobe Creative Cloud Express. Use the provided templates and edit them with your photos to speed up your workflow. Use the Design tool if you wish to alter the project’s layout. A collection of free icons and other components is already included into this software. Thus, this app is one of the best photo collage apps available right now. Any image in your collage can be edited by clicking on it and using professional-grade filters and presets. Additionally, this program includes capabilities for rotating and cropping your photos. You’ll be able to include them more easily. Additionally, you can incorporate a variety of animations, text, and stickers powered by GIPHY into your projects. You can download your collage in MP4 format after saving your edits.


With Collageable, you can make, edit, and combine your designs using more than 300 collage templates in a variety of formats. With the app’s more than 150 professional effects, 200+ stickers, and more than 80 backgrounds, it’s simple to create unique designs that aren’t available anywhere else. Additionally, you may edit or retouch any photo using Collageable’s robust photo editor before include it in your collage. Although Collageable can be downloaded for free, a monthly subscription costs money and gives you access to even more templates and effects.

Photo Joiner

There are numerous collage creator choices available with Photo Joiner. Collage, a well-known tool for creating collages, is the one in which we are most interested. The steps are simple: upload your photographs, select a template, drag them into the slots, save, and share. Take a look at one of the other Photo Joiner programs if that’s not what you’re looking for. Still, it is one of the best photo collage apps that you can consider. In order to combine photographs vertically or horizontally using one of Photo Joiner’s predefined patterns, Stitch is a more straightforward tool. Text and embellishments can be added to photos using Meme. To make creating an eye-catching cover collage easier, FB Cover provides a selection of templates that are tailored to fit Facebook’s cover image dimensions.

Fotor collage maker

A professional-level online collage builder is called Fotor. You can choose when and where to insert the photographs you import in your collage from those that are offered on the right-hand bar. It is simple to create appealing collages using this tool. The only issue we encountered was that large images failed to load, and there was no error message to let us know why. The free version only allows you to design collages, which isn’t ideal because they will bear the Fotor watermark. Paying for the Pro version will get you access to more features, an ad-free interface, watermark-free collages, and cloud storage.


Collages often group photographs together to tell a story or convey a message on a template, magazine page, or greeting card. However, Moldiv is aware that every image has a unique narrative. Because of this, you have the opportunity to polish your image components before importing them into Moldiv’s numerous frames, magazine covers, and layouts. An extensive toolbar with changes like Crop, Clarity, Exposure, Color, Vibrance, and more is provided by the software. You can use pictures from your camera roll or take brand-new ones right in the app. A secondary beauty camera focuses on enhancing selfies’ attractiveness by face-slimming, skin-softening, and eye-enlarging effects. If the free options aren’t enough, you can buy additional packs of filters, stickers, and patterns for $1.99 to $6.99 each, or you can buy all of the packs for $14.99, through in-app purchases. Overall, it is one of the best photo collage apps that you can download.

Final Words

We’ve compiled a collection of best photo collage apps suitable for photographers and picture aficionados of all skill levels, along with 3 desktop-only best Phot0 collage apps. These are some of the best applications for making collages of images to upload to Instagram. Examine each product’s special attributes and costs to determine which is best for you. The majority of these apps have either a free trial period or are available for download without charge. Take advantage of the chance to test out a few apps before deciding which one’s user interface and features you like.

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