The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS

[contentsdisabled] A photo editing application is a software application created to edit images in a mobile device. For a business, this means you can create a better visual strategy and present your products in a professional way just by using your mobile phone. This type of app offers a wide range of different functions, from cropping to controlling shutter speed and adding filters. But you can also find cool photo editing apps that you can use to create collages or create automatic settings for different scenes. With the best photo editing app for iPhone and Android you can transform your photos, improve the look of your Instagram feed and impress your friends and family. With so many options available, including paid and free photo editing apps, you might feel lost and frustrated. A quick look at the App Store or Google Play Store can leave you with a lot of options. The number of mobile photo editing apps available is amazing. It can be difficult to know which app is the best and has the features you need.

Check out the list of the best photo editing apps for Android and iOS


PicsArt combines community with an easy-to-use editing app for a fun and creative experience without too much hassle. While the free app features a slightly excessive number of ads appearing up while editing, even those new to photo editing can access all the basic tools while enjoying stickers, collage templates and text functions. The interface is well designed and intuitive, making good use of swipe gestures. Contests are a nice perk of PicsArt and make sense given the myriad of creative tools the app offers. The app’s wealth of editing tools means you can spend a lot of time working on an image. You can save the image in Camera Roll at any point with a button touch, but naturally you’ll want to share that work with others, and the app is by no means deficient in sharing options. Sharing from Facebook, Email, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is integrated, and when uploading to PicsArt’s own service, you have options to simultaneously share to Facebook and Dropbox. When uploading an image, you can add keyword and location tags.


Snapseed has precision masking, which allows you to edit the depth of field – photographers often do this to blur the background and focus even more on the foreground. There is also a “Selective Adjustment” tool. This lets you select a specific area of ​​your photo and adjust the saturation, contrast, and brightness of that single point. Simple swipe gestures allow you to adjust contrast, brightness and color, or you can have the program automatically choose them or choose control points on the image. Snapseed’s interface is simple and clear, but it has many powerful and detailed features. Once you open or take a photo, you’ll see rectangles at the bottom of your screen (or on the side if you’re in landscape orientation) that you can swipe through to choose edits, adjustments, and effects.


Pixlr specializes in providing enough variety for users. You will never feel overwhelmed with the options available. Still, you can use intuitive brushes as well as preset effects, overlays and style filters to transform your photos into black and white, film or sepia tones. The app comes with several collage templates for easy creation. Its beginner-friendly interface works well for those with little or no experience with editing software. another big feature is the ability to perform non-destructive photo editing. As you edit, your changes are displayed in a preview. This does not affect image quality. Snapseed can also edit RAW files, a feature rarely found in a free app.


This free photo app provides a set of awesome filters that make your photos look like they were taken on analog film camera. These smooth and subtle filters add a touch of class to your photos compared to many highly filtered Instagram presets. And you can also adjust them via a simple slider. The app also has all the standard editing tools like tweaking, cropping, borders and vignetting. You can also use VSCO to adjust exposure, contrast, temperature or skin tones. The app’s layout is intuitive and elegant. Not only can you make use of essential tools, but you also have access to more specific tools. features, including an alignment tool. You’ll also find color correction and the ability to edit RAW.

Prism photo editor

A photo and art editing app at its core, Prisma turns your best photos into elegant paintings. This sets it apart from other more traditional apps. The app features an ever-expanding library of filters known as styles. A split view provides a direct before and after comparison. Prisma adds an ugly watermark to the bottom right corner of each image by default, but it’s easily removed in the settings. Prisma is not an Instagram clone. It’s not a filter at all. It doesn’t just sit on top of your image to change its appearance. When you choose a Prism style, the app provides a new image for you based on the neural network operation that responds to your image’s unique pixel arrangement.


Werble’s fun visual effects and streamlined layout make it a suitable choice for social media content. Animation effects will definitely not result in professional quality results, but the app can add a unique touch to your images thanks to various effects packs and animated overlays. It only takes a few seconds to turn your photo into a mesmerizing masterpiece. Just tap on the loops you want to apply and share your beautiful gif or looping video directly to friends or social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Choose from many animation art packs created by some of the best artists in the world. Customize your library to reflect your taste and keep it up to date by browsing the latest art.


This photo collage maker has thousands of layouts, so you can always find the one that suits your needs. There is a wide variety of interesting styles and backgrounds. Also, you can add text and customize the fonts, colors and sizes. Extremely easy and flexible to create a photo collage story. Tons of stickers, motion stickers, frames, backgrounds, filters and add smart captions and the next trending meme with our amazing handpicked fonts. Make perfect photo collages of all your wonderful moments and memories. Create fun and amazing layouts and collages by remixing your own photos with text, sticker, motion sticker, filter, frame, background in seconds and sharing them with your friends. LiveCollage’s smooth and intuitive process makes it very easy to control your editing and creation. LiveCollage has everything you need to create fantastic collages from your photos. It will never be easier to unleash your creativity.


Canva is an excellent online graphic design tool. You can use it for everything from doing basic photo edits to designing social media images, flyers and documents. There are so many features. if you want to produce any professional-grade photo editing, you’ll need to look for a more advanced application like PhotoDirector. Canva’s photo effects are limited to resizing, adjusting colors and overlaying filters on your photo. The main attraction of Canva is its library of versatile and customizable templates. You can sort through existing Canva templates, choose one that fits your design aesthetic, and make custom adjustments.

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