The platformer, oh the platformer. One of the world’s oldest and most popular gaming genres. Its simplicity and capacity to get increasingly more difficult make it a favourite among many players, and it was once a go-to for Nintendo and Sega to sell consoles. Here are the best platform games you can play on your PC or laptop right now, as well as the best independent games.

Here is the list of Best Platform Games

OlliOlli World

Easily one of the best Platform Games available on play store, the OlliOlli has returned, or it is good than ever. The newest instalment of the skateboarding 2D animation action-platformer oozes style, pushing you to kickflip your way across Radlandia, a skating utopia built by the Skate Godz. What role do you play in all of this? You’re on a journey to become the next Skate Wizard, similar to the Avatar, but for skating, and in order to do so, you must travel through each level. Every level in OlliOlli World is lively and masterfully constructed, from a beach boardwalk to a garbage mountain. Not only is it visually appealing, but the numerous paths that wind fluidly across the terrain stimulate replayability and provide a different co-op experience as you work your way to the top of the scoreboard.


LittleBigPlanet was seen as the PlayStation 5‘s saving grace during a disastrous year, and it is still regarded as one of the best games ever developed for the machine, and it is credited with salvaging the PS3’s reputation in many respects. The player can choose the main character as well as the amount of levels available in this game, which offers fully unique gameplay. This implies that players are in charge of constructing their own levels, which allows them to play to their hearts’ content because only they know what appeals to them the most. Platforming sequences are family-friendly, to the extent that LittleBigPlanet’s gameplay is regarded as the finest option for families with children on the PS3.

Super Meat Boy

Edmund McMillen may be more known these days for The Binding of Isaac, one of the best roguelike games that also takes a spin on the top-down Zelda paradigm, but it was the platformer Super Meat Boy that first placed him on the map. Team Meat’s exceptional effort wasn’t the first platformer to pitch itself on sheer difficulty, but its snarky tone and outright outrageous number of content cemented its place as one of the most famous and identifiable platform games. You must guide the valiant Meat Boy through screen after screen of brutal and clever obstacles in order to save his beloved Bandage Girl, armed only with a jump and a grab. Super Meat Boy defined the first wave of exceptional indie games with its brazenly retro games style and numerous homages to its 16-bit forefathers, and its impact continues to this day, as seen by several other best platform games on our list.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

As players ask why there hasn’t been a new Spyro game in a long time, those who haven’t played should realise why there is a desire. With a mix of speed challenges, jumping, battle, racing, and physics, the Spyro series keeps the brand fresh. Many platformers specialise in one thing and excel at it. Spyro players are tested on all fronts and thrive. The Reignited Trilogy allowed gamers from the original generation to demonstrate to their peers how well the series holds up in the present era.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong, the company’s resident ape, has always fared well in his own titles, despite being more neglected than his Nintendo contemporaries like Mario or Link. User owlitup gushed over a recent Kong adventure, saying, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is the best straight 2D animation platformer. Returning to Donkey Kong and his family’s familiar world, Tropical Freeze didn’t mess with what made the classic Donkey Kong Country games so fantastic. The 2D level design is unique and visually appealing, and the game had a broader range of playable characters to flesh out the lore of Kong and his clan. So, if you want one of the best Platform Games, we highly recommend this game and you can download form official site.


Chasm is an action-RPG platformer in 2D. The game seeks to immerse you in its 2D fantasy world full with interesting riches, deadly adversaries, and countless secrets, taking equal inspiration from hack ‘n slash dungeon crawlers and Metroidvania-style platformers. Players take on the role of a soldier returning home from a long war who passes through a lonely mining village. The village’s miners have suddenly vanished after breaking into a long-forgotten temple well under the town and reawakening an old slumbering evil. Now imprisoned in town by supernatural forces, you have no choice but to explore the mines below, battle foes and bosses, and level up in the hopes of eventually escaping and returning home.

Super Mario Odyssey

The Super Mario series has always been associated with creativity, and Super Mario Odyssey is no exception. Thanks to the new character Cappy, who allows players to capture and control other characters and adversaries like as Goombas, Bullet Bills, and even the T-Rex seen in the viral teaser, the game introduces a slew of new gameplay concepts. Along with the addition of new gameplay features, there are now more stars for players to acquire in each level, providing hours of material for completionists.

Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9 is an all-new Japanese side-scrolling action game that combines the greatest features of the 8- and 16-bit era classics you know and love and changes them into something new using modern technology, new gameplay, and fan input. You play as Beck, the ninth in a long series of powerful robots, and the only one who hasn’t been infected by a mysterious computer or gaming laptop virus that has led mechanical animals all across the planet to go insane. Run, jump, blast, and transform your way through six stages that may be completed in any order you like, using weapons and abilities taken from your adversaries to defeat your fellow Mighty Number robots and confront the final villain that threatens the Earth. You used to labour together side by side, but now your colleagues Mighty No. robots have retaliated, seizing important strategic areas around the world and infesting them with their minions.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

When it was announced that Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time would be recreating many of the previous seven games in the series, many were concerned. Changing the events of a cherished property is a dangerous venture that often fails more than it succeeds. However, the outcome remained true to the characters and the source material. Crash Bandicoot is one of many platformer characters who deserve a sequel, so let’s hope he gets one soon! Aside from the tale, the platforming in this game is distinctive, combining player movement, decisions, and sprinting for dear life. Currently, this is one of the best Platform Games that you can download right now.

A Hat In Time

While never as popular as the classic 2D iteration, 3D platformers were popular in the late 1990s on platforms such as the N64 and PS1. User RawrTheDinosawrr stated of a modern take on the subgenre, “A Hat In Time is my personal favourite 3d platformer of all time, the platforming itself is incredibly fluid and the level design is superb.” A Hat in Time, widely regarded as one of the best modern 3D platformers, improving on the problems that plagued the initial generation of 3D games. Despite having a completely original plot and concept, the game manages to pay homage to the games that inspired it, and it is a nostalgic treat for gamers who grew up with Super Mario 64 and similar titles.

Final Words

The best Platform Games for computers, consoles, tablets, and phones are listed Above. This list is always being updated. Platformer lovers have several must-play titles, and it’s impossible to fit them all into one list. Even so, everyone only has so many seconds in which to live, therefore claiming a game is “must play” implies that it is without comparable. Not simply a terrific game, but an unmissable and unparalleled experience. This list has been updated to give gamers a sample of what each series has to offer.

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