Some allow you to manage your subscriptions and optimize the playback experience so you don’t miss a word. Podcasts are audio programmes that, like radio programmed, are asynchronous and available for streaming or downloading. Podcasts are audio episodes with spoken word that usually focus on a single theme or subject. The best podcast apps for iPhone are still audio-centric, but they provide a visual element to whatever the listener is listening to. Podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years. The freedom to listen anywhere and whenever you want, combined with the power to customise what you listen to, is the winning formula we’ve all been seeking for.

Here is the list of Best Podcast Apps for iPhone


Spotify is most likely the second most popular best podcast apps for iPhone. If you use it for music, we can see why you’d want to use it for podcasts as well. While it lacks some of the functionality of the other apps, it is doing some interesting things with playlists and podcast episodes. In comparison to other programs, it provides the absolute minimum of functionality. Spotify is investing a lot of money on content, so it’s unclear whether you’ll need to have it downloaded to watch some of your favorite series. If you are already a premium customer and want everything in one app, you should use Spotify for podcasts.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast apps for iPhone for a simple reason: it’s completely free! It not only saves you money, but it also provides a convenient listening experience because it is beautifully designed, quick to navigate, and provides personalized recommendations directly on your homepage. If you want to improve your experience, you can sign up for the Pocket Casts Plus subscription, which allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts on the laptop software. You can also use the Pocket Casts audio player to listen to third-party audiobooks or downloaded podcasts if you have a subscription.


Castbox offers some of the top shows available, in addition to a smooth playback experience. The app has audiobooks divided into several categories based on the plot. What makes Castbox more appealing is its networks section, where you can watch shows from popular sources such as TED Talks, The Economist, CNN, and others. You may also filter best podcast apps for iPhone by category to focus on what is most important to you. The software is mostly free, but if you want to listen to music without interruption, you should consider upgrading to a premium subscription. Castbox also enables cross-device syncing, which allows you to keep track of what you’re listening to regardless of the device.


Audible is well known for its books, but it also has podcasts. Audible is an app that allows you to easily arrange your titles in your own library, whether they are written or spoken. You get access to exclusive podcasts, as well as audiobooks and brand-new Audible Originals that are not available anywhere else. Instead, the service is credit-based, with a certain number of credits credited directly to your account each month so you can listen to all of your faves. You may listen without having to download anything, whether it’s the latest episode of your favourite best podcast apps for iPhone or simply a wonderful audiobook.


Stitcher is ideal for those who enjoy organizing their lives. It has some of the best filtering and sorting capabilities, allowing you to create playlists that are tailored to your specific requirements. You can play around with a variety of options to further tailor your listening experience, giving you complete control over your listening experience. To locate new best podcast apps for iPhone depending on your preferences, you can set a sleep timer, connect to external speakers, and receive expert-curated recommendations. Consider subscribing to Stitcher Premium if you want even more features.

Player FM

One of the most recent apps been exploring is Player FM. It has an excellent design and a user interface. It is available for free download, but a premium subscription is required to unlock some helpful features. It, like Pocket Casts, supports cross-platform playback, so you can watch your shows on iOS, Android, the web, or even Chromecast. When you switch between genres such as sports, news, and technology, the categories help keep them separate. Player FM’s directory is exceptionally well-curated, so if you’re the type of person who is constantly seeking recommendations, Player FM is a terrific place to start.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts, one of the newest entries to the podcasting market, provides everything you need in best podcast apps for iPhone. It’s free, allows you to establish a queue of episodes, and provides excellent playback control. It also keeps track of your listening history, downloads, and subscriptions, allowing you to stay up to date on new episodes. It was created by Google and includes a sophisticated search engine as well as excellent recommendations to help you discover new artists depending on your likes. It is accessible via the iOS app, but it also has a desktop version, an Android app, and is compatible with a wide range of wearable devices.


Intelligent speed intelligently removes silences from podcasts while maintaining audio quality. This means you’ll have more time to listen to your favorite podcasts. PodBean normalizes your audio volume to give the best possible listening experience. download this app from its official website for your iphone. When the best podcast apps for iPhone quality is poor or you are in a noisy area, the volume boost setting can help to compensate. PodBean allows you to listen to your favorite shows live. You can participate in live streaming services, communicate with podcast hosts, and have a piece of the action.

Final Words

In actuality, you would only best podcast apps for iPhone in the end. It’s pointless to clog your phone’s memory with multiple apps that provide the same function. Because all of the apps on the list are free to download, you should have no trouble testing them. Whatever you choose, we hope that those best podcast apps for iPhone will save iOS users a lot of time and guesswork.

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