Podcasts are audio programmes that, like radio programmes, are asynchronous and available for streaming or downloading. The best podcast apps are audio episodes with spoken word that usually focus on a single theme or subject. Video podcasts are still audio-centric, but they provide a visual element to whatever the listener is listening to. Podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years. The freedom to listen anywhere and whenever you want, combined with the power to customise what you listen to, is the winning formula we’ve all been seeking for. Below we listed best podcast apps which we mentioned below.

Here is the list of Best Podcast Apps


Audible is well known for its books, but it also has podcasts. Audible is the best podcast apps that allows you to easily arrange your titles in your own library, whether they are written or spoken. You get access to exclusive podcasts, as well as audiobooks and brand-new Audible Originals that are not available anywhere else. There is no need for a membership or subscription, and there are plenty of free titles to keep you tuned in. Instead, the service is credit-based, with a certain number of credits credited directly to your account each month so you can listen to all of your faves. For unrestricted listening, skip the credit tracking and opt for the Audible Plus library, which has no credit constraints.


Castro is a free best podcast apps that is mediocre if you only use the free version. However, if you upgrade to the $18.99-per-year Castro Plus tier, you will gain access to the Sideload function, which allows you to transfer whatever content you wish to play to the podcast player, from audiobooks to web-based conference speeches. The remainder of Castro’s features are standard fare, such as a button that removes dead air from your listening experience, a voice booster setting, the opportunity to personalize settings for each show in your feed, and a dark mode. We don’t recommend the free version of this program if you want to sample a Plus account, you can do so for a week before paying.


There are also other advanced settings that make it a good overall best podcast apps. The free version limits the number of podcasts you may subscribe to and displays a lot of pop-up adverts, which we don’t like. Fortunately, the $0.99 per month subscription fee isn’t prohibitively expensive.


Spotify, while largely best podcast apps, also shines at podcasts. It works best as a one-stop shop for all of your music and podcast requirements. It features Spotify’s delicious suggestion system, as well as an enormous library of podcasts from a variety of topics, including news, sports, history, philosophy, and more. It also has a variety of features that help you organise and manage your podcasts, such as the ability to create playlists and download episodes for offline listening. Spotify’s podcast player also has a number of useful features that improve the listening experience. A night timer, forward/skip controls, and the ability to modify the playing speed are all included.


If you enjoy comedy and enjoy laughing, this best podcast apps is ideal for you. This comedy-focused programme includes a vast library of comedians that allows you to search for and listen to your favourite comedians while travelling. Furthermore, this application includes a list of any special appearances they may have made on various platforms. You may also listen offline, change the playback speed, and set a sleep timer.


Because of its unique features, PodBean is one of the most popular best podcast apps. In addition to giving identical possibilities to its competitors, two of its qualities stand out from the crowd. The first is intelligent playback speed, which can be adjusted automatically based on the content you’re listening to rather than having to do it manually for each episode. This is especially useful if you listen to podcasts from different hosts with varying speech rates. The second feature is the ability to listen to live podcasts and engage with them in real time rather than listening to them after they’ve been produced and edited. PodBean also allows you to browse recommendations.


DoggCatcher is one of the most established best podcast apps. However, the app is frequently updated. Support for Android smartwatches, Android Auto, and Chromecast are presently available. It also has a large podcast library, playlist support, variable speed playback, themes, and numerous automation and customization capabilities. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated in about four years. It’s beginning to struggle to work on newer versions of Android, and Google’s new app update policy may force us to remove this app from our list. We’ll give the developers one more chance to get this stuff updated before removing it.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts used to be one of the simplest app recommendations on any best podcast apps list. It’s still an excellent podcast player, but it’s not as easy to suggest as it once was. The programme includes an amazing user interface (UI), good discoverability features, some power-user features, and even some customization options such as themes. However, it recently went the subscription way, making it tough to suggest to the ordinary podcast listener because podcasts are generally free to listen to, and this developer charges monthly. It’s a fantastic deal for podcast fans, but individuals who just listen to one or two weekly podcasts would be better off with something that doesn’t cost money every month.

Final Words

Podcast apps are frequently free, or have adequate best podcast apps. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try a few and decide which are the best podcast apps for iPhone or Android. Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts may be familiar brands with the most users, but Overcast, Pocket Casts, or Podcast Addict will blast them out of the water in terms of functionality, customization, and ease of use.

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