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Be a developer has been an excellent career choice for a while, and it’s hard to imagine that this will change anytime soon. Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced programmer, probably your most frequently asked question will be what to learn? The web industry is changing at such a rapid pace that you will always find something new to learn and experience. But the question remains how choose your next language? Your interests, current knowledge, and career goals are good starting points. Then there are the star languages ​​that define popularity charts like JavaScript or Python that can hardly go wrong. But what if you want to try something less common for a really specific knowledge that is (will be) In high demandTo help you find the answer, we introduce you five programming languages that may be worth learning this year.


Groovy is a object-oriented scripting language that is made by Apache for the Java platformIt first appeared in 2003, but the first stable release (Groovy 1.0) didn’t come out until 2007. Since then it has been used by companies such as Netflix, Linkedin, Airbus and Mastercard Groovy is dynamically compiled to Java bytecode, that’s why it integrates seamlessly with any Java libraryIf you have already programmed in Java or another language uses the syntax with braces you can learn Groovy relatively quickly If you want to know more about it The advantages of Groovy compared to Java Check out this Quora discussion about it benefits of Groovy, and the JavaRevisited blog also has a good post on the 10 Basic Differences Between Java and GroovyThe official Groovy website has a nice one summarizes the differencesalso. Like Groovy is open source, you will find the source code on Github, or you can contribute to the project yourself if you want. Although Groovy is usually praised for it increases developer productivity access to the Grails Web Application Framework can also be a good reason to take a closer look. Grails was initially called Groovy on Rails after “Ruby on Rails” but later this name was dropped at the request of the founder of RoR. Grails makes it possible build web applications with the Groovy languageIt has a lot of cool features, like integrated ORM / NoSQL support, pluggability, powerful display technology, and many others.


Rest ended first in the “The Most Loved” category of Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey, and it is indeed a promising language. Rust is one systems programming language made by Mozilla. Rust is not for creating end-user applications, however for hardware, so it’s on the same hook with languages ​​like C or C ++ (not with application programming languages ​​like JavaScript, Python, Perl, etc.) Mozilla cites Rust’s main purpose as take full advantage of modern multi-core processorsRest focuses on performance and memory security, it prevents segmentation errors and comes with one easy to learn syntaxThe list of its business users is also impressive, with names like Dropbox, Telenor Digital, Coursera and SmartThings.

Rust is open sourceso you can check the source code on Github. If you want to learn it, you can get started with The book (yes, just “The book“, No matter how stylish a name is) written by the core team. You can download the Rust compiler of the official Rust website, and you can also find a lot of other useful information here. In the video below, Mozilla’s developers share why they hope Rust will make web apps more competitive with native apps in the future, and how it fixes some problems arising from using C ++


Elixir is a functional programming language that you can build with real-time distributed applicationsElixir was created by a core contributor of Ruby with the aim of addressing Ruby’s problems write concurrent codeThe explicit purpose of the new language was to “Improve the performance of Rails applications running on multiple CPUs” (see more in CodeSchool’s blog post). Elixir is an excellent choice for programming network applications and systems with high availability such as banking software, and for data processingElixir Programs run on the Erlang Virtual Machine (BEAM) and compiled to Erlang bytecodeAs a result, Elixir developers have full access to the Erlang ecosystemalso.

If you haven’t already functional programming still it probably won’t be easy to get started with Elixir, but if you choose to do this, it can give you a fresh new look at programmingIn a nutshell, functional programming is quite different from object-oriented programming does not use objects and classes but programs are built with operations within functions and modules If you need some encouragement to hop on the Elixir bandwagon, check out Spreedly Engineering You’re smart enough for elixir blog post, it’s a really good confidence boost. The official Elixir website has much useful resources learning guides, and you can install Elixir from here too. Elixir is too available on Github where you have the source code and stay tuned with the latest songs and releases

To go

The Go programming language used to be released by Google, and Google ever since uses it internally in many of its production systems. Go is one statically typed, concurrent, compiled programming language that is made for the purpose managing programming problems facing large organizations from day to day. Hence, Go is like Java and C ++ scalable to large systems According to the results of the Go Survey, most are developers happy with GoThe most frequently cited reasons were “Simplicity, ease of use, concurrency features, and performance “Go reduces compilation time to support code-test-build loops, that’s why it’s ideal for Test-Driven Development (TDD)

If you want to know more about Go’s features and benefits, take a look at this Medium post that provides more insight into Go’s popularity. To go has many business userslike YouTube (of course), Bitbucket, Basecamp, BBC, Dropbox and others, you can get a long list of its users on this Github page. Go’s official website is an excellent resource, you can find a cool one here for example live demonstration that enables you test how Go works, as well as many other useful things, such as documentation packages, a installation guide, and a Go to blogSince Go is open-source, you can access it source code also on Github.


The R. programming language has become more and more popular in recent years thanks to the big data revolution. R is the open-source version of the native S language and was created by two academics, Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, at the University of Auckland in New Zealand in the 1990s. R can be used for statistical data processing and images, and it allows you to perform tasks related to data processing data mining data analysis, and statistical reporting R is much in demand on the labor marketO’Reilly’s Data Science Salary Survey reveals that R developers impressive salary outlookIt cannot be a coincidence that it is one of the star languages ​​of MOOCs

You can download R his official website wherever you can find The R diary, a couple manuals, and booksIf you want to read fresh tutorials and blog posts on R, check out the R bloggers website where you can even add your own R-related blog R. uses SVN for version control but you can access it read-only mirror of the source code on Github, which is probably a bit easier to browse. If you’re interested in what other developers have been up to with R, you can trending R projects Github page is a good place to start.

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