However, given that there are thousands of best puzzle games for android, it cannot be very simple to pick the best and most fascinating ones. Puzzle games were among the many activities we played as children, and we all enjoyed how they served as brainteasers and helped to engage our nerve systems. Such brain-twisting activities are necessary for the optimal functioning of our brain cells as we mature. Since puzzles have been around for so long, we sometimes don’t even think twice about them. These mind teasers may be presented in countless number of ways, and even today, we are continually amazed by the fresh ways they can test our cognitive abilities. The best puzzle games for android have been a staple of the gaming industry since its inception, and they are also one of the most popular categories for smartphones.

Here is the list of Best Puzzle Games for Android


The adorable point-and-click puzzle series Samorost looks to have been launched on mobile devices backwards. The best puzzle games for android is first premium game to appear was Samorost 3, which is still among the best games of its kind available on Android. But the first Samorost is still worth playing for both longtime and rookie Amanita Design fans to see where it all started. A space-traveling gnome in the game learns that an asteroid is poised to destroy his little Earth. He takes off in a little rocket as a result, only to land in a fanciful planet filled with bizarre collage-like settings. There are a few problems on each of the twelve screens, and you may do them all in 30 minutes. So take your time, appreciate this one’s splendor, and be grateful that a classic PC game was so meticulously restored on your phone.


A really charming robot navigates blocky dioramas in the 3D puzzle game Mekorama. The robot is one of the essential elements of the game that makes it so memorable despite having only one enormous eye and no speech because of its unexpected capacity for emotional expression and its adorably adorable elastic, floppy limbs. It’s incredibly easy to play; all you have to do is touch the screen to move your tiny mechanical friend about, swipe to the sides to rotate the levels 360 degrees for a better perspective, and drag the circle-icon-marked bricks or pieces of the levels to rearrange them and make new courses through them. Although this ultra-charming puzzler has some clever tricks, you could see yourself scratching your head more than once. In principle, certainly. For those seeking a genuine mind-bender, there are 50 stages to complete as well as some optional bonuses to up the stakes and make things even more challenging. But don’t be frightened to start playing this game; after finishing one level, you may access 5 more, allowing you to switch between them if you ever feel stuck. Mekorama is a sweet 3D best puzzle games for android that is free with in-app purchases and advertisements.

Rusty Lakes

One of the most captivating and horrific best puzzle games for android was made by developer Rusty Lakes. Three point-and-click puzzle games are part of the Rusty Lake series: Rusty Lake Hotel, Rusty Lake Roots, and Rusty Lake Paradise. Players in Rusty Lake Roots construct the family tree of the Vanderbooms and learn about their terrifying history. Players are put in the role of a hotel staff at Rusty Lake Hotel who must obtain supplies and make supper for the different animal visitors. The visitors are unaware that each of them is a key component. The 10 diseases that are ravaging Paradise Island must be stopped in Rusty Lake Paradise, the game’s last chapter. Each game has gorgeous 2D visuals. The problems themselves are a true challenge and need creative problem-solving.

Life is Strange

A fantastic best puzzle games for android is called Life is Strange. It centers on Max, a high school student with extraordinary abilities. She has the ability to relive different parts of her life. Up to the desired outcomes, you go back and redo numerous events. This game is a port from the console, and it’s also rather nice. The tale is engaging, and the visuals and mechanics are excellent. A precursor to this game is also available, although we may wait for one or two updates before giving it our complete endorsement. Even though the core mechanic of this game isn’t a puzzle in the traditional sense, we’re counting it. Although it significantly expands on the premise, Life is Strange: Before the Storm is less polished than the original.

Flipflop Solitaire

Spider solitaire is the foundation of flipflop solitaire. The objective is to take each card off the table. Although in-suit sequences may be shifted across columns and cards can be constructed in rank on the tableau, Flipflop changes the game’s rules. First off, there are just five columns of cards and it is mostly intended for cell phones. When you run out of room, you must stop piling. These adjustments, however minor, have the effect of making almost every hand theoretically winnable. When you add limitless undos, Flipflop goes from being just another pointless card game to a cunningly ingenious mobile puzzler. So, if you want one of the best puzzle games for android, we highly recommend these games.

Two Dots

The basic goal of the game is for the player to connect as many dots of the same color as they can from a grid of various colored dots. Once these dots are joined, they will disappear and are replaced with fresh dots that will fall from above. This implies that you must carefully connect your dots in order to generate additional possibilities for you to do so in the future. The best puzzle games for android doesn’t merely stick to straightforward gameplay. You may explore and experiment with a range of various things in Two Dots. You can build explosives, put out fires, sink anchors, and more. As you go through the game, you may also explore a variety of maps. You may play through more than 4,000 distinct levels, and new levels are constantly being added.


A fundamental plot device in Inked is the isometric universe that someone’s ballpoint pen has created. The artist’s hands regularly emerge while you explore, and the main character has the ability to “redraw” certain pieces to change their location on the screen. The primary method for solving riddles is said drawing sessions. You must change the terrain at each stop along the road to reveal the way ahead. Still, it is one of the best puzzle games for android that you can consider. Sometimes, all it takes is rolling a ball into a hole using a ramp. Sometimes you have to use additional creativity, building devices that aren’t quite Rube Goldberg machines but are nevertheless amusing multi-piece designs. The journey only lasts a few hours, and the underlying love story sometimes burns you with necessary consequences, which feels strange. However, seen only as a novel visual puzzler, it’s more high art than careless scribbling.

Samsara Room

Easily one of the best puzzle games for android available on the market, the Samsara Room is subtly spooky, enigmatic, and difficult in contrast to the calming items elsewhere on this list. Rusty Lake’s Samsara Room, from the developers of the Cube Escape games, is theoretically a companion to other games in the Rusty Lake world. We won’t reveal anything about the plot since the unsaid tale is a major appeal. All you need to know is that, beneath its innocent pastel green walls, the room you are in is considerably more than it seems. Don’t feel terrible if you need to use a walkthrough since occasionally you’ll need to really stretch your brain muscles to connect the dots. Even though Samsara Room is free with in-app purchases, you won’t ever use them. You may play the game by solving one little puzzle piece at a time, or you can sit down for a long period on a rainy day and solve the mystery all at once. Samsara Room takes between one and three hours to finish, not including any time you could get stuck. You must not miss out on this fantastic mystery!

The Room series

One of the first and most well-known best puzzle games for android is The Room. At the time of writing, the series consists of four games. These first two games are traditional puzzlers. You solve riddles to advance through the game till it’s over. A stronger plot and numerous endings were included in the third game of the series. In a dollhouse, the most current game, Old Sins, is set. Outstanding visuals, escape room components, and innovative puzzle ideas are some of the common characteristics throughout all four games. They are often just a few minutes long. However, the latter games have some replay potential since they have numerous endings. These best puzzle games for android are classics, and we heartily endorse them. The series’ initial game costs $0.99, while the most current one costs $4.99. The pricing range for the other two is in between those two. Ads or in-app purchases are absent from all of them.

Final Words

The Google Play store has all of the aforementioned games that can be downloaded and played. These are the best puzzle games for android. Some of them are free, while others can have a cost associated with them. But since all the games are so compelling, you won’t want to do anything else with your leisure time. Still, solving puzzles is among the most enjoyable ways to pass the time.

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