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[contentsdisabled] The best racing games for PS4 offer a variety of sounds. Every racing fan enters the category with different expectations. Perhaps you want to compete against online rivals in a highly technical racing game; or you want to compete against your kids in a colorful kart racing car; or maybe you want to compete against yourself in a time trial race. Either way, the PS4 almost certainly has a racing game to suit your tastes. This generation of panels, the Sony PlayStation 4, really paved the way with epic exclusives like God of War, Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn. But that doesn’t mean racing enthusiasts were left out. If you own a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro and are looking for a racing game, you’ve come to the right place. From realistic racing simulators to story-driven open world driving experiences, PlayStation 4 is packed with some of the best racing games the industry has to offer. In this article, we’re going to pick the best PS4 racing games available right now, and we’ll keep this list updated as more and more good titles come out. From Gran Turismo to Need for Speed, PlayStation 4 has a lot to offer if you want to get behind the wheel and have fun home.

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Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise, originally released in 2008 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, is one of Criterion’s best games, so it only makes sense that the remastered version would be even better. In addition to some welcome graphical enhancements, PC gamers can experience the previously console-only Big Surf Island and its full potential for stunts and havoc. The Paradise City map is also more fun than ever, whether you’re just driving or completing the many events available. While some of the original game’s pain points remain, none are serious enough to seriously detract from the title’s charm. Burnout Paradise Remastered is an Editors’ Choice PC game. In Burnout Paradise, your main objective is to complete events and unlock new vehicles on the way to upgrade your Paradise City driver’s license. For Big Surf Island, your progress is measured as a percentage of how many events you win. Each license upgrade requires you to go through a certain number of events to advance. As you progress, you unlock better cars. Other riders become progressively more aggressive and skilled at later stages as well. You should respond in kind and learn all the fastest routes if you don’t want to be in the dust. Buy now

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled instantly transports me back to the beginning with its familiar tracks, bright cartoon colors, and ridiculous plot to stop Nitros Oxide from turning Earth into a parking lot. But this remaster is far from the past: visually, it looks stunning with vivid detail around every corner and animations that give each character plenty of personality. The ability to switch between characters during Adventure mode and the cosmetic options are welcome additions, and learning to master each of these 31 tracks proved to be a real challenge because of their frequent sharp turns, competent (albeit sometimes cheap) competition. of AI. Buy now

dirt 5

Dirt 5 developed by Codemasters dates back to the 1990s, a time when the Colin McRae Rally and Sega Rally Championship elevated “extreme” racing games. Like those games, Dirt 5 doesn’t care about realism or deep customization options; Instead, the rally driver wants you to fight your way to victory on winding, mud-covered tracks. While Dirt 5 isn’t entirely original, it manages to deliver a loud and colorful racing experience for people looking for a PC game full of high-speed escapism. dirt 5 features 63 cars in 13 car classes including rally racers, off-road GT and huge 4x4s. Car classes range from S to C, with the highest grade letter (S) representing higher grade rides. You will never find a vehicle that misbehaves, even if you are riding in a C-class rally car. Buy now

F1 (2021)

The world of F1 was set to be transformed this year, thanks to the prospect of radical new regulations and cars. However, like many things during the pandemic, the changes have been delayed until – leaving F1 on a 12-month wait pattern. The real-life season looked set to offer few surprises, but the reality is that this season so far has been the most interesting championship in years. Interestingly, it’s this backdrop that Codemasters found itself competing with its own fictional drama, introducing a full story mode to F1 for the first time in the series. The result final falls a little short of being as dramatic as the real thing, but it’s a well-executed and welcome new way to play that joins the series’ wide range of existing modes and makes for another excellent package – although it needs a little extra content to align it with the real-life season. Buy now

Gran Turismo Sport

It’s, perhaps for the first time in Gran Turismo’s long history, sound good too. You won’t find the drama and end-of-the-world thunder of RaceRoom in the audio, but you will find a closer approximation to the wonderful music of the automobile, whether it’s the refined transmission of a racetrack Audi R8 as the gears groan your way or the noise of the car. throttle-free exhaust and the snap of a road-ready Jaguar F-Type. All of this helps each car feel a little more distinct from the other. All of this helps reinforce one of Gran Turismo’s traditional strengths: this is a game where each individual car has a very tangible sense of character. Take a stretch of asphalt like the Nürburgring’s Brünnchen, with its unlikely slopes and bends, and contrast and compare a small selection from the Gran Turismo Sport garage. Buy now

Project Cars 2

When was the last time you were truly immersed and involved in an activity? Mindfulness types call this “flow,” and positive psychologists say that this state of total involvement is what we really mean when we talk about happiness. Project Cars 2, the most demanding racing simulator I’ve ever played, is a positive psychologist’s dream. With all the assists off and a decent steering wheel attached, it requires so much sustained attention, so many micro-adjustments in response to tiny whispers of feedback from the car, that there’s simply no intellectual capacity left to think of anything else besides getting your Audi R18 on the road. last turn in Zolder. And rallycross – man, rallycross – there’s no room to think about death when you’re doing it, let me tell you. This unprecedented level of simulation is, as you’d expect, the crown jewel of Project Cars 2. Driving is its own intrinsic joy, more so than its ancestor and for these hands better than rivals rFactor 2 and iRacing. Buy now


There is no adequate measure to gauge the screaming pace of this futuristic anti-gravity runner. Imagine the fastest you’ve ever traveled. The slowest you go here is basically ten times that. Measurements are irrelevant. The product of a team so fed up waiting for a new F-Zero or Wipeout they decided to make, this racing game works like an open love letter to both of you written in UV ink. The general objective is to bomb each course in attempts to finish before your competitors, but there are exceptions: Arena Race is a weapon-based mode with no respawns that rages until a ship resists all damage unleashed by power-ups and ram. happy rivals. Buy now

Trackmania Turbo

TrackMania Turbo marks the first release of the arcade racer on a PlayStation platform. A favorite on PC in particular, this property is all about dangerous point-to-point sprints, where cutting milliseconds off your laps forms the hook that will keep you coming back. But does this kitschy car-based campaign have enough in the tank to make it a PlayStation 4 must-have? Well, despite the dearth of arcade runners on Sony’s next-gen system, publisher Ubisoft seems to realize that French company Nadeo’s latest isn’t worthy of a $60 price tag; the game was politely pushed into the more attractive $40 range for its first run, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see that sum drop as time goes on. To be fair, with over 200 pre-made tracks, triple-digit online lobbies, and a full course editor, there’s a lot of steel in this title’s wheels – but it still can’t help but feel a little cheap. Buy now

Tests on the Rise

Trials Rising is still fundamentally Trials, which is good because Trials is still fundamentally awesome. Something as simple as driving a bike in a 2D level with nothing but the throttle, brakes, and leaning left and right to control yourself doesn’t seem too complex, but there’s a set of technical skills to master here as in-depth as possible. an ocean – and Rising gives Fusion’s heavy (if occasionally fun) MTX trick system to boot to keep moment-to-moment gameplay closer to the core of what makes Trials fun. Accelerating on a course for the first time is a tense game of quickly reading the terrain in front of you and adjusting your speed and balance on the fly to roll smoothly as quickly as possible. Doing this requires a lot more than just pressing the accelerator because there are so many small tricks you need to learn to master the physics-based movement of rehearsals. Buy now

End the Omega collection

One of PlayStation’s most iconic brands is also one of its worst commercial performers – it’s for this reason that series creator Studio Liverpool finds himself resting in Sony’s graveyard alongside other former British institutes like Guerrilla Cambridge and Evolution Studios. It’s also the reason the WipEout Omega Collection exists: a commercially viable remaster of the PlayStation 4, merging the PlayStation Vita WipEout 2048 entry with the revered PlayStation 3 WipEout HD Fury installation. You’ve probably heard the marketing spiel a million times: buy this one and we can make more. Whether that statement reflects reality or not, fans of anti-gravity racers should probably pick up this build because it’s so damn good – no matter what lingers in the hairpin turn. There has been no shortage of claimants to the estate’s crown in recent years, but here’s a reminder that the original is always the best. Buy now

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