Some people prefer their racing to be as accurate a simulation of driving as they can make it. The most recent instalment of the most well-known sim racing series is Gran Turismo 7. These racing sims are frequently compared to actual motorsports, such the WRC or Formula One. If you’re anything like me, you’re eager to obtain the best racing games for PS5. You enjoyed the genre for almost twenty years. Gran Turismo 4, a racing game for the PlayStation 2, captured my attention first. That game helped pave the road for my complete interest, along with a sizable stack of sport compact car racing publications.

Here is the list of Best Racing Games for PS5

F1 22

If you’re looking for something a little more particular, the most recent F1 game is a wonderful example of how skilled Codemasters has become at creating licenced best racing games for PS5. You’ll feel like an F1 driver at your best because the race is so tense and precisely timed. Driving a full season in the hopes of winning the championship is a rare test of endurance since there are so many tracks to learn and the sensation of speed when you press on the gas in an F1 car is unmatched.


Since the Codemasters crew behind DIRT 5 is largely made up of former employees of Evolution Studios, this off-road racer has a somewhat of a MotorStorm feel to it. The colourful display and fantastic soundtrack serve as the backdrop for a diverse and entertaining racing calendar, keeping the festival feelings alive and well here. This best racing games for PS5, in contrast to its DiRT Rally relatives, is overtly arcadey and emphasises sliding sideways over muck, through ice, and into dust clouds. You are guided through the single player by an unobtrusive tale starring characters voiced by Nolan North and Troy Baker. A level editor and some fun multiplayer modes are also available.

WRC 10

The best racing games for PS5 is official World Rally Championship games have quietly improved over the past few years, yet the Dirt series usually receives praise when it comes to rally games. With challenges in vintage vehicles motivated by historical events, WRC 10 in particular commemorates not just the final year of the current generation of off-road monsters but also the entire history of the championship. The PS5 edition of the game, which fully utilises the console’s distinctive DualSense controller, is the greatest version available. The haptic sensation provided by WRC 10 via the new controller is unparalleled since rally driving is all about reacting to minute surface changes in the split second before you skid off embarrassingly into a fir tree.

Art of Rally

The setting of the best racing games for PS5 we evaluated, Art of Rally, is rally car racing. You will have a unique opportunity to relive the glory days of classic rally vehicle racing over 72 stages. We appreciate that Art of Rally offers a variety of difficulty levels, from beginner mode to advanced manoeuvres like the Scandinavian flick and left foot braking, among others. Both the car selection and the tracks are noteworthy. Based on comments, the rear-wheel-drive physics are particularly robust. A large amount of free content has also been added. According to certain assessments, career mode should be improved. But we discovered that the soundtrack is excellent.

Riders Republic

If extreme sports are more your thing, Riders Republic by Ubisoft is one of the best racing games for PS5 available. Up to 64 players can participate online in races across all four sports during the game’s community festival, which features mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and wingsuit flying. This high player cap is also exclusive to the PS5, with the PS4 version having a 20-person maximum. The size of the massive races that you download Riders Republic from its officially website and its offers has never been accomplished in a console game before, but everything adds to the feeling that you’re playing with a bunch of thrill seekers. Between the seven main locales, there is a vast open universe for you to discover.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is the exclusive best racing games for PS5 and the only well-known racing series that has remained steadfastly exclusive to Sony’s gaming platforms. It’s a racing simulator that is simultaneously stunningly beautiful and excruciatingly difficult to use. In the gaming industry, it seems that beloved franchises frequently release titles that are dreadful. But Polyphony Digital did an incredible job with their game, making it the finest in the series. The game’s remarkable ability to wonderfully capture the genuine essence of the cars is its best feature. Any vehicle, whether it’s a Honda Civic or a Porsche, will feel and operate the same as it would in reality.

Milestone’s MXGP

Milestone’s MXGP 2021 doesn’t offer any improved modes or features over MXGP 2020. And compared to MXGP 2019, that didn’t have anything to brag about. It does, however, enable DualSense and has better visuals than PS5, as well as a considerably smoother framerate. MXGP 2021 looks and plays better than it has ever done on PS5, running at 60 frames per second and up to 4K resolution. In career mode, you’ll begin riding at the MX2 level and have the option of joining a team or going it alone with support from sponsors. If you work hard enough, you’ll ultimately reach MXGP level.

WRC Generations

Finally, a fantastic rally game always stands on its own, providing a particularly stressful and fast-paced combination that we find irresistible. WRC Generations is a fantastic continuation of the best racing games for PS5 available right now if you’re seeking to blast through circuits with only a split second’s warning before each bend. You’ll get access to a number of cars to master as well as courses in a variety of locales from real-world tour events, allowing you to test your virtual driving prowess against the actual tracks that these experienced drivers must navigate.

Final Words

The best racing games for PS5 primary function for us, but there are many more games available. Additionally, several of those titles make use of the DualSense controller on the PS5, which is unquestionably the most advanced joypad ever made. It appears as though the best racing games for PS5 is created expressly for racing games thanks to adjustable triggers that may change their tension when a wheel is locked and detailed vibration that can represent a wide range of different road surfaces.

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