The Best RCA Cables

[contentsdisabled] If you thought RCA cables were dead, you were wrong. It is true that HDMI cables are already very famous for connecting devices, but there are still many devices that only have RCA inputs, such as TVs. RCA stereo audio cables are used to connect a variety of sources to amplifiers or receivers and to connect discrete parts such as preamps, power amplifiers, equalizers and surround sound processors. These cables typically carry line-level signals (-10 dB at about 0.3 volts), allowing for radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic noise from AC power cables, transformers, and motors (EMF interference). As these cables often cross or touch power cables, better shielding is very important. And at low voltages, signal loss should be kept as low as possible. High quality RCA cables use better conductors (copper or sometimes even silver) with gold-plated connectors. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on an inferior cable, so we’re here to help. We’ve compiled this list of the best RCA stereo audio cables for all your sound needs. For example, a high quality RCA cable provides dynamic audio and creates clearer videos. Many things make different RCA cables different, including the materials used, shielding, length, and connector type.

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RCA cable for audiophiles

Tough, strong and robust cable, low frequency vigorous and thick, if it is sweet, first class high frequency resolution. 2 male to 2 male RCA audio cable enhances audio connections; Ideal for audiophiles, home entertainment systems and high fidelity (HiFi). High density 4N oxygen free copper shield, high quality polished metal and corrosion resistant Ultra thick 3U gold plated connectors making it less susceptible to outside interference. Ensuring the highest quality audio transfer. Buy now

AudioQuest Golden Gate RCA male to RCA male cable

The AudioQuest Golden Gate 2 RCA male to 2 RCA male stereo audio cable combines a number of features to offer you audio signal transmission with reduced distortion and improved fidelity. This audio cable uses solid surface copper conductors, double balanced asymmetric geometry, polyethylene foam insulation, a metallic layer noise dissipation system, and gold-plated, cold-welded RCA plugs. With lower amounts of oxide, impurities and grain boundaries, Perfect-Surface solid copper conductors help reduce magnetic and electrical interference within the cable. The double balanced asymmetric geometry reduces ground plane impedance and improves the dynamic response of the signal. Buy now

KabelDirekt – 3ft short – RCA/Phono cable

Easily connect devices with a 3.5mm jack/aux output to stereo systems or many other types of equipment with dual RCA/phono jacks using this stereo adapter cable (male/2×male) Two-way audio transmission outputs sound from a DVD player with RCA/phono for a set of headphones with a 3.5mm jack, or sound from a computer with a 3.5mm jack for a set of speakers with RCA/phono jacks. Enjoy maximum fidelity thanks to pure copper conductors, interference-blocking shielding and corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors. Buy now

Pair of 4 foot RCA cables

The Canare L-4E6S from Canare Electric Co, LTD-Japan is an ultra durable (21 AWG) Star Quad audio cable for high-end RCA interconnect applications. Forty separate wires on each conductor result in increased strength and flexibility, even in extremely cold climates. The Star-Quad design, along with our directional topography, reduces EMI noise to the point of non-existence. Superior sound performance for professional audio users (see images for more technical details). Amphenol’s M Series ACPR Gold RCA/Phono Plugs with high quality satin finish cast body construction are the most advanced professional grade RCA connectors offered by Amphenol Corporation, gold plated brass contacts enhance conductivity. Insulation (thermoplastic polyurethane cable bushing) is included to ensure that no short circuit occurs within the connector. The flexible colored rubber eyelet ensures the best strain relief. The connectors work well within a temperature range of -25 to +75 °C. Buy now

AudioQuest Evergreen 1m 3.28ft RCA to RCA 1m 3’4″

The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge connects Seattle Washington (USA) to the Bellevue area across Lake Washington. Since opening in 1963, its 2,285 meters (7,497 feet) make it the longest floating bridge in the world. The structure includes 33 prestressed concrete pontoons averaging 110 meters (360 feet) in length and 18 meters (60 feet) in width. Solid conductors eliminate inter-wire distortion. Evergreens solid long-grain copper allows for a smoother, clearer sound than cables using normal OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity) copper. OFHC is a general metallurgical industry specification regarding loss without any concern for distortion. LGC has less oxides within the conductive material less impurities less grain boundaries and definitely better performance. Buy now

Stinger SI823 3ft 2 channel 8000 series

Stinger 8000 Series RCA Interconnect Cables provide better sound quality and true channel separation. As with all Stinger products, you can be confident that these 2-channel RCA interconnects are built with audiophile-grade performance and extreme durability. These RCAs are available from 3 feet to 20 feet in length and will definitely improve the audio quality of any sound system. The Stinger SI823 is the 3ft version of this series and features three conductors per channel. Continuous connection construction (C3 Tech) provides superior signal transfer, while silver-plated copper conductors provide a tight bass response and crystal-clear highs. Channel identifiers, flexible black mesh protective jacket and locking tip connectors allow for easy installation. Stinger’s new RCA cables are inspired by sound and built to last. Buy now

SKW Audiophile 3.5mm single crystal copper audio cable

SKW 2 RCA to 3.5mm cable is famous for its high quality innovative products in the industry. Constructed with double shielding, high quality polished metal and corrosion resistant gold plated connectors make it less susceptible to outside interference. 22AWG:OCC 6N Single crystal copper, 24K gold plated connectors, 7mm outer diameter nylon braided cable jacket. No more fear of breaking the wire after a few years of using extra shielding. We rigorously test every audio cable before we ship it to you. The quality is far superior to cables from other brands. Based on great connections, more natural and neutral sound, we also offer a very affordable price that compares to the same gauge as competitors. Buy now

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