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[contentsdisabled] Resident Evil, the series that publishes the many categories of horror, has been trying to claim the elusive zombie shooter crown since its inception. Suffice it to say that Resident Evil doesn’t have a crisp, steady reign over the parts, which have progressed into bizarre, convoluted lore and Matrix-worthy action sequences as the series grew in scope and ambition. In reinventing reanimation, Resident Evil games aren’t always better, but they’ve always been strange and compelling objects. And because of these wild experiments, Resident Evil still holds us firmly in its grip. Reanalyze the part and force the entire game design into an answer – heck, Dead Space was supposed to be System Shock 3 before Resident Evil 4 came out. While they may have arrived scrambled and moaning and anti-aliasing hungry, most of the main games in the Resident Evil series were available on PC at some point – sorry, Code Veronica. So for players new and old, we reflect on the ups and downs of the series and final up with a true and safe ranking for the series that cannot die.

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Resident Evil 4 (2005)

Resident Evil 4, the latest from the Japanese studio that revolutionized the survival horror genre. And in this new fundamentally altered sequence, the undead have returned to their graves. Rather than recycling a formula that Capcom itself admitted was getting tired of, the development team behind the ambitious project opted to create a stunning new Resident Evil experience without some of the ingredients that seasoned it. up previous games in the franchise. But do not worry. In place of the zombies are some remarkably engaging and rewarding new gameplay dynamics and a dramatically more atmospheric world than the survivors have ever seen before. Simply put, this game doesn’t just deliver on the hype, it exceeds it. You will be amazed. You will be terrified. And when it’s all over, you’ll wonder why Capcom didn’t do this sooner. Buy now

Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019)

Resident Evil 2 seems to be being controlled by an omniscient director, a nefarious George Romero ready to make your skin crawl and your mouth vomit… swear words on TV. At several points, we found ourselves in a deep sense of shock thanks to clever scares that never seemed banal. We were caught and tricked, simple as that. Resident Evil 2 always feels one step ahead of you, and will tamper with what you think you know about your environment to intrude on your psyche. Returning to rooms in different scenarios or even in the same playthrough can offer up electrifying surprises (which we won’t spoil) where the choices are adapt or die. Buy now

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)

While Alone in the Dark may have been the ancestor of the survival horror genre, Capcom’s Resident Evil series has perfected it, with each installment improving on its predecessor with subtlety and style. Now, Capcom’s flagship series (no, not Street Fighter, silly) is back in the form of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. Looks like Jill Valentine just got cleaned up up of your adventures in the original RE. When she returns to Raccoon City, it seems the entire Umbrella incident has been swept under the rug. Disenchanted, she leaves the STARS force, hoping to catch up with Chris Redfield, who is already traveling through Europe on his way to investigate Umbrella’s European headquarters. But before Jill can get out of Dodge, the zombies come back in force, abruptly interrupting her plans. Buy now

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017)

Resident Evil 7 features Ethan Winters, a milquetoast protagonist whose search for his missing wife leads him to the Louisiana bayou. Once there, Ethan is kidnapped and tortured by a family of murderous cannibals known as the Bakers. In both the specifics and the general tone of its seemingly standalone story, much of Resident Evil 7 is a departure from the zombie outbreak roots of the series in general. While Capcom doesn’t require a Resident Evil degree to get into Resident Evil 7, there are echoes of the series’ history within it. Dulvey, Louisiana is not Raccoon City, but like the original Resident Evil, RE7 takes place in and around a single large house. Buy now

Resident Evil Village (2021)

Resident Evil Village begins with a scene of domestic bliss, as our hero Ethan Winters (returning from Resident Evil 7) and his wife Mia prepare dinner and care for their newborn baby Rosemary. Then something bad happens – I won’t say what, because it’s too shocking – and soon Ethan finds himself lost in an isolated village in a snowstorm, looking for his kidnapped son. It’s a sharp and sudden but effective introduction, immediately upping the ante and setting the Village’s brutal, sadistic tone. It is never explicitly stated where the village the game takes its name from is located, but some clues point to it being nestled somewhere in the wintery mountains of Romania. The village itself is a huddle of dilapidated wooden and brick houses, farmer’s fields and the occasional church. Buy now

Resident Evil 5 (2009)

Resident Evil 5, on the other hand, can’t do it all again. It can’t set a new standard for third-person action, as it’s so similar to RE4 that it’s almost the same game with amazing new visuals and some improvements. In other words something like RE3 went to RE2 – a technical improvement, but unimaginative. However, RE5 manages to improve on certain gameplay touches that we all love about RE4, as well as offering one tooth-breaking scenario after another, so don’t think for a second that RE5 is here. up I enjoy. It had an incredibly difficult act to follow, and even stuck in the long, long shadow of part four, it manages to stand out as one of the most memorable action experiences in recent times, particularly with two players. Buy now

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