Despite its blocky, cartoonish appearance and art style, Roblox isn’t always a fun place to be. There are games that will up the ante and give you far more serious responsibilities than you are used to. Take the phrase “survival” as an example. Roblox is brimming with android survival games that pit you against a variety of difficulties in order to keep you alive. The best Roblox Survival Games are determined by the number of times they have been downloaded and played by the community.

Here is the list of Best Roblox Survival Games


Evade is a popular survival Roblox game, although it doesn’t provide much information. You have few options because you don’t have much information. The main purpose is to enter a match and do everything it takes to win. The threat pursuing you is a merciless robot. Depending on the map, that bot may be a terrifying skull or a massive Luigi. True to the game’s title, you must avoid the robot by hiding or fleeing. However, the game does not abandon you completely. To fight back and survive, you can arm yourself with floodlights, teleporters, landmines, barriers, and even cola. While not particularly frightening, Evade contains a number of jumpscares that catch you off guard.

Bed Wars

BedWars is a Roblox game that focuses on survival while also incorporating base-defense components. BedWars places you on a base with your bed by your side. Your primary goal is to live by defending your bed while attempting to destroy the enemies. However, keep in mind that your own bed is a priority because you can’t resurrect after it’s gone. To begin the offensive, you are given a sword and a pickaxe. Then you can accumulate resources and buy upgrades to gain better weaponry. If you find yourself feeling isolated, try teaming up with other players to form a team defence. Currently, this is one of the best Roblox Survival Games that you can download from play store right now.

Booga Booga

Booga Booga is another fantastic multiplayer game in which you must acquire resources to construct your tribe. This is a time-consuming operation, therefore you may speed it up by travelling to other worlds and attacking other tribes to acquire additional resources by defeating them. This game is set on an island where you must acquire various resources in order to construct additional structures, similar to Minecraft, but other players can potentially murder you if you do not have the necessary resources.

Project Lazarus

Project Lazarus is the follow-up to the massively successful Call of Robloxia: Zombies. It works in the same way that Call of Duty does, in that you must survive waves of zombies, with each wave becoming more harder. Each combat includes six people and a Mystery Box, similar to Call of Duty. If you enjoy Call of Duty’s Zombies mode, you’ll enjoy this. The game’s main goal is to survive through post-apocalyptic environments against endless waves of undead. Each round grows more difficult than the one before it. The game ends when all players are killed. When all players have died or been killed, they will be reset and returned to the lobby for 60 seconds until the next game begins.

State of Anarchy

The State of Anarchy takes the top spot on the Roblox greatest survival games list, with both hunting and being hunted. This is a game set in an open universe, and there are many fights to be had in this world. It’s basically a game of who takes the first step everywhere, surrounded by pandemonium. Because if you don’t get the first shot, the others will murder you before you even think about it. The State of Anarchy does not simply force you to kill everyone because there are so many maps to engage with. And as a player, it forces you to amass as many weapons as possible, each of which will be unique. Survival is more likely when friends band together. It’s a game in which must assure your survival to the best of your ability while avoiding being chased by others.

Spin the Bottle

This is a different spin on Spin the Bottle than we’re used to, owing to the presence of weaponry. The rules are simple: spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on receives a gun to choose someone to shoot at the table. What’s the catch? There’s a good probability the gun won’t fire, which means you’ve just created an enemy. This Roblox game is a hilarious blast to play with friends, and it’s even better when everyone enters Roblox voice chat for some old-fashioned pleading, alliances, and the final betrayal. This is one of the more recent titles on this list, however it is continually being updated. Take a swing at it and strive to be the last one standing.

Zombie Attack

This is a round-based zombie survival game in which you must kill practically every zombie to advance to the next round. The one exception is that you’ll have to confront bosses at the end of each round who drop keys for purchasing character skins. Zombie Attack also features activities that allow you to complete each game and provide you a lot of playability. Zombie Attack is a fast-paced game in which more monsters emerge and get more difficult to defeat with each round. When a player dies, they are returned to the lobby and can respawn as zombies. If all of the players die, the game is ended. New maps are chosen through voting.

Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain is a zombie-themed survival game. You can choose from eight various maps in this game, including The Mill, The District, The Cargo, The Bypass, and others. It gives you three firearms and three grenades to battle zombies with. Aside from surviving the zombie attack, it also includes a mission system to set it apart from other zombie survival games. It’s a fantastic game to get enthusiastic about.

Epic Minigames

This game is apart from the others listed in this Roblox top survival games guide since it includes mini-games. There are over 119 mini-games to play here, all of which are created solely for survival. If you survive to the end of your mini-game, you will win, and with each win, you will receive some coins. These coins can later be used to purchase upgrades and equip, as well as pet purchases. If you want to experience something new and distinct from a survival game, you should attempt Epic Minigames because everything fits your mood for survival games. It will also be one of the best games to play with your pals.


Another game from the Roblox best survival games list that requires you to endure radioactivity and bandits. It is not only about survival; you must also defend oneself. If you didn’t manage to tour the island, your chances of being murdered in Blacklands are great, therefore having more and more money is essential to surviving the game. As one of Roblox’s top survival games on the platform, Blacklands is not a simple game to play because it makes you incredibly difficult to cope with. You can also be a part of a team to boost your chances of survival, and when those work together, you will do much better. The two main modes accessible in this game are Arcade and Battle Royale, and both require your full effort as that is the only way to win the game.

Final Words

On the Roblox platform, there are numerous survival games based on various story lines. For example, you must protect yourself against zombies and other gamers who may assault and kill you. We have reviewed some of the top survival games accessible on Roblox, and players can select any of them based on their preferences and preferences.

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