However, a few titles have consistently found a way to slip through the cracks. These best RTS games for Xbox is only feature well-balanced gameplay but also clever control systems that let console players quickly and effectively manage a large number of units. If you prepare carefully enough or react wisely in the heat of the moment, strategy games may elevate your sense of brilliance in ways that other genres find difficult to equal. It’s a highly enjoyable genre to play, and it also frequently offers a gentler tempo for people who don’t want to play something too fast-paced. Check the list of Best RTS Games for Xbox which we mentioned below.

Here is the list of Best RTS Games for Xbox

Sudden Strike 4

The first game or best RTS games for Xbox in our list is called Sudden Strike 4. It is undoubtedly the closest thing you can get to a full-fledged RTS experience, equivalent to what you would get on a PC. There are many campaigns you can go through in the game, which is set during World War 2. There is a full edition that includes every DLC that was published after the game. You have access to 11 campaigns totaling 45 missions with the entire edition, which is sure to keep you occupied for a while. After finishing the single-player, you can switch to multiplayer and engage in combat with up to eight other players.

Dawn of Discovery

When playing this endearing console RTS, one can’t help but wonder why other studios didn’t take advantage of the Wii’s simple pointer controls. Simply put, the controls seem designed for this kind of point-and-click adventure. However, Dawn of Discovery shines on the device as a unique RTS treasure. In order to prepare for an impending famine, players will try to balance their resource usage and expand their towns. The best RTS games for Xbox adopts Age of Empires’ lavish mediaeval theme but scales back the complexity and adds a pleasingly colourful visual. The micromanagement and strategy involved should also appeal to seasoned fans of the genre.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

The ultimate best RTS games for Xbox is Hardspace: Shipbreaker, where you can start some background listening and comfortably idle around in zero gravity for hours. When every last piece of a spaceship has been stored, processed, or destroyed to leave you with an empty dock, it is very fulfilling. While the mechanics of disassembling the ships surgically are well polished, there is also an engaging story running parallel to it that satirises capitalism and labour exploitation as you deal with hazardous working conditions, an overbearing administrator, and a corporation that puts profits above all else while attempting to pay off your $1 billion debt.

Tropico 6

Tropico 6, a city-building and management game, comes in at number nine in a long line of satirical, humorous, and entertaining strategy games about controlling your own banana republic. Tropico 6 skillfully mixes history to show an actual life cycle and evolution of such a small nation with a compelling era advancement mechanism in place, despite being a fictionalised representation of an island nation. The best RTS games for Xbox unique, smart, and funny tone elevates the dry, statistics- and production-driven management gameplay. The dialogue and character writing are also great. The fighting in Tropico 6 may be its weakest element, but the rest of its feature set is excellent and captivating, drawing you quickly into its world.


Another game that was created initially with the PC in mind but has found its way to consoles is Frostpunk. The console version of this type of best RTS games for Xbox lacks a few features, as do most of them. But doing so was essential to ensuring that the game could be easily played with a PC controller rather than a keyboard and mouse. RTS game like no other is Frostpunk. This is due to the absence of combat in the game, which sets it apart from nearly all others in its genre. Instead, you must struggle with the nature of people and the environment itself. To get a general notion of what to expect, think of it as a survival RTS game rather than a combat game.

Modern Warfare 2

The future of the entire Call of Duty franchise has been outlined by Modern Warfare 2 creator Infinity Ward. The best RTS games for Xbox is huge Warzone 2 experiences and the main Modern Warfare 2 experience are more closely integrated thanks to a new game engine, which also brings about weightier movement, improved weapon handling, and carefully analysed bullet ballistics. Without compromising the pandemonium that Call of Duty has always been so good at creating, it makes for a little slower, more tactically challenging shooter. The multiplayer is as fiercely competitive as it has ever been, with sharp map design and combat pacing working to keep groups locked in between close-quarters firefights.

Crown Trick

Crown Trick demonstrates that while roguelikes are often linked with action games rather than strategy games, this type of experience works well with the latter. Players take on the role of Elle and are placed in a spooky dungeon where they must act like a hero, which entails a lot of fighting, failing, and looting. Death returns things to their original state, but enhancements can last a lifetime. By using a grid-based traversal and combat system, Crown Trick stands apart from the competition. In essence, the creatures of the dungeon respond to Elle’s movements. By slowing down the pacing and emphasising intelligent movement, this turn-based structure greatly increases the amount of strategy in the action.

Space Hulk

The number of video games digital translations that Games Workshop has permitted over the years is absurdly commendable. Despite uneven quality, there have been so many that good ones are unavoidable. One of the best RTS games for Xbox is Hulk digital renditions to date is SH:T. The interface is really simple to use, the graphics are crisp and clear, and everything just works. If there is a flaw, it is the RNG, awkward Space Marine mobility, and the unfair situations that result from it.

Final Words

The GR+ crew has been debating the best RTS games for Xbox of the year for the past few weeks, and now we’re ready to celebrate them. It’s been a great year for video games, as evidenced by our pick, full of surprises and a wide variety of absolutely amazing experiences. There will no doubt be much to fall in love with on PC, laptop, Switch, and Smartphones as well, which will be regarded as the year that the best RTS games for Xbox really came into their own.

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