Instead of categorising them into sub-genres, the games we’ve chosen below are all strategy games that we believe you’ll enjoy and play today. You’ll find 30-year-old masterpieces alongside modern favourites here, so whether you’re new to the genre or looking for some undiscovered jewels, we’ve got you covered.

Here is the list of Best RTS Games on Steam

Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is a free PC game that allows you to choose from a variety of civilizations from around the world. When you first create your character, you have the option of selecting one of thirteen kingdoms, including Rome, Egypt, and Japan. Because of their particular capabilities and benefits based on their position in the world and the resources they have available, it is critical to choose wisely. It’s up to you to determine how you want to create your civilization once you’ve decided who you’re going to play as. You can focus on growing your city and building new and spectacular structures while crafting goods to increase your power, you can focus on perfecting your army, with plethora of commanders to unlock, each of whom provides unique approach to combat.

They Are Billions

They Are Billions is a survival RTS game that puts you in the shoes of Leonidas at Thermopylae. Except instead of Persians, you’re up against undead. There are a lot of them, hence the game’s name. They Are Billions is on our list because it is so brilliantly crafted make you like no matter how well you’ve prepared for what’s to come, it’s probably not going to be enough. There’s a little moment of peace, which is the game’s way of saying “enjoy it while it lasts”. Of course, the first time you play it, you have no idea what to expect, so you make haphazard preparations and explore with the available possibilities, much like an 18-year-old who attends medical school and takes it easy, not realising surviving the 1st year is more difficult than it appears.

Into The Breach

In an ideal world, something would come along and easily leapfrog this turn-based mechs against giganto-beasts follow-up to FTL, but what strategy game would we recommend to virtually everyone right now? There is no other option, especially now that its free Advanced Edition update has been added. Into The Breach expels every millilitre of unnecessary strategy bathwater without losing a single bit of baby. It requires you to concentrate solely on the most pressing issue at hand: your soldiers are there, the acid-spitting adversary is there, and a skyscraper full of hapless citizens is there: what are you going to do, hotshot? Every. Single. In Into The Breach, action counts.

Age of Empires IV

It’s a little unusual to have two games from the same series on this list, especially because Age of Empires IV is essentially a reinvention of Age of Empires II. However, the latest chapter in the renowned RTS series has blasted into Steam and merits its own mention. Age of Empires II remains a superb RTS game because it has withstood the test of time and continues to receive support, but its newest sister is no slouch. Age of Empires IV is a modern AOE game for the modern strategy gamer, with an improved engine, new graphics, and a novel approach to civilisation design. It’s even taken history to the next level, with hours of real-life documentary material detailing the historical context of the campaigns as well as specific facets of mediaeval life.

Command & Conquer: Remastered

As an exercise in resurrecting one of the best classic games and giving it plenty of current upgrades, Command & Conquer: Remastered is an exceptional remaster, according to our evaluation. It contains all of the original campaigns for both Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert, as well as the expansion missions and super secret hidden levels. This offering alone can keep you entertained for hours, but you can also take your armies online to fight in skirmishes against friends or AI across a variety of maps. The basic army structure remains the same, but with improved controls and a fully customizable jukebox that uses all of the music from both games.

Total War: Shogun 2

Total War: Shogun 2 is a fantastic blend of RTS and TBS aspects that you’ll appreciate if you enjoy either of these genres. If you’re old enough, you might remember the original Shogun: Total War, which came out in 2000. Both are magnificent masterpieces, but the second, from 2011, is possibly superior. Even while it is played on a landscape that you can roam with your generals, diplomats, and assassins outside of battle, the fights themselves are fought in a realistic fashion. If you fight in a forest, your units will seem in a real forest. If the combat takes place near a bridge, you will be able to use that element during the fight.


XCOM 2, along with its equally outstanding expansion War Of The Chosen, is one of the best strategy games ever developed – and it’s made even more astonishing by how different it becomes when you step up to the aforementioned expansion. The superheroic cheese to XCOM 2’s guerrilla tactics chalk is War Of The Chosen. Whereas XCOM takes a step back from the immense tactical complexity of the original X-COM from the 1990s, War Of The Chosen charges headlong into another continent. Your greatest warriors will be more than just proficient with weaponry; they will become The Avengers, capable of the most ludicrous feats of sci-fi heroism.


After a brief stay in Early Access, this intriguing Viking game arrived on our strategic beaches in mid-2018. It inhabits its own modest corner of the genre with stoicism and competence. Each match of Northgard places you in command of newcomers to an island that you must explore and expand into in order to make a new life for your people. Instead of constructing buildings and recruiting units, you must assign your limited population to various ‘jobs,’ which are enabled by buildings. In many ways, the game can be rather hands-off, with even fighting following a guidance paradigm rather than direct control. You will not be alone on the island, as others will be looking for new houses as well.

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition is one of the best and purest RTS games ever created. It will provide you with the classic RTS experience, so if you’re new to the genre, this is a great place to start. AoE 2 Definitive Edition is an updated version of the original AoE 2, which debuted in 1999. The game was a hit at the time, selling millions of copies. The Definitive Edition updates the game with new graphics, extra missions and civilizations, a Co-Op mode, and many intriguing features. Currently, this is one of the best RTS Games on Steam that you can Steam from official site right now.

Company of Heroes

If you enjoy World War II games, Company of Heroes will give you one of the best RTS experiences you’ve ever had. This title was released in 2006, yet it has withstood the test of time due to its high quality. The series sold over 4 million copies and earned multiple accolades for its innovative gameplay and outstanding depictions of bravery. Company of Heroes feels a much like chess in terms of how you need to think to win. The game concentrates upon conquering and controlling critical positions in order to earn valuable resources while preventing the enemy from doing the same. The environment in Company of Heroes alters when it is damaged.

Final Words

Which are the best RTS Games on Steam? Ask that in the right circle and you’ll trigger an explosive debate that can go on for days. What exactly does RTS stand for? Real-time tactics are self-explanatory in and of themselves. It will be difficult to win any conflict without exact and timely planning. So, the first lesson is to not pause too much during the procedure, as this could cost you the victory. Planning ahead of time is also encouraged.

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