Guide: Best Screen Recording Apps for Win­dows 10 PC

There can be many reasons why you might want to record the screen on your Windows 10 computer. Whether you’re a gamer or recording instructions for someone, you may want to keep track of your video presentation or chat. Instead of taking a series of screenshots, you need a reliable screen recorder app for Windows 10. There are quite a few screen recording apps for Windows 10 on the market, and they all cater to a specific audience. That’s how most software competing in the same niche stands out. Let’s start.

1. Game bar

Windows 10 comes with a built-in app called the Game Bar, which is usually used by gamers to record their screens. It’s a neat and free screen recorder app for Windows 10. Because the feature is closely associated with Xbox, but is somewhat limited for use otherwise. For example, it only records videos in an app or a game and not in File Explorer or on the desktop.

It is best suited for recording a screen when playing a game on your computer. You can record both audio and video (MP4) and also take screenshots (PNG) with hotkeys. The captured screen video can then be shared on Twitter and other social media accounts. The recorded files are saved here. C: Users[your username]Videos Capture A neat one feature is the ability to record the last 30 seconds. Handy if you make a great move in a game and realize that the recording is not on. Press Windows Key + G to start it or search for it in the Start menu.

2. Freecam

Freecam is, for the most part, free. You can choose a recording area on the screen and be selective about what will be recorded. Since Freecam is designed for educators and those who create tutorial videos, it comes with features such as highlighting the cursor to track its movement, removing background noise and also recording system sounds.

The pro version, at $ 227 / year, will add more features like voiceover, annotations, recording screen and webcam together, shapes, music, effects and text insertion, and more. Freecam is excellent if you are making instructional videos for YouTube (direct upload option), students or even in the office. Download Freecam

3. Camtasia

Camtasia is the most powerful and feature-rich screen recorder app for Windows 10. It is also one of the oldest. It’s easy to learn, works in the background, and has many useful effects and shapes. Unlike Freecam, Camtasia works not only with YouTube but also other popular video streaming sites such as Vimeo.

Camtasia offers everything you get with Freecam, such as transition effects, text, shapes, adding audio and video, and some more features such as zooming and panning and quizzes. Camtasia is also more stable, effortless and more professional in its approach. Download Camtasia

4. Bandicam

Bandicam was designed with gamers in mind, but can be used for almost all types of recordings. It offers a beautiful and easy to use user interface. Gamebar was only introduced with Windows 10 and is still far from perfect. Bandicam uses high compression to reduce the video size, but it also diminishes the quality a bit, but nothing significant. It also works with Xbox, PS and smartphones and external devices.

Bandicam allows you to effortlessly record games as well as screens from any app. Selecting an area to focus on and record is easy. A smaller file size means they are easier to share and upload, but you can also record in 4K. The lifetime license costs $ 39. Bandicam offers something extra but interesting features such as planning and real-time drawing. It is an all round good screen recorder app for Windows 10. Download Bandicam

5. ShareX

ShareX is an open-source screen recording and recorder for Windows 10 that is completely free to use and regularly updated. While the UI can be a bit confusing, it’s an excellent app with loads of it features and options. Not only can you capture and record videos from the screen, but you can also automate what happens after the recording is complete. Some examples include opening the file location, adding a watermark, uploading to your favorite social media platform, and more. There is a long list of streaming sites, URL shorteners, and social media apps it integrates with.

You can select a region to capture and record, annotate, add effects and do more easily. Some additional tools you may like include a color picker, QR code scanner, URL shortener, split / merge image, and directory indexing. Download ShareX

6. ApowerREC

The ApowerREC screen recording app for Windows 10 offers some really smart ones features like auto recording, schedule and only record when a particular app is running. This one features, coupled with a customizable UI, makes it a solid contender in the screen recording space.

You can select a screen area to record or choose the webcam. Either way, you can easily edit recorded videos. Then there is the video converter, which will further assist you in your editing needs. Other editing features include adding intro and outro, watermark and cropping. A lifetime license will cost you $ 69. It’s affordable and worth it for app-centric recording and scheduling. Download ApowerREC

7. FlashBack

FlashBack is a screen recorder app for Windows 10, which is popular with students and teachers. You can quickly and easily record the screen or part of it, annotate or add notes to the video, and export in many supported formats.

Are you using a multi-monitor setup? FlashBack records one or all monitors. You can also add a watermark to the video. There is a separate version called FBX or FlashBack Extreme for gamers. You can create special highlight videos with FBX to demonstrate your gaming skills. A lifetime license will cost you $ 49, but students get a 50% discount. Download FlashBack

Record everything

As a gamer I like to record everything I do or play. You don’t know what you’ll discover in the next screen or what will happen next. Here’s a video of the best free screen recording apps for Windows by our Guiding Tech YouTube channel: These are some of the best screen recording apps for Windows 10, and there is one of them all. You can record screens while gaming, create tutorials, give presentations, troubleshoot Windows and more. Make sure you choose the right one for the job. The next up: Want to take scrolling screenshots in Windows 10? Click on the link below to learn how to do exactly that.

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