In addition to being a mainstay of Instagram feeds, the self-portrait has evolved into a distinct art genre. While your face and the Camera app are all you really need to get in on the craze, there are other tools you can use to further up your selfie game. We’ve compiled our best selfie apps for iPhone in this post to assist you in getting the ideal shot. There are several variables that influence whether or not you can take a good selfie. Make sure you have a steady hand, a neutral backdrop, and decent lighting. The best time to take best selfie apps for iPhone is during the golden hour, which occurs just after dawn and just before sunset. There are additional steps you can take to ensure that your selfie stands out from the crowd even with all of those elements.

Here is the list of Best Selfie Apps for iPhone


You may use best selfie apps for iPhone and filters on your photos using the VSCO app, and you can connect with other talented photographers who also use it. With more than 200 presets, sophisticated editing features, and amazing vintage film aesthetics, the premium edition is far more capable. Before sharing your picture with the VSCO community, you can easily apply highlights, a fake film grain, and filters using VSCO’s user-friendly interface. On the basis of your preferred selfie style, you may also design and store your own filters.

Facetune Editor

Facetune Editor is the best selfie apps for iPhone. It guarantees that, despite whatever imperfections you may see in your appearance, you may use the program to fix them and still be recognized by your parents. You may use specific retouching techniques to correct problematic skin, whiten teeth, thin down or fill up your face, brighten eyes, tame brows, or go all out spectacular with glitter and heavy makeup. Use a rainbow color pallet, neon multicolor filters, and light-leak effects to brighten your face. Using live filters on a “magic camera,” you may alter your appearance by adjusting facial characteristics and applying cosmetics as you photograph. Numerous background themes are available, such as collage, urban, and fashion. You may experiment with hair color with a hair tool. Now available is full video support for makeup, retouching, overlays, layouts, and other features.


The brand-new YouCam Perfect software is one of the most well-liked programs in the Cyber Link library. This best selfie apps for iPhone has a ton of features and cutting-edge technologies for picture enhancement. You may download YouCam Perfect for free, but it contains advertisements. So when you launch its picture editor, you should prepare for a few advertisements to appear on the screen. You may upgrade the free version with an in-app purchase to get rid of the adverts. YouCam Perfect provides a comprehensive selection of editing features to assist you in taking the ideal selfie. Once the installation is complete, you may snap a picture and the software will instantly enhance it for you. YouCam Perfect offers six degrees of beauty enhancement. You may quickly and easily acquire a wonderfully improved picture by tapping whatever level you choose.


Another recent software with the potential to rank among the best selfie apps for iPhone is MIKU. The app has numerous sophisticated tools that you may use to remove imperfections from selfies, including spots, wrinkles, stray hairs, and dark circles. Additionally, you may utilize the instruments to whiten your teeth, correct your waist, and get rid of your red eyes. You may also blur the backdrop and remove background items using MIKU. An additional feature of the software is the ability to repair damaged or outdated photos. After modifying one image for free on the premium MIKU app, you must pay to edit any more images.


BeautyPlus is one of the best selfie apps for iPhone, earning almost five stars from over 150,000 reviews. Although it features a ton of strong editing tools, like a hair volumizer, a lip plumper, and entertaining augmented reality filters, the auto-beautify tool is the one that customers laud the most. While you may manually modify the image as you want, the auto-beautify tool instantly transforms your picture into the ideal selfie. Although the program is available for free download, there are in-app payments for premium features including firming and reshaping tools.


With its social messaging and multimedia capabilities, Snapchat enables companies to target distinctive audiences and boost brand recognition. Users can build, manage, and monitor campaigns whether at work or on the move. For every aim, they can also drive action with engaging and interactive advertising goods. Still, it is one of the best selfie apps for iPhone that you can consider. Snap Advertising, full-screen vertical ads, location-based “filters” for businesses or events, and interactive “lenses” for user videos are some of Snapchat’s commercial goods. By uploading material and media and choosing an ad type, users of Snapchat for business may develop, optimize, and manage campaigns. This feature is called the “ad manager.” Users may choose a goal, specify a budget and audience, then plan and execute campaigns.


B612 has a simple user interface that makes taking selfie shots quick and easy. The view finder opens fast, and you are provided with instant access to the editing choices. It has no shutter sound, allowing for covert selfie taking anywhere. The sophisticated filter on B612 is one of its best features. More than 40 distinct kinds of filters are available. Your favorite filters are stored in the app so you may use them again. If you want the app to determine the best filter for your picture, you may also choose the random option. This option allows you to improve the photo’s border. The border of the vignette automatically adapts to the filter you used on your image. Finally, the software enables you to make a collage of your own selfies. A range of collage formats are available for you to use to enhance the appeal and engagement of your shot. The b612 is the best selfie apps for iPhone its features real-time beauty effects to capture the ideal image or b612 video at once, as well as glittering effects and fashionable analog filters to brighten your day.

Selfie Star Studio

Despite being a relatively new best selfie apps for iPhone, Selfie Star Studio has practically all the features you could possible need to make your selfies beautiful. To improve your selfies, it includes a ton of animated character stickers, decorative stickers, a ton of frames, dynamic screen overlays, and more. Additionally, the app has a countdown timer that enables you to take selfies at the correct angle. The app also has an automated collage feature where you can choose from a selection of selfies, and it will create the collage automatically for you. Additionally, using it is totally free.

Final Words

While virtually everyone can appreciate beautiful photography, not everyone can relate to the addiction to uploading selfies. We hope this collection of fantastic best selfie apps for iPhone stores has empowered iPhone users who like sometimes experimenting with picture effects and selfies. With the photo app or apps mentioned above, you have the opportunity to edit current selfie images and capture a range of pictures. Depending on your requirements, choose from the best selfie apps for iPhone.

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