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[contentsdisabled] Sometimes, after a long day, you just want to enjoy a glass of wine or open a beer. But what you don’t want to do is get off your comfy couch and head to the hard liquor store — I’ve been there. Thanks to these alcohol delivery services, you don’t have to. With the press of some buttons in your smart phone or computer, you can place an order and have your favorite wine, beer or spirit delivered right to your door. While you can place a single order at any time, if you want to make sure your fridge or cellar stays in stock, you can consider a subscription service. Similar to how popular meal subscription services like HelloFresh, Freshly and Blue Apron work, there are now a few dedicated alcoholic drinks like Wink and Craft Beer Club. Whether you’re looking for a glass of wine to enjoy with dinner or just want to stock up up in some of your favorite drinks.

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Drizly promises to deliver beer, wine or spirits to its 101 markets within an hour of ordering. In our experience of ordering in Brooklyn and Manhattan, it usually takes a little longer than that, but far more important than speed is the company’s massive selection. With everything from hard-to-find liqueurs to eccentric craft beers, Drizly is a good place to get anything alcoholic as well as craft mixers. But you’ll find their best pricing and selection in beer, specifically the kind of mass-market beer you’d find in well-stocked grocery stores.


If you don’t need anything right now, consider joining a wine club. Most wine clubs will ship a bottle or two at a regular cadence until you decide to cancel your subscription. The best are managed by sommeliers with direct relationships with the winemakers themselves. They offer great wine as well as helping you develop your own understanding of what makes wine good and then what types of wine you like. Since it was released on final last year, the Parcelle proved to be a superlative wine signature. Each month you receive a themed shipment of three wines, plus descriptions and pairing information for each. It’s a little pricey – you pay around $30 a bottle – but each individual wine tends to be a little more expensive than that and otherwise hard to find. You can see a complete list of wine subscriptions we’ve tried and liked, which includes some budget and upgrade options. prides itself on having the largest selection of wines online, ranging from critically acclaimed bottles from top winemakers to exclusive small-batch offerings from around the world. You can shop by region, variety, rating and price, or browse expertly curated lists, take tests or even do a virtual wine tasting. And is offering a deal for new customers – get $20 off an order of at least $100. ships to most states (see restrictions in intro) and shipping fees will vary depending on the size of your order and how quickly you want it. if you sign up for the StewardShip program for $49 per year, you get free shipping with no minimum order. You can also choose up your order at one of 10,000 locations (including participating Walgreens and Safeways), but double check that the location near you is still active during the pandemic.

you are sitting on home, picking out your delivery dinner and you pop in some cocktails while you do it. It is possible when you order at selected restaurants on not only ships cocktails from local restaurants, but you can also place an order for bottles of wine, spirits, and beer. Think: Chopin Vodka, A to Z Wineworks and Victory Brewing Festbier. Orders can arrive at your location in less than 30 minutes, depending on where you live. Just place an order online or on your app and wait for the goodness to arrive. Prices vary depending on what you order, but with alcohol delivery available in over 35 cities in 13 states, the odds are very high. can hook you up.


Like Drizly, Craftshack partners with smaller local bottle stores and offers an online marketplace where you can browse thousands of beers. The company’s team of hopheads find stores selling everything from acclaimed craft favorites to signature small-batch beers. craftshack too features as much liqueur, ciders and seltzers as White Claw. The products come with star ratings and reviews from verified buyers. Craftshack ships nationwide except five states and does not ship to PO Boxes. You pay a flat fee for a small (12 cans or 6 bottles) or large (24 cans or 12 bottles) box and you can mix and match inside the box. During the pandemic, most orders will be processed within 6-8 business days and arrive 5-8 days later. Craftshack also has a loyalty program where members earn points that can be redeemed for vouchers worth dollars.


You can keep your cellar stocked year-round with Winc, which offers monthly subscription services as well as individual gift boxes. The California-based winery offers a more personalized experience when it comes to wine, allowing you to choose your own wines based on your taste, price and occasion. Many of their wines are featured in some of the best restaurants in the country, and all of them are carefully chosen by local sommeliers (see their current wine list here). Never pay for a bottle you don’t like, and you can skip a delivery whenever you want.

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Firstleaf Wine Club also starts with a quiz, much like Winc but is more complex: there are 14 questions and they are quite specific about the types of wine you have enjoyed in the past. After taking the test and becoming a member, Firstleaf selects a box of six bottles that cost a total of $39.95 with free shipping. After that, an order of 6 bottles costs $79.98 plus $9.95 shipping and tax. Once you receive your initial order, you can adjust your wine preferences and the frequency of shipments. Once you’ve tasted the wines, you sort them so Firstleaf’s algorithm can send you wines to better match your tastes. And the Firstleaf website has a blog with information about each of the varieties, so you can find out more about what you’re drinking.


If you are a beer drinker and miss having a beer at the bar, Hopsy might be the best liquor delivery service for you. Enjoy beer in the comfort of your own country home with Hopsy’s miniature kegs and the SUB Home Tap, a Keurig-style countertop machine that keeps drinks cold and fresh. A mini keg contains 67 ounces of beer, about a six-pack. Hopsy partners with craft breweries to deliver popular and unique beers right to your door. You will have to buy the SUB home tap, but Hopsy has several businesses that include this. For $59.99, you get four mini kegs, the faucet, free shipping on order, and a three-month subscription. For $99.99 on top of that, a Hopsy Gold subscription comes with a year of free shipping and membership.


If you want to make a statement with your bar cart this year, you’ll want to order from Caskers, who are known for their impressive selection of rare spirits and exclusive releases that you won’t find anywhere else. Examples of his rare finds include Añejo Tequila by Clase Azul, WhistlePig The Boss Hog Straight Rye Whiskey and George Remus Straight Bourbon – premium spirits distributed in extremely limited quantities. You can join different clubs on their website, such as the American Whiskey Club and World of Whiskey, but you can also choose from their complete collection for one-time purchases.

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Look, we can all be stuck in home but that doesn’t mean we can’t drink the best alcohol that can be delivered to our door. The Reserve Bar sells premium wines and spirits, including limited edition and rare bottles. For all the high rollers who are living this luxury quarantine life, you can stock up up on the top shelf whiskey, rye, mezcal, cognac, gin and more. In addition, there is high quality champagne and aged wines. Oh, and you can get custom engraved bottles and barware, like Waterford Crystal and Billykirk leather accessories. As you shop, each item has an extremely detailed description and a list of states it can be shipped to. And while ReserveBar is on the pricey side, the site offers bottle discounts and deals (right now you can get $20 off 4+ bottles with code STOCKUP20).

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