These teams utilise the best social media management tools to develop compelling content for marketing campaigns and to maintain an online presence. User access control, content production, content libraries, calendars, scheduling, archives, and performance analytics are frequently provided by the products. These social media marketing management solutions are designed to improve search engine optimization while also increasing inbound traffic, customer happiness, and conversion rates. The best social media management tools frequently includes social media monitoring and analytics software capability.

Here is the list of Best Social Media Management Tools


Buffer is one of the longest-running best social media management tools for scheduling posts, though it has undergone numerous tweaks, shifts, and modifications to keep up with the times. Now supported, as well as Google My Business Pages. Free users can link up to three social accounts, including Facebook Pages and groups, but you can only schedule ten posts per channel. While Buffer’s free plan is sufficient for small businesses to schedule posts for a week or two, if you want a more comprehensive social media management solution or to oversee more than three social media accounts at once, the Essentials plan costs $6/month per social channel. is the best social media management tools with a social media management solution that saves you time by assisting you in increasing your audience’s reach, impact, and engagement. The software includes social listening capabilities to assist you in identifying target audience members and prospects, understanding what people are saying about your brand on social media, identifying opportunities for engagement, and responding to any customer comments or concerns in an efficient manner. There’s also a content calendar to help with cross-platform social media planning. Furthermore, you can access and respond to all client messages and inquiries on a single dashboard, ensuring that no questions go unanswered.


Too many brands are terrible at social media. It isn’t necessary for yours to. It all starts with the best social media management tools. Thousands of brands rely on Hootsuite’s platform and solutions to build creative social campaigns, provide 5-star social commerce experiences, and manage all of their customer discussions in a single location. With Hootsuite, you can confidently schedule posts across multiple social networks, manage organic and paid social content simultaneously, easily track customer conversations, and gain actionable real-time insights from social media to make critical business decisions all from a single intuitive dashboard. Hootsuite, the world’s most trusted social media management solution, can help you succeed by providing professional certifications, training, and coaching in social marketing, social listening, customer service, and social commerce. With Hootsuite, you can extend your results and get more from social media.


SEMrush is best known as an all-in-one SEO software platform, but it also includes a few of handy best social media management tools for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. You may schedule and post to these many social media networks using the social media poster. It contains an image editor, UTM-builder, and link shortener to help you customise your posts, which you can then publish immediately or on a schedule.  The social media tracker then allows you to track cross-platform user involvement, collecting metrics for reporting in a single dashboard. This contains both responses to posts and mentions elsewhere.


Sendible is an excellent all-around best social media management tools with robust scheduling capabilities, a social inbox, and more. Sendible is one of the best social media management solutions accessible if you want the same functionality as Agorapulse but at a lower cost. Unlike Agorapulse, Sendible has a Creator package designed particularly for creators and solopreneurs. It is less expensive than Agorapulse’s entry-level paid plan, which is designed for small businesses. As a result, Sendible is one of our top picks for freelancers, bloggers, coaches, influencers, and other self-employed producers.


This AI-powered is the best social media management toolsmay assist you in transforming your material into outstanding social media postings. You may acquire outstanding social media postings without spending a lot of money if you work with blogs, videos, podcasts, or articles. Lately is one of the most advanced social media management solutions because it can help syndicate the information you publish across many stakeholder accounts. It is widely utilised by small and medium-sized enterprises in a variety of sectors and industries to improve brand communications and management while fostering thought leadership.


PromoRepublic does not have a free plan, however it does provide a free 14-day trial. Its most affordable option is likewise only $9 per month. PromoRepublic’s key differentiator is its emphasis on design. It does appear to be a combination of Canva and best social media management tools. Without leaving the app, you can design and schedule gorgeous posts. It allows you to schedule and share content across all major social networks, including Instagram and Pinterest. PromoRepublic recommends a posting schedule for each of your social networks, but you can quickly change it. Your posting schedules are organised on a centralised calendar.


Planable is a social media content collaboration software that assists teams in creating, planning, scheduling, and approving content in real time. Planable’s collaborative approach sets it apart from other best social media management tools. You may develop interesting visual material with your team all at once, tag people in comments for feedback, and choose to send notifications to the appropriate people. This makes criticism, editing, and cooperation much easier and more accessible.

Final Words

When choosing the best social media management tools for yourself, consider the size of your business and the areas of social media management that you want the tools to handle. While some solutions assist with social media tracking and scheduling, others are more analytical and scalable. Similarly, if you have a team of individuals who will be using these products, it will be beneficial to select one with strong collaboration features. Social media monitoring is also an important component of these solutions because it enables you to track user mentions as well as rivals and targeted hashtags.

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