With support for Dolby Digital and DTS:X, the soundbar is capable of delivering powerful surround sound. We also examined audio enhancement features for a more comfortable listening experience. We also focused on wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth and WiFi. This was important for the soundbar to be versatile and not just a soundbar for the TV. These points, and others, were our priorities in our search for the best Soundbarsunder $1000 on the market.

Here is the list of Best Soundbars under $1000

JBL Bar 9.1 Soundbar

Easily one of the best Soundbars under $1000 available on the market, The JBL Bar 9.1 boasts a massive 820 watts of power, ensuring that sound is projected to every corner of the room. Setup is simple, so you can have a sound system up and running in no time. The soundbar’s design maximizes surround sound capabilities with rear speakers and removable satellites. In addition, wireless setup allows you to find the optimal placement as you desire. This convenience does not come at the expense of sound: with built-in Atmos and DTS:X decoding, this top-notch speaker model can sound great with a wide variety of music and movies. It also offers Bluetooth capability for easy music streaming. Overall, this is one of the best soundbars on this list.

Samsung HW-Q950A Soundbar

Samsung’s flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar features a massive 11.1.4 driver array that spans two satellite speakers, a subwoofer, and the bar itself. This makes the processing of each channel more nimble and focused, and can greatly enhance the immersive experience compared to more affordable (or similarly priced) soundbars. One of the best Soundbarsunder $1000. If you don’t have the space for a traditional home theater surround system, or if cables get in the way, this system is as close as you can get to a true wired system, without the receiver, speakers, and hundreds of feet of copper wire running through the walls. If you have a late model Samsung TV, you can combine the screen speakers with a bar to further focus on the voices on the screen.

Samsung HW-Q990B Soundbar

The Samsung HW-Q990B is the best Soundbars under $1000 with subwoofer we tested. This premium 11.1.4 setup is a solid pick for listening to everything from music to TV shows and movies, as it offers versatile overall performance. This setup comes with a large, sleek-looking subwoofer that gives plenty of punch in the bass range. Whether you’re into bass-heavy genres like hip-hop or action movies, you’ll feel your seat shake like in a movie theater as the subwoofer rumbles through the floor. The subwoofer is also customizable, allowing you to enhance the bass for a more mixed feel, and features a 7-band graphic EQ that allows you to switch between bass and subwoofer level adjustments as well as the sound of the entire soundstage. The bar shines in movies, especially with multi-channel content such as Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos. You’re likely to encounter these two formats on most streaming platforms, and this bar takes advantage of their immersive design.

Sony HT-G700 Soundbar

We think the Sony HT-G700 hits an excellent sweet spot in terms of features, price, and sound scale. It is a soundbar and wireless subwoofer combo, and the soundbar is a good size for a 48″ or larger TV. As you would expect from Sony, this soundbar has more than just stereo, it has something better: support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X elite surround sound formats, and Sony uses superior sound processing and acoustic wizardry to push the limits of the TV screen It may not be as good as Sonos, but it is definitely up there. Overall, this is one of the best Soundbars under $1000 that you can buy right now.

Sonos Ray Essential Soundbar

Sonos’ new entry-level soundbar is well worth the price, including the company’s excellent multi-room music system. a two-channel soundbar with Dolby Digital decoding, Ray is about two-thirds the size of the Sonos Beam, but offers a surprisingly large soundstage. Currently, this is one of the best Soundbars under $1000 that you can buy right now. Although it does not support Dolby Atmos surround sound and does not have an HDMI port for connection to a TV (it connects to the TV with the included optical cable), we were impressed with the sound quality of the music and movies. You can combine it with a few other Sonos speakers like the Symfonisk or the new Sonos Sub Mini to create a surround sound system.

Bose Soundbar 700

You can also fine-tune and adjust speaker levels using the Bose music app and the included remote control. The Bose 700 is beautifully designed and built to complement your home decor. With a tempered glass top and brushed metal grille, this sub-1000 soundbar is definitely one that stands out for the price.

VIZIO Elevate Sound Bar

Wallet-conscious shoppers can look at another more affordable option, the Vizio Elevate. It is the best midrange bar we tested, with versatile performance that makes it a good choice for listening to many different types of audio content. Like many of Vizio’s soundbars, the dedicated subwoofer can play deep, thumping bass and guaranteed to make you feel every rumble in action-packed movies and bass-heavy music genres. Out of the box, the bass is already emphasized, and you can adjust the bass and treble to your liking. Overall, this is one of the best Soundbars under $1000 that you can buy right now. However, you won’t find a room correction feature like the Samsung HW-Q990B, so it will sound a little different in different rooms. It is also not ideal for every living room, as the satellites have to be wired to the sub. That said, this soundbar stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique design, with sides that automatically rotate upward when viewing Dolby Atmos or DTS:X height content. It is a tool that brings width and depth to the soundstage, giving the sensation that the audio is coming from all around you.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

Sonos’ second-generation Beam doesn’t look much different from the first generation, but the upgrade in sound quality is immeasurable, with Sonos’ superior on-board audio processing resulting in an immersive Dolby Atmos interpretation. The bar comes with both Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can do everything from setting alarms to asking questions about the weather. The Sonos connection is also compatible with all major streaming services, meaning it can be used as part of a multi-room audio system. If you want to expand your system, you can add other Sonos speakers as surround sound or even a Sonos subwoofer for bass. Thus, this product is one of the best Soundbars under $1000 available right now.

Vizio M512a-H6 Soundbar

A true step up from traditional soundbars, the Vizio M512a-H6 is the most cost-effective way to get true Dolby Atmos playback. This surround system includes a main soundbar with built-in up-firing height speakers, a 6″ subwoofer, and two wired rear speakers. Despite the large number of components, setup was easy, and we were impressed with the overall build quality. Best of all, the M512a-H6s performs well not only with music, but also with movies, including the Atmos effect we were able to hear in person. the M512a-H6s does not support Chromecast and AirPlay streaming, but it is a great option for home theater fans as well as we wholeheartedly recommend it to home theater enthusiasts and anyone who wants to listen to their favorite albums.

Sonos Arc Soundbar

Sonos has managed to pack an entire surround sound solution into the Arc soundbar. It’s not cheap, but if you’re already a Sonos fan, you’ll love the truly impressive surround sound this soundbar delivers. The Sonos Arc uses Dolby’s latest TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus sound codecs to the highest quality lossless audio found on state-of-the-art Blu-ray discs and major streaming services. They also use Dolby Atmos object tracks to enhance the 3D soundscape, bouncing certain sounds off the surrounding walls so they seem to come at you from all angles. While not as immersive as ceiling-mounted overhead speakers, they are very easy to install.

Final Words

Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best soundbars under $1000 with a subwoofer that most people can buy. We take into account the price, feedback from our visitors and availability. If you want to choose yourself, here you will find the list with all our reviews of soundbars with a subwoofer. Be careful not to get caught up in the details. No soundbar is perfect. Personal taste, preference and listening habits will matter more in your selection.

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