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[contentsdisabled] A speaker grille is typically found on the front of many consumer and industrial speakers and consists of a hard or soft screen/grid mounted directly onto the face of the speaker driver. Its main purpose is to protect the driver element and the speaker’s internal components (and possibly other audio components) from foreign objects, while still allowing sound to pass through clearly. However, by being in the direct path of the driver, the grill interacts with the sound produced. A proper compromise between protection and sound quality must be made based on the speaker application. Soft grids can be made from any suitable fabric, weaving, stitching, foam, fabric upholstery and other similar materials. In general, soft grilles impose little resistance on the speaker driver because the material is free to move simultaneously with the sound waves. Because the grill is able to absorb this vibration, softer grills are (in general) less likely to tinkle, except at extremely high sound pressure levels. Hard grilles can be made from a variety of building materials, including metal, wood, or plastic. Some solid grills are made of a plate or sheet of material with holes drilled or cut out for sound to pass through, while others are made of thin strips of material crisscrossed or evenly spaced in parallel.

Check out the list of the best speaker grills

X AUTOHAUX 2pcs 4″

The speaker grille can decorate the speakers and play a good dust-proof effect. The car speaker grille can directly replace the old or worn out one. It makes your speaker more attractive. The metal grid will prevent damage from accidental push-ins, rips, rips and kick-ins. Does not flex back and forth when pushed by hand. Great for car subs, woofers and speakers. Shield and protect as you display them with this classic grille designed in low-profile mesh. Buy now

KEF Q150 Speaker Grille Magnetic Grille

The Q150 magnetic grid was specifically designed to fit the Q150 and accentuate its already sleek industrial look. The fabric is acoustically transparent, stretchy and wrinkle-free. The Q150 Magnetic Grille is specifically designed for use with the Q150 and can be easily placed on the speaker and taken off without any hardware. The frame is rigid and magnetically snaps together with ease and proper alignment. Buy now

HONJIE 3-inch speaker grill cover

The speaker grill cover is made of high quality material, durable and long service life. Great for speaker cabinet, home speaker or car speaker. With four distributed screws, it makes installation more convenient. The material used is metal and plastic cold rolled steel. The inner diameter is 74mm/3 inches and the outer diameter is 94mm/3.7 inches. The spacing between the two screw holes is 108 mm/4.25 inches. Buy now

4-inch CNSZNAT speaker grid

This grille can effectively protect the speaker from accidental rips, cuts and kick-ins. Easy to install, just insert the mesh grille into the speaker and turn it slightly clockwise to secure it. 4 inch speaker grill cover made of cold rolled steel, very tough, durable and long service life. Press fits 4 inch speakers perfectly. No screw, just two drops of CA glue, install simple and easy. Speaker steel mesh can be used for DIY speakers, speaker repair and car speaker decorative circle. great for home speaker cabinet, small speakers or car speakers. Buy now

Goldwood Snap On 4″ subwoofer grille

Overall measurement of 5.4375″ round and .4375″ tall, requires flat head screws which are not included, designed and engineered in the USA. Use for speaker cabinet, home speaker or car speaker. It comes with a mounting ring with various hole patterns and a mesh grille snap, 4.9375″, 4.75″ and 4.625″ center-to-center mounting hole patterns. There is a mounting ring with an 8-hole pattern and a Snap-On mesh grid built into the 9-hole mounting ring. From center to center, dimensions are 625 mm. It fit extremely well once the small adjustment was made, unlike the other grille protectors. Buy now

2pcs 4″ uxcell speaker grill

The frame material is ABS plastic and the mesh material is cold rolled steel. Great for speaker cabinet, home orator or speaker. Distribute screws, make installation more convenient. The outer diameter is 139mm / 5.47 inches and the inner diameter is 93mm / 3.66 inches. Screw hole diameter is 4mm/0.16inch and diagonal center hole distance is 108mm/4.25inch. Protect your Subwoofer from cuts, rips, rips and dents. Buy now

Magnadyne G69D-Par speaker grille 6″ x 9″

Designed for OEM installation or top mount installation. Compatible with most 6″ x 9″ speakers, including the LS69W high power subwoofer from Magnadyne Electronics. Black ABS plastic with black wire mesh. Interior lined with fine mesh dust cover. Set of 2 grids of 6″x9″. Both come with their own mounting hardware. Buy now

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