You no longer need to unlock your smartphone, launch the alarm app, and then specify the alarm time in order to set an alarm. We really become used to using fewer than 10 words. In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is exactly what we need, and technology offers us that. Voice-to-text programs can relieve a lot of your workload while increasing productivity, whether you are a busy professional, a student running between courses.. With best speech-to-text apps for android, you can avoid the trouble of having to type while you’re on the go. They let you to organize your thoughts, take notes, create emails, talks, and speeches, all using just your voice. Efficiency is essential for success in work. You may concentrate more on enhancing the more strategic areas of your job if you can create outcomes more quickly. The amount of mental energy you can devote to other tasks is significantly reduced by the tiresome and time-consuming effort of physically transcribing audio recordings, private notes, verbal brainstorming ideas, and other documents. Fortunately, best speech-to-text apps for android is a kind of technology. You can write documents using your voice and type without using your hands.

Here is the list of Best Speech-To-Text Apps for Android

Dragon Anywhere

The best speech-to-text apps for android, Nuance mobile solution for Android and iOS devices is called Dragon Anywhere however, this is not a “lite” app rather, it delivers fully-formed dictation features supported by the cloud. The only notable change we saw was a very little delay in our spoken words showing on the screen. In essence, you receive the same great voice recognition as shown on the desktop applications. Notably, the app was generally still responsive enough. Additionally, it supports boilerplate text blocks that may be created and added to a document with a single command. Both the laptop and mobile versions of Dragon program sync custom vocabularies with these blocks of text. Additionally, you may use online services like Evernote to distribute papers across many devices. However, since dictation is only supported inside Dragon Anywhere, this isn’t as versatile as the desktop version as you can’t dictate straight in another software. Other restrictions include the fact that the app requires an internet connection and is a subscription service with no one-time purchase option, which may not be to everyone’s taste.


Notta is a cutting-edge, secure the best speech-to-text apps for android with a number of subscription plan choices in addition to a free basic version. It neither gathers data nor shares it with other parties. You have the option to request the deletion of your private data, which is also encrypted in transit. Notta may also transcribe audio files and video calls live or after they have been recorded, in addition to these security precautions. Your speech-to-text apps and voice notes may be arranged in folders using Notta’s vast array of organizing capabilities. You may change the transcription and add comments, photos, and formatting using the editing function as well. We like that Notta allows users to contribute vocabulary to enhance transcribing accuracy for over 42 supported languages, including Japanese.

Microsoft’s Dictate

Microsoft’s Dictate is here to demonstrate that even the best speech-to-text apps for android can be downloaded for free and be just as effective as expensive programs. This feature-rich application was developed by Microsoft Garage, a department inside the firm where staff members may work on ideas as projects. It is powered by the same cutting-edge voice recognition technology as the Microsoft Cortana Virtual Assistant. After installation, you can access it by selecting the “Dictation” tab in the Ribbon toolbar’s upper right corner. The majority of common tasks, like entering or modifying text, shifting the cursor to a new line, and manually or automatically inserting punctuation, are supported by the program. The software also has features like visual feedback to let users know when voice input is being processed. Microsoft Dictates also allows for real-time translation of spoken words into 60 other languages.


Speechnotes is a best speech-to-text apps for android, that is exclusively available for Android and the web and is best suited for students, authors, and casual users. It has Google’s speech recognition technology and is simple to use without requiring an account. The most well-known feature of Speechnotes is its punctuation keyboard, which frees users from the discomfort of dictating punctuation and enables them to update their notes with ease using commands and buttons. Unlike other voice-to-text applications, this one keeps recording even when the user takes a lengthy break to gather their thoughts in order to make the process seem more natural. One of the few useful programs with top-notch editing capabilities is undoubtedly Speechnotes. Along with the convenient punctuation keyboard, it also provides auto-capitalization at the start of each phrase and quick name and signature adding using custom keys. The users may record offline as well.


One of the most widely used best speech-to-text apps for android is Evernote. It is the suggested option for taking notes, exchanging documents, and voice typing. Evernote is the greatest option for individuals who need an all-inclusive collusion. With colleagues, you may create papers, powerpoints, and shared notes for collaboration. You may sync on several devices for simple access as well. The program has a free edition and a premium storage upgrade option. A range of bundles with extra storage are available for purchase. A voice-to-text tool is integrated utilizing the capabilities of your phone.


Siri may be the reason why there aren’t many voice-to-text applications accessible in the iOS app store. On all Apple products, including Macs, iPhones, iPads, smartwatches, and more, Siri is accessible. One of the most popular and effective best speech-to-text apps for android is Siri, an Apple-only personal assistant. Google is the available smart assistant for Android users. This program is accessible on all recent Macs and iPhones and can be used offline. It is also available in more than 20 languages. You get very precise results, enjoy end-to-end encryption, and have set up sophisticated instructions thanks to Siri. Additionally, you may style the text using standard commands like “new paragraph” and custom instructions.


Temi is a highly developed form of voice recognition software that is used for speech to text transcription. You may submit any kind of file audio or video and it will be transcribed in under five minutes. Eventually, the files may be saved in the Windows-specific MS Word or PDF formats and even sent through email. Users of this transcription tool will appreciate how simple it is to change the sound, playback speed, skip any section as needed, and add timestamps. However, the sound quality of the uploaded file determines the accuracy of the transcription the best speech-to-text apps for android, sound quality, the more accurate the transcription. Additionally, if the files are too big, transcription time may be longer than the five minute limit. It also has a little trouble distinguishing between various accents. Temi stands apart due to the fact that it was created by machine learning and voice recognition professionals.


Gboard provides precise best speech-to-text apps for android functionality and dependable voice typing. We like that it offers effective voice and glide typing, enabling you to dictate while you’re out and about and just slide your finger from letter to letter. With the voice typing and built-in translation features of Gboard, you can type quicker and communicate with anybody. The software also has handwriting choices that enable you choose whether you want your text to be printed or written in cursive. We also like the ability to personalize your messages by adding GIFs, stickers, and emoticons. Finally, it makes sage recommendations as you write to enhance spelling and readability. Other user-friendly features of Gboard include one-handed mode, the option to alter the interface by enabling the number row, and the ability to add symbol clues. You may also choose your own theme and decide whether to include or exclude important borders.


Otter is the best speech-to-text apps for android that runs in the cloud and is designed specifically for mobile devices like laptops and smartphones. You may search, edit, play, and organize your recordings as needed using the app’s real-time transcribing feature. Otter is promoted as a particular app for meetings, interviews, and lectures to make taking detailed notes simpler. In addition to the above-mentioned capabilities, the free basic plan offers keyword summaries and a wordcloud to help users identify particular subject references. There are three distinct pricing options. Additionally, the Premium subscription gives you access to sophisticated and bulk export options, Dropbox audio syncing, faster playing rates, and the ability to skip quiet pauses.


Simon is the best speech-to-text apps for android for Windows and Linux that is very adaptable and technologically sophisticated. The program allows for great levels of customisation for all applications, making it compatible with any system that needs speech recognition. Even better, Simon isn’t constrained by any one tongue and can communicate accurately in all of the main dialects. In essence, the program introduces automation to take the role of the mouse and keyboard. Simon’s technology is comprised on the KDE libraries, HTK, and CMU SPHINX. For Linux and Windows operating systems, the program is free and open-source. Simon is a speech recognition program, but it also enables spoken instructions to operate machines. Simon may be used to handle a variety of programs and tools, including email clients, web browsers, and media players.

Final Words

Due to its increased availability, dictation best speech-to-text apps for android has recently established itself as a standard for both consumers and businesses. It has gotten less costly and more pleasant to use, and if you have enough familiarity with it, it may dramatically speed up your writing and enhance your productivity. For persons with accessibility challenges or those attempting to avoid repetitive stress disorders from excessive typing, voice to text software is still an essential tool, even if you aren’t utilizing the finest available options.

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