Office work can now be routinely handled more simply and easily utilizing voice recognition software rather of having to type through members. For busy workers, voice-to-text apps can be incredibly beneficial. These specialized tools can boost productivity and keep your recordings safely and securely through the cloud if you’re constantly on the go or you think more quickly than you can write. Efficiency is essential for success at work. You may concentrate more on enhancing the more strategic areas of your work if you can create outcomes more quickly. The amount of mental energy you can devote to other tasks is significantly reduced by the tiresome and time-consuming effort of physically transcribing audio recordings, private notes, verbal brainstorming ideas, and other documents. Below the list of best Speech-To-Text Apps, we mentioned below.

Here is the list of Best Speech-To-Text Apps

Dragon Anywhere

Easily one of the Best Speech-To-Text Apps, the Nuance mobile solution for Android and iOS devices is called Dragon Anywhere; however, this is not a “lite” app; rather, it delivers fully-formed dictation features supported by the cloud. The only notable change we noticed was a very little delay in our spoken words showing on the screen. In essence, you receive the same great speech recognition as shown on the desktop applications. Notably, the app was generally still responsive enough. Additionally, it supports boilerplate text blocks that may be created and added to a document with a single command. Both the desktop and mobile versions of Dragon program sync custom vocabularies with these blocks of text. Additionally, you can use online services like Evernote to distribute papers among many devices. However, because dictation is restricted to within Dragon Anywhere and you can’t dictate directly in another app, this isn’t as flexible as the desktop application. Other restrictions include the fact that the app requires an internet connection to function (because it is cloud-powered) and that it is a subscription service only; this may not be to everyone’s taste.

Speechnotes – Speech to Text

This program will be useful to writers who type more quickly than they can think. Speechnotes’ two unique qualities make it a fantastic tool for managing lengthy notes. First of all, you can leave the recording open for as long as necessary because it doesn’t stop recording even if you pause to breathe or ponder. To avoid having too many punctuation marks in your writing, you can push a button or give a voice order. A little ad banner is present in the free version of the program, but you may remove it by purchasing the premium version. Additionally, it stores all of your recordings as TXT files so that it won’t take up too much space on your phone (4 MB). Additionally, using it won’t require you to open the app; all you have to do is tap on a widget to access Speechnotes. Remember that Speechnotes is only compatible with Android and browsers.


A speech-to-text Android software called SpeechTexter can be used both online and off-line. You must download the required language packs in order to use the offline mode of the app because it uses Google’s database. Go to Settings > System > Languages and input > Virtual keyboard to do this. Overall, this is one of the Best Speech-To-Text Apps that you can check right now. Once there, select Offline speech recognition under Google voice typing. Select the desired language from the All tab to choose which languages to download. You can create SMS messages, emails, and tweets using SpeechTexter in addition to basic dictation and speech-to-text. The app also has a built-in dictionary, and adding private data like phone numbers and addresses is simple.

Microsoft Dictate

Microsoft’s Dictate is here to demonstrate that even the best text-to-speech programs can be downloaded for free and be just as effective as expensive programs. This feature-rich application was developed by Microsoft Garage, a department within the firm where staff members can work on ideas as projects. It is powered by the same cutting-edge speech recognition technology as the Microsoft Cortana Virtual Assistant. Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook all operate nicely with Dictate, a Microsoft Office add-on. If it isn’t already pre-installed with a copy of Microsoft 365, you can install it through the Microsoft shop. After installation, you can access it by selecting the “Dictation” tab in the Ribbon toolbar’s upper right corner. The majority of common tasks, like typing or modifying text, shifting the cursor to a new line, and manually or automatically inserting punctuation, are supported by the program.

Dragon Anywhere

One of the greatest and most effective voice-to-text apps, Dragon Anywhere, is available for both Android and iOS and is used by professionals all over the world. The user-friendly design, precise voice recognition, cloud syncing, customized vocabulary, and many other useful features make this application a time-saving tool for increasing productivity while on the go even though it may be on the pricey side for some. Features – The fact that there is no word limit is the best. On the home screen, click the large red “microphone” button. Speak as long as you like, and your words will be converted into properly formatted documents. Only when the user takes a break lasting more than 20 seconds does the recording stop. Users will always require an internet connection to use this cloud-powered application. The vulnerability of private and sensitive data is another restriction brought on by the application’s fundamental cloud-based nature. To avoid any infractions, make sure to review your company’s privacy policy. Thus, this app is one of the Best Speech-To-Text Apps available right now.


Notta is a cutting-edge, secure speech-to-text tool with a number of subscription plan options in addition to a free basic version. It neither gathers data nor shares it with outside parties. You have the option to request the deletion of your private data, which is also encrypted in transit. Notta may also transcribe audio files and video calls live or after they have been recorded, in addition to these security precautions. We particularly appreciate that Notta and Notion are immediately connected, making it simple to instantly save transcripts to Notion. Your transcripts and voice notes can be arranged in folders using Notta’s vast array of organization capabilities. You can change the transcription and add notes, photos, and formatting using the editing feature as well. We appreciate that Notta allows users to contribute vocabulary to enhance transcribing accuracy for over 42 supported languages, including Japanese. It also provides a variety of export formats, including docx, srt, txt, pdf, and xlsx.


Two fundamental notepad features are combined in the speech-to-text software Listnote. It simultaneously records audio and converts it to text using Google voice search. The app supports iOS and Android devices and is accessible in a variety of languages. ListNote is just as accurate as Google voice search in terms of results. Other from a few minor mistakes, it’s generally really good. Every voice note is saved as a note that can be searched. Voice notes can be sent by email, SMS, etc., and can be categorized and colored. Listnote provides a few special features in addition to the fundamental ones. You can specify the amount of time the app should wait before ceasing voice input, for instance, in Time-to-breathe. ListNote offers encryption and password security in consideration of data privacy. Currently, this is one of the Best Speech-To-Text Apps that you can check right now.

Apple Dictation

If you’re online and using an Apple device, the built-in dictation software allows you to record up to 30 seconds of voice at a time using Siri’s servers. While Enhanced Dictation is preferable if you want to create longer form material with just your voice and have updated your Mac’s operating system to OS X 10.9 or later, Dictate is great for quickly getting your thoughts down on paper. You can use Apple Pages’ voice-to-text feature to dictate without an internet connection or time limits. You can operate your Mac’s functions using more than 70 voice commands, enabling you to type, edit, and format practically any sort of document.

Google Assistant

Your very own personal helper, Google Assistant, comes with a variety of useful tools, such as speech-to-text programs. The Google Assistant can send you text messages, change the lights and temperature in your smart home, and conduct searches for you. The Google Assistant is compatible with smartphones, smart displays, smart speakers, TVs, laptops, and wearables. Additionally, Google Assistant provides a number of security features. Your privacy is private to you. You have the option to remove any recordings you may have made while the program was in standby mode. You can program your data to delete itself as well. All other Google apps can be integrated with Google Assistant as well. Additionally, Google Assistant provides a Guest Mode that prevents the application from saving data to your Google Account. Recently, this is one of the Best Speech-To-Text Apps.


Otter is one of the best speech-to-text apps that runs in the cloud and is designed specifically for mobile devices like laptops and smartphones. You may search, edit, play, and organize your recordings as needed using the app’s real-time transcribing feature. Otter is promoted as a particular app for meetings, interviews, and lectures to make taking detailed notes simpler. But it is also designed to function with team cooperation, and various speakers are given separate speaker IDs to make transcriptions easier to interpret. In addition to the above-mentioned features, the free basic plan offers keyword summaries and a wordcloud to help users find specific topic mentions. There are three different payment options.

Final Words

Using speech-to-text apps recognizes spoken words and converts them into text. Other names for speech-to-text include computer speech recognition and speech recognition. Additionally, media subtitling, clinical documentation, call analytics, and media content search are some of its best applications. Due to its increased availability, dictation software has recently established itself as a standard for both consumers and businesses. It has gotten less expensive and more comfortable to use, and once you gain enough familiarity with it, it may dramatically speed up your writing and enhance your productivity.

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