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Static websites are taking over from dynamic sites as the preferred web platform for content delivery on the Internet. Bloggers and content-oriented website owners are now looking forward to a new promise of website development minimization of costs and improving speed, security and performance Static site generators continue to work converting simple, plain text to static websites or blogsThere are no databases to delay requests, and the site is easier to maintain, has improved security options, and still has lower infrastructure costs. Static sites also require low bandwidth usage, with the option of version control systems. If you’re interested in getting your own static site, here are 11 static site generators to check out.


Jekyll is the most popular static site generator that supports the GitHub pagesThe reason for Jekyll’s popularity is that it is easy to use and only requires basic web development knowledge. Thanks to its numerous features Like it templates, layouts and configuration, you can easily convert text into custom blog posts. It also allows importing content from blogs on other platforms and you can create your own plugins, tags and converters for any brand.up language. Plus, you can also do away with your paid hosting as you can host a Jekyll blog on GitHub for free. To start on Jekyll. about Jekyll.


Octopress is essentially one blog framework for Jekyll that make things easier for a Jekyll blogger or content writer. A big advantage of using Octopress is that it is compatible with a wide range of plugins, official plugins for Jekyll and Octopress, and third party developer plugins.

It supports building and publishing blogs to GitHub or Rsync in a quick and easy way. This framework comes with built-in support for Twitter, Google Plus, Disqus Comments, Pinboard, and Google Analytics. To start on Octopress. about Octopress.


Hexo is a simple yet powerful blogging framework powered by Node.js. This static site generator is lightning fast and only takes a few seconds to build a complete website. Hexo supports all Markdown with GitHub flavor features and most Octopress pluginsOne of the main advantages of Hexo is that you can transfer your blog or site to your web host with a single command.

Website migration from other blogging platforms is also a breeze with this tool, thanks to the numerous migration options available. To start on Hexo. about Hexo.


Hugo is a fast, flexible, easy-to-use static site generator. Hugo is ideal for creating blogs, documents and portfolios. This application does not rely on administrative privileges, databases, interpreters or external libraries, and still works like a charm. Websites or blogs built with Hugo can be hosted any web host including GitHub Pages, S3 and Dropbox.

Hugo is built to deliver optimal performance and speed like Hexo, and as a result, it builds most websites almost instantly. To start on Hugo. about Hugo.


Pelican is a static site generator developed with Python. This software supports reStructuredText, Markdown, and AsciiDoc formats for writing content. Blogs and sites built with Pelican can be hosted everywhere like Hugo. This generator allows blogs to be created in multiple languages ​​and also generates RSS and Atom feeds.

Pelican supports Jinja template engine, and as a result, it supports numerous easily customizable themes. To start on Pelican. about Pelican.


Intermediary is a static site generator that uses all the shortcuts and tools available for modern web development. This software is built on Ruby, offers extensive documentation about usage and customization, and allows you to easily customize your website. Like Hexo, you can build and put your blog or site on a web host with a single command.

Finding support is easy with Middleman too, as this tool has an active open-source community of people ready to help you. To start on Middleman. about Middleman.


Metalsmith is a simple, efficient, pluggable static site generator. What sets Metalsmith apart is that every task is handled by plugins and the best part is that all plugins are reusable. Just decide what you want on your site, identify the relevant plugins and link them together, and your website is ready for implementation.

Files can be easily written and manipulated with the respective plugins. Metalsmith can also generate PDFs, e-books, documents and more. To start on Metalsmith. about Metalsmith.


Equipped with pre-built skeletons from websites, DocPad lets you create a fully functional website in seconds. This tool supports CoffeeScript, Ruby, PHP, Stylus, and more. With DocPad blogs or sites can be transferred to any web host with ease.

DocPad also supports many plugins that make customization very easy. The extensive documentation and helpful support community make this a user-friendly tool. To start on DocPad. about DocPad.


Wintersmith is a flexible, minimalist static site generator powered by Node.js. You can with Wintersmith customize your site using simple plugins. Wintersmith’s projects are just directory structures meaning you can pull content from your old static sites or from other generators and use it with this tool

Simple implementation and fast performance make Wintersmith a popular choice. It supports the Jade plugin and other community built plugins for Node.js template engines. To start at Wintersmith. about Wintersmith.


It offers Django templates for beginners such as portfolios, blogs and single pages as well as more templates for advanced use. Cactus is ideal for building business sites, portfolios, support websites and blogs. To start on Cactus. about Cactus.


HubPress is a free open-source web application that allows you to AsciiDoc blogs on GitHub PagesCreating a blog with HubPress is easy – all you need to do is create a fork or make a copy of the repository in your GitHub account and update the provided configuration file according to your requirements. HubPress also supports Google Analytics so you can easily track your site’s traffic and reader activity. To start on HubPress. about HubPress.

Packing up Up

Whether you want to build a website with single or multiple page (s), a static site is the option to choose if you want to keep things simple and cut costs and other resourcesOf course there are some drawbacks to using static sites, but if you believe that “content is king” then less is definitely more Get started with one of these static site generators and you’ll find that building a static website is easier and more manageable than a CMS like WordPress. What is your favorite static site generator? Let us know through comments.

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