As a result, the Google Play Store has apps for just about every use case. Action games, Arcade games, Cards games, and other categories were used to group apps and games. Everyone loves playing best stealth games for android, we must confess it. Stealth games may still be viewed as a fringe industry. In contrast to battle royale games, which include open attacks on opponents or other players, best stealth games for android let players experience the excitement of eluding detection by their foes. For some players, it’s a unique genre that gives them the chance to put their restraint, nerves, reflexes, and fast thinking to the test. This one is for you if you’re tired of Android survival games and cover shooting games.

Here is the lit of Best Stealth Games on Android

Space Marshals

The gameplay of Space Marshall, one of the best stealth shooter games, is based on sneaking through the pre-rendered environments. It offers a loot reward system where, depending on how high your rank is, you will earn a loot reward of the equivalent level after finishing a level. You will employ sounds to divert your opponent in this best stealth games for android, which is a tactical shooter that burns slowly. You will also try to avoid chaotic battles as much as you can. Playing as a space marshal who must track down criminals in a futuristic Wild West scenario will be fun for you.


Mobile users can play this side-scrolling, stealth-focused action game that was originally created for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. You play as a C.O.U.N.T.E.R. agent in this game, which is set in a fictitious Cold War era where the goal is to prevent both sides from firing lethal missiles. Since the levels are generated at random, this game can be played forever. There are always other players with high scores to surpass. Doing so will offer you a nice point boost as you pass by their body on your upcoming assignment. It turns into best stealth games for android at this point.


Beholder is a single-player, adventure, strategy game created by Warm Lamp Games and distributed by Alawar Entertainment. It features exhilarating gameplay inspired by Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, and Aldous Huxley. The game’s protagonist, Karl, an installer of a totalitarian state, is controlled by the player. The Best Stealth Games for Android is hired by the government to keep an eye on its tenants, and its main mission is to track down the inhabitants and try to capture their conversations. There are several stages, and the user controls the environment from a side-scrolling perspective. To earn points, players must report anyone they believe is breaking the law and complete their objectives.

Hello Neighbor

Tiny Build has been creating wacky and bizarre video games, but they made the decision to pursue something unexpected and terrifying. Now accessible on mobile, “Hello Neighbor” has garnered a lot of attention for its adaptive AI. The game has a lot of elements to enjoy, even if it has yet to overcome its technical issues, like. The world’s most suspicious man is your neighbor and, unable to contain your curiosity, you decide to break into his house to see what he is hiding. Learn his routine, look for access points, and dodge traps in order to unravel his dark secrets. It is one of the most terrifying and best stealth games for android. You can easily download Hello Neighbnor from Google Play Store.


THEFT Inc. is centred about evasion, much like Splinter Cell-style video games. You work for a criminal organisation that plunders extremely secure locations in search of priceless relics from around the globe. The focus of the game is on using stealth techniques as you navigate challenging mazes and maps while avoiding discovery from cameras and security personnel. The result of this game will depend on your choices and how you use the limited ammunition you have available.

Hello Neighbor

Have you ever fantasised of breaking into your neighbor’s home to see what hideous secrets he might be keeping in the basement? You are no longer required to ponder. That is exactly what you can do in this stealth horror game. Play a game of hide and seek with your neighbour while you try to look through everything in their home. You can compete against a sophisticated AI in this best stealth games for android that picks up on your movements. It keeps track of all of your previous actions and tries to block them all. This is what makes the game challenging and intriguing because you might need to use creativity and strategy in each move you make.

Robbery Bob

Action, stealth game, and single-player video game Robbery Bob was developed and released by Level Eight AB. The best stealth games for android offers an intriguing narrative in which you play as the main character, Bob, a criminal who is attempting to leave his life of crime. The big boss made Bob complete a few last-minute tasks in order to accomplish this. It centres on top-down, top-down, stealth-based action and puzzle aspects. There are more than a hundred stages in the game, and the difficulty increases as you advance. As you collect your stuff in each stage, you will encounter security guards and sleeping bulldogs. Utilize your ninja abilities to blend in and avoid being seen.


Another sniper-based stealth game is Lonewolf. It presently has more than 5 million downloads and an average rating of 4.6/5. You can probably already see why this should be listed among the best stealth games for android. Lonewolf features its own distinctive art style, an engaging story, and engaging characters in addition to its compelling gameplay. You can’t just point and shoot in this game. As was already noted, Lonewolf has a distinct visual identity. Either you adore it or you detest it. We clearly adore it. Additionally, Lonewolf is a totally free PC games to play. The early phases of the game are free to play, but we’re not sure if there’s a paywall later on.

Final Words

Playing video games is so inspiring because the typical best stealth games for android character is more powerful than the typical person. More realistic games and characters with greater vulnerability than their counterparts nevertheless have merit. They need to be more diplomatic because of this they can’t just go in swinging and hope to win. As a result, the stealth genre was created, which presents an entirely new set of difficulties. There is unquestionably an allure to best stealth games for android.

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