Your home will sparkle indoors, but when you step into the dark landscape outside at night, your customers miss the opportunity to not only maximize their outdoor space, but also make it glow. There are several ways. One is Hardscape Lighting. This creates a beautiful ambient lighting effect, but it requires planning and some work. Another is our new 12V integrated LED surface mount step light. It offers a stylish alternative that simplifies retrofit or new construction installations and provides even light distribution. It captures an elegant design aesthetic in both contemporary and louvered styles. Find what works for your project. Below, we have mentioned Best Step Lights.

Here is the list of Best Step Lights

Mr. Beams MB522 Wireless Motion-Sensing LED Step Light

Easily one of the best step lights, the MB522 Motion Sensing Light Sensing Battery Operated LED Stair Light 2 Pack is part of the Mr. Beams line of intelligent wireless LED lights. These lights are the perfect lighting solution for hallways, stairs, stairs, bathrooms, closets, decks, and more. Using the best LEDs on the market, the MB520 emits 35 lumens of bright white light, each covering over 120 square feet. The stair light will turn on as soon as motion is detected after dark and can detect motion from 12 feet away with 180 degrees of motion. Auto shut-off feature turns the lights off after 20 or 60 seconds of no motion detection to save battery life. The bright LEDs never need to be replaced and are so efficient that a single set of batteries will run over 5000 times from each light. Mount anywhere inside or outside your home using the included mounting screws. A tight seal and weather resistant materials make the Mr. Beams Step Light perform in all weather conditions. MB522 includes 2 MB520 Motion Sensing Lights Sensing Battery Powered LED Stair Lights 4 screws, 4 mounting brackets and user manual.

Hampton Bay Solar Black LED Stair Light

Line your stairs, fences, walkways, and/or deck posts with these sleek, affordable lights from Hampton Bay. Featuring an all-black design and hidden mounting screws, it blends easily into any decor. we mounted it on the stair riser that descended from the deck into the yard to provide the perfect amount of light to illuminate the staircase. The 10-lumen LED emits a warm white glow that provides ambiance and does not obscure the entire landscape during the day. Usage is simple. Dusk-to-dawn auto on-off feature turns it on at night and off at sunrise. During our testing, it was the first light to come on at dusk, even on cloudy days. The plastic body held up well in rain and wet conditions. Overall, this is one of the best step lights that you can buy right now.

Greluna Solar Wall Lights

Lighted Deck Posts allow you to contour your deck perimeter while adding functional lighting. Deck post lighting is usually visible during the day, so it’s best to find an attractive fixture like this stylish LED option from Greluna. My first impression upon arrival was that the light looks good and feels solid. The set includes 8 lights, each with a distressed decorative design on the front to add a nice accent to your daytime deck post. At night, these versatile lights truly shine, and users can choose from a functional Warm he White mode and color-changing options. Each light worked well out of the box, even after cloudy conditions. On the first day of testing, it survived heavy rain and wind without any problems. we preferred the warm white color temperature over the color changing options. The glare-free softness of orange is perfect for setting an ambient mood. Thus, this product is one of the best step lights available right now. Colorful mode is suitable for parties to achieve a more festive look. This light set was easy to install with the included screws. Greluna also suggests using sticky glue (sold separately) for those who don’t want to drill holes in their deck posts. A 6-hour fast charge time provides up to 8 hours of illumination with automatic on-off operation.

JACKYLED Solar Step Lights

At less than $40 for a pack of 8 lights, the JACKLED Solar Step Lights are a bargain compared to most alternatives. I found it easy and durable in wet weather. However, if your home is in a frigid area, you might want to look elsewhere. Online reviews and our freezer tests show that cold weather can start to reduce battery capacity. But if you’re in a warmer area, as you can see in our JACKLED Solar Step Lights review. Stainless steel and ABS plastic. Made from a combination of , these step lights are weatherproof and designed to withstand frost, heat and rain. If you read this wasn’t always the case. They have an understated profile that works with a variety of garden aesthetics. Easily one of the best step lights, the JACKYLED Solar Step Lights were simple, but a little time consuming to set up. It took Mounting screws are included and a drill is required to install. Once installed, it stayed firmly in place despite heavy rain and strong winds. To access the battery components or the on/off auto sensor, you will need to remove them from the steps, but this is easily done.

OTHWAY Solar Fence Post Lights

This 4-pack of lights from Othway is an affordable way to install new deck lighting. Each light comes with mounting hardware and features a basic white housing with a recessed plastic cover that easily secures to a deck post. What made this option stand out during testing was its light pattern. When turned on, it creates a light design against the surface to which the dimpled cover is attached, and is subtly appealing. The warm white color is soft and inviting, and with 12 lumens, it gives off the perfect amount of brightness for ambiance and function. Due to their small size, these lights are perfect for steps and deck posts. It was easy to install and was safe in the wind and rain. After charging for 6 hours, the light will automatically turn on for 4-8 hours when it detects a dark place. At sunrise, the lights go off and charge. One minor drawback is that you have to remove the plastic cover to get to the on/off button. Recently, this is one of the best step lights.

Final Words

If you’re wondering which lights are right for your client’s project, here’s a quick rundown. We recommend using a surface mount best step lights on a flat surface where the customer wants to see the fixture. If you need to integrate lights into your architecture, hardscape lights are a better fit for that purpose. Whichever you choose, it’s easy to install in multiple applications and has landscape lighting options to help you get it right every time.

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