Normally, Mac players must accept that some of the best mac games only support Windows laptops, but fortunately, every best strategy games for Mac on the market is accessible on macOS. This collection contains options for everyone, whether you prefer sophisticated turn-based games, frantic real-time strategy (RTS), or more laid-back alternatives for your MacBook. Due to the fact that everyone has played a strategy game at some point in the past, the best strategy games may be interesting and enjoyable for even novice or casual gamers. They are a timeless game type that appeals to a wide range of players since they call for intellect, ingenuity, and teamwork. So, if you’re a Mac user and believe that you can’t enjoy a wide variety of strategy games, you’re mistaken. You can get more classic strategy video games with Steam than you can with the App Store. We’ll look at some of the best strategy games for Mac in the section below.

Here is the list of Best Strategy Games for Mac

Civilization 6

The most recent instalment of a series we believed to be flawless is called Civilization 6. I thought Civ 5 couldn’t be enhanced any further, but Firaxis, the developer, managed to. You take charge of a civilization in Civ 6 and guide it through history. You are given the opportunity to develop technologies, a religion, trading routes, an army, and other things. This game is really addictive because there are countless opportunities and techniques. All of us have been there. Before going to bed, you just need to finish building one more archer, but then it’s three in the morning and you have to finish that last tank. Districts and unique structures that can be developed inside cities were also first featured in Civilization 6 along with city planning.

Plants vs. Zombies

Since its debut in 2008, Plants vs. Zombies has continued to rank among the best strategy games for Mac. When it was released, this tower-defense game defeated Fallout 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to win Game of the Year. Plants vs. Zombies offers a fun and healthful approach to strategy gameplay that is straightforward, difficult, and extremely addictive. You’ll be astonished at how simple it is for kids and those who are new to gaming. Before a level, you can select your plant loadout and arrange it to block the zombies’ path to your home. Combining all of the many plants in PvZ may produce a very engaging strategy game because different plants have varied strengths and resistance.

StarCraft 2

Aliens, space travel, spacecraft, planets, and glacial marvels are just a few of the things that will make you fall in love with StarCraft 2. One of the best strategy games for Mac, you can easily download StarCraft II: Legacy app of the Void and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, which are two separate series. Both StarCraft 2 versions have incredible playability. You can build space fleets, add various animals, and weaponize in this science fiction game to seize control of neighbouring galaxies and worlds. Your ultimate objective is to defeat the game’s villainous overlord, Arcturus Mengsk. This is one of the best strategy games for Mac that is simple to learn but requires a lot of practise to become proficient in.

Warhammer 3

One of the most well-known Total War games, Total War: Warhammer 3, has amassed an enormous amount of content over the years, including numerous DLC packs and add-ons. If you’ve never played a Total War game, this genre is known for combining two elements of best strategy games for Mac, a turn-based strategy with resource management and a real-time strategy where you directly control your army. Combining those two gameplay components results in the development of best strategy games for Mac that can be enjoyed by players who enjoy fast-paced, spectacle-driven methods as well as those who prefer to relax, deliberate over their next move, and gradually expand and subjugate their opponents.

Mini Motorways

Now let’s transition from the realm of politics and diplomacy to the traffic in the city. Your enormous duty of controlling city traffic is given to you in the best strategy games for Mac, Mini Motorways. Cities all throughout the world are expanding quickly, and high traffic is a problem. You may create a productive road network to make sure that traffic moves smoothly. Beautiful maps and other enhancements can be used for this purpose. You may redesign your city to ensure smooth traffic flow. There are various colour settings available, including colorblind and night modes.

Total War: Empire

Total War: Empire lets you command one of 12 mighty empires in 3D real-time conflicts on land and at sea. Your ability to negotiate and, if necessary, use force militarily will decide your success. The game, which is set in the 18th century, lets you conquer foreign lands to build colonies and successful trading networks. Total War: Empire is the fifth game in the Total War series, which was first released for Mac in 2014. The series is suggested as complete. In 2009, the turn-based best strategy games for Mac was made available. Simply check the Mac App Store to see if your Mac is supported before buying the game, as some older Macs aren’t.

Victoria 3

The 19th century is the setting of the 4X game Victoria 3. Victoria 3 comes from Paradox Interactive, a studio well renowned for its top-notch macOS support and strategic games. Possibly Paradox’s most complicated 4X game to date is Victoria 3. Its socioeconomic structure is so in-depth that you can hear people grousing about the cost of the tables as they express their aspirations for the future. When you add that to real-time demand and supply, trade, politics, and other factors, Victoria 3 starts to sound very complicated. Unfortunately, the game still has a bug, despite its excellent Mac performance. At the time of writing, Victoria 3 crashes after choosing a nation.

Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 might be worth a look if you like the idea of Civilization 6 and 4X games in general but would prefer the game to take place in a sci-fi world. In this turn-based 4x space best strategy games for Mac, your objective is to build a powerful empire that will subjugate or conquer all other species while controlling a particular race with its own special traits. There is the standard conquest victory, supremacy, which is obtained by subjugating all other factions, scientific victory, which is obtained by researching all of your race’s technologies, economic victory, which is obtained by gathering a specific amount of the game’s primary resources, as well as the highest score victory and a Wonder victory.


On Steam, RimWorld is still accessible via early access. This does not need you to compromise operations or performance, though. Three survivors who are stranded on an uncharted world are your first characters in RimWorld. You see, each of these three survivors has a unique story to tell. The best feature of RimWorld is that you can alter the plot based on minute facts. If you enjoy reading a lot of stories with a strategic element, RimWorld won’t get old for you.

Final Words

A true gamer will always choose using a specific console for gaming. Nevertheless, there are several genres that work well on a Mac. The best strategy games for Macare one of those genres. If you enjoy playing strategy games and would like to try some intriguing titles from that genre on your Mac, here is a list of some hugely best strategy games for Mac titles that you can play natively on your Mac.

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