Whether you are creating beats, tracking vocals, working on audio post-production, or simply want to tackle a project like a pro, we have a list of the best studio headphones for you. Focusing on sound consistency, we’ve chosen to focus on studio headphones with the most accurate, detailed, and neutral sound. Since studio headphones are often worn for long periods of time, we prioritized comfortable models with padded headbands and pads. Many also feature interchangeable earpads that can be updated regularly. The best studio headphones come in open-back and closed-back models, and we made sure both categories were included in our list. Open-back headphones offer more accurate sound at the expense of adding noise to the room, while closed-back headphones offer better sound isolation. below we have mentioned the best Studio Headphones.

Here is the list of Best Studio Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

Professional audio engineers say open-back headphones are the closest thing to a studio monitor with airy openness and a wide, natural image. As the premier mixing headphones for the studio purist, these qualities are at the heart of the design and performance of his DT 1990 studio headphones from German manufacturer beyerdynamic, handcrafting headphones since 1937. Overall, this is one of the best studio headphones that you can buy right now. Engineering expertise built into highly efficient, rich and precise 45mm Tesla neodymium drivers designed to deliver high definition sound with powerful bass, detailed mids and smooth highs is included. Titanium-coated acoustic and precision fabrics help complement the balanced sound quality of his 1990s DTs.

Sony MDR7506

Easily one of the best studio headphones, the Sony MDR-7506 are the best recording headphones we’ve tested. These headphones have a closed design to reduce the risk of sound leakage during recording. Additionally, they are very comfortable and well built. These retro over-ear headphones deliver consistent audio in every position and feature a neutral sound profile. There’s a little extra rumble, rumble, rumble in the sound, but it doesn’t overpower the voices or the main instruments. The midrange is very flat and accurately reproduced. Coiled audio cables prevent tangling as you move around the studio. Unfortunately, they struggle to block out ambient noise such as chatter. In addition, their construction is plastic and cheap, and can make a squeaky sound when worn on your head. Otherwise, it will provide a balanced sound suitable for recording.


We tested the HiFiMan Edition XS. Planar magnetic headphones are recommended if you want an immersive passive soundstage for your mix. Larger drivers can better represent the stereo image, resulting in a soundstage that looks natural and wide. They have a very neutral sound profile, resulting in clear and present vocals and solo instruments. It has excellent treble response and adds a touch of brightness without piercing cymbals and other sibilance. Despite its size, it is well constructed and plays audio consistently across multiple positions. Due to its heavy headband and typical design, it’s not as comfortable as the HiFiMan Arya. Thus, this product is one of the best studio headphones available right now.

AKG Pro Audio K712 PRO

Easily one of the best studio headphones, the AKG K712 Pro offers incredible value for money and can compete with the most expensive models on this list. With the excellent detail and sound accuracy they provide, sound fidelity in the studio is no problem. The K712 Pro offers rich sound performance with its open-back design. It also has a wide audio frequency range from 10Hz to 39.8KHz, which guarantees that the sound will not be distorted at all. Additionally, these studio headphones feature flat wire voice coils for incredible treble response and improved bass performance. The K712 Pro delivers an amazing sound image that stays true to the original audio.

Shure SRH1540

It also has improved linearity and reduced total harmonic distortion thanks to a diaphragm developed with APTIV film. To maintain consistent performance regardless of volume, a steel driver chassis with a vented center pole also supports his SRH1540, helping eliminate internal resonances while listening. Easily one of the best studio headphones, the Shure SRH1540 offers excellent acoustic detail and a closed-back design that prevents sound leakage. These headphones are primarily used for recording, but they also offer a separate soundstage and mixing characteristics. This balance makes it our second choice on this list. The SRH1540 is equipped with 40mm neodymium drivers for excellent acoustic performance with clear, extended highs and warm bass.

Audeze LCD-X

The best studio headphones choice for professional audio mixing is none other than the Audeze LCD-X. These headphones feature proprietary planar magnetic drivers for superior sound quality and fidelity. The 2021 version also improves comfort, allowing you to work longer without taking off your headphones. These open-back headphones feature a neutral sound signature, making them ideal for audio engineering and mixing. It also has a wide frequency response range from 10Hz to 50KHz, so it can accurately capture sound without distortion. Another factor behind the LCD-X’s low distortion is the headphone’s special diaphragm. Audeze designed a diaphragm that is thinner than a human hair, yet four times as large as his regular headphones. This results in faster response time, less distortion, higher resolution, and better imaging.

Audio-Technica ATH-M70X

If you’re looking for the best studio headphones for general audio recording, consider the Audio Technica ATH-M70X headphones. These headphones feature a closed-back design that prevents audio from leaking out. It is also highly recommended, especially as it is excellent value for money. The ATH-M70X headphones feature an extended frequency response from 5Hz to 40KHz, ensuring accurate music reproduction without worrying about sound distortion. These headphones also offer excellent noise isolation due to their closed design. The over-the-ear shape of the ear cups prevents sound leakage and conforms to the shape of your ears for a comfortable recording experience. Both the ear pads and headband of the headphones are removable, increasing durability and overall comfort. These headphones also feature 90 degree rotating ear pads for easy and comfortable ear-to-ear monitoring in the studio. Currently, this is one of the best best studio headphones that you can buy right now.

Audio-Technica ATH-R70x

Open-back models such as the ATH-R70x tend to be preferred for long mixing sessions as they are generally lighter and less tiring than closed-back headphones. Best headphones for mixing? They certainly are. We’ve been with more “airy” models from this price point, and that’s not a drawback. On the contrary, it means you are less likely to end up with a boring mix. Response, on the contrary, is smooth, with all the extension you need, no rumble or the slightest hint of false fatness. Moving up, the low-mids remain crease-free and unaffected by unwanted rollback, so you can really hear what’s going on, for better or worse.

Beyerdynamic DT 700 PRO X

An upgrade in both price and features over the DT 770 Pro on this list of best studio headphones, the DT 700 PRO X has an updated look, even softer sound thanks to the new STELLAR.45 transducer design. Earcups, with improved sound. response. This results in detailed transient response and reliable distortion-free sound even at high sound pressure levels. Available in a single 48Ω impedance, the 770 PRO X are suitable for both studio and everyday applications, yet are one of the most comfortable headphones we’ve tried in a long time. That, and the fact that you can easily swap out the earcups, headband, and cables, make these a solid choice if you’re looking to step up from the 770 Pro.


If you’re looking for inexpensive headphones for everyday use in the studio, you should consider the Sennheiser HD-206. With the famous Sennheiser name on the headband, the extremely strong and durable HD-206 is comfortable to wear for long hours. Easily one of the best studio headphones, The HD-206 are very accurate for the price and stand out from other much more expensive headphones. In particular, I found the bass response to be rich and crisp, with plenty of detail in the mids and highs as well. Yes, and at this price you don’t have to be afraid to toss it in your laptop bag.

Final Words

The best studio headphones can last for decades, but that depends on how often you use them. In a typical studio environment, headphones are subject to considerable wear and tear from being put on, taken off, dropped and tugged. Studio headphones are not an ideal choice for gaming due to their flat frequency response. This is because video game audio can be neutral or boring during the gaming experience. That said, studio headphones are great for editing video game audio.

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