On the best survival games for PS5 Survival not only endures but also thrives. Players have a great opportunity to online test their endurance through survival games. Survival games really put your patience to the test in novel and unusual environments, while many may use the opportunity to experiment with their surroundings or test their fight-or-flight instinct. Because the PS5 has so much to offer in this addictive genre, we’ve compiled this definitive list of the best survival games for PS5 for you to select from.

Here is the list of Best Survival Games for PS5

The Last Stand: Aftermath

The Last Stand: Aftermath and Dysmantle are both top-down best survival games for PS5 that feature zombies, so on the surface, they appear to have a lot in common. The created post-apocalypse in Aftermath is a lot more linear than it is in Dysmantle, but there is still a tonne of potential for exploration. The hook on Aftermath is a little bit more powerful than Dysmantle. As time passes, you take on the role of an infected who is gradually evolving into a zombie and gaining abilities. Almost everything you do have a risk/reward component, and even the smallest error could hasten the infection process or even result in your death.


Can we really compile a list of best survival games for PS5. Despite the swarms of survival games that have risen through the ranks since its release, this ten-year-old game still competes favourably with them. There are many different ways to play this vibrant, eccentric sandbox, but one of them is the Survival Mode, which is a game unto itself. The PS4 version of the game is compatible with the new system and will function similarly to all other platforms that play Minecraft, despite the fact that there isn’t an official PS5 version of the game, which means it hasn’t been optimised to take advantage of the PS5’s capabilities.

The Forest

You’ll need to build, scavenge, and battle for your life in this open-world survival best survival games for PS5. As the lone survivor of a plane accident, you find yourself in a wilderness teeming with mutants who are hungry for people just like you. You are flung far from civilization, similar to the other games on the list. Despite being playable on PS5, some PS4 features might not be available. Thankfully, the Sons of the Forest release date, also known as The Forest 2, is approaching, though the exact date and platforms are still unknown.


Rust and 7 Days to Die have a lot in common. Both entered early access in 2013 and share hard-core survival mechanics and visual aesthetics, but only Rust has been officially released. Nevertheless, it continues to receive the same number of fixes and updates that it did before launch. You had to battle countless hordes of zombies in 7 Days to Die in order to survive, as well as your friends if you chose to play online. Your biggest challenge in Rust will mainly come from other players. You’re never safe from another player, or gang of players, rolling up and stealing everything you have in this game because there is no single-player mode.

Fallout: New Vegas

On easy mode, Fallout: New Vegas is a narrative-focused action role-playing best survival games for PS5 with hardly any survival components other from the standard obstacles included in most sandbox games. The Hardcore mode, however, by Obsidian, pushes the action games into the survival genre and even adds elements like Dehydration and Starvation that aren’t present in a regular run. A few objects’ functionality is also altered by this choice; for example, Stimpaks heal the Courier gradually rather than immediately. Although Hardcore has no effect on the plot, it significantly changes the gameplay because it gives players much more to consider than simply outlasting foes. Being prepared is essential for survival in the Wasteland.


It’s challenging to avoid feeling intimidated by Subnautica as soon as you open the hatch of your crash pod, a game that appears to have been heavily influenced by Breathedge mentioned previously on this list. Although Subnautica is a huge game with a lot to take in and figure out, the excitement of discovery permeates the entire game. Download Subnautica, a fantastic download survival games for PS5, is set on an unknown ocean planet and does the nearly impossible for video games it makes swimming for extended periods of time feel interesting. Subnautica is a game that almost entirely takes place underwater, and the fascination only grows as you play.

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles, which debuted in 2018, is one of the best survival games for PS5 available. Thankfully, the game’s creators, Funcom, heeded player feedback and gave Isle of Siptah, a sizable expansion, the dedicated new-gen optimization treatment. This translates to better textures, frame rates, and resolutions overall, as well as enhanced play quality. In this fantastically barbarous PS5-optimized game, you can construct communities, raise crops, and finally fight your way out of difficult circumstances.

Days Gone

The open-world best survival games for PS5 from Bend Studio borrows from the survivalist subgenre. Days Gone places players in the role of Deacon St. John, a motorcyclist who discovers that his purportedly dead wife might still be alive. The game is set in a zombie-infested Oregon. With this finding, the protagonist embarks on a protracted trek across the state, where he will encounter numerous human and undead foes. Massive zombie swarms are one of the game’s key selling points, so players will need to carefully plan their routes if they want to escape these dangers at night. Days Gone doesn’t include a tonne of survival mechanics, but Deacon still needs lot take care of his motorcycle by making sure it’s in excellent shape and has gasoline.

Final Words

If you’re looking for some fresh best survival games for PS5, look no further. We will highlight a few survival games that are either scheduled to debut or are anticipated to do so this year in this list. Using our techniques, we created our own ranking of the best survival games for PS5, selecting those with the most active online communities, intriguing gameplay, and captivating settings.

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