Gamers that appreciate a challenge will not have to seek far to find a difficult game, but some genres, such as survival games, are created around that premise. The finest Xbox survival games come in a variety of flavours, and there are a few exclusives that were not released on PS5 or Nintendo platforms. You can find a survival game for each Xbox generation, but we focused on the best alternatives throughout the console’s history. Collecting resources and selecting the best weaponry for warfare while surviving the environment may be thrilling experience. Here’s a collection of Xbox One survival games to play, whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or just some natural elements.

Here is the list of Best Survival Games on Xbox


Unlike the majority of the games on this list, DayZ is an online-only survival game that forces you to wander the globe in the hopes, or dread, of encountering other people trying to survive. The adrenaline of running into someone and not knowing what they’re up to can be terrifying for many, which is natural, but we strongly encourage genre aficionados to try this unique experience at least once. Furthermore, DayZ has a pretty healthy modding community and a huge gathering in general, allowing you to quickly find like-minded people and set yourself up for virtually infinite hours of entertainment. Nothing compares to DayZ, and there’s little doubt about where its success stems from, as attempting to survive amidst zombies and actual gamers is both horrifying and intriguing. Overall, it is one of the best Survival Games you can download.

Subnautica: Below Zero

While there are numerous open-world and survival games to choose from, Subnautica: Below Zero comfortably takes the top spot on our list. What better way to demonstrate the depth of the Xbox’s power than to demonstrate the depth of the sea? The sequel to 2018’s premiere, Subnautica: Below Zero, is more of the same—but better. Players will be stranded on another planet and will have to build bases and scavenge resources to survive terrible temperatures and even harsher beasts. There’s a lot to learn since you begin with very little, but with time, you’ll be constructing Seaquest-worthy operating bases.


We won’t go into spoiler zone because Darkwood is a story-driven game. However, horror lovers will enjoy it. The plot unfolds over several chapters in the late 1980s and is affected by the choices you make in the game. The way you interact with NPCs influences the ending, more components become available you advance through the game. In terms of gameplay, we spent a lot of time crafting and fighting. Both are simpler during the day since you go into protective mode when it becomes dark. Every time you make it through the night, you’ll be awarded. On higher difficulty levels, this may not happen very often, and there is also permadeath if you truly want a challenge.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark’s subtitle isn’t merely a marketing ploy. It describes exactly what this game did to the survival genre. It’s difficult to hold your own when you’re nearly nude in a planet full of dinosaurs. Dilophosaurs are little, but they are nasty, and you’ll die a lot until you figure out how to make the weapons and tools you’ll need to fight them. The complexity, though, makes this game quite enjoyable as you learn to create shelters, transportation, and teach dinosaurs.


Subnautica is an extraterrestrial ocean survival game in which you can interact with fascinating alien species. A mysterious pulse rifle knocks the playable character’s ship out of orbit. He must explore and survive his new underwater habitat as the only survivor of the catastrophe. Meanwhile, a larger conspiracy is unfolding. Another extraterrestrial culture is attempting to cure a plague in their community by harvesting the eggs of the Sea Emperor, a massive and ancient alien beast. He strives to find her and set her free by communicating with her telepathically. There are several difficulty levels in this first-person survival game.

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a brilliant blend of many genres, combining themes of survival, simulation games, and strategy games to create unique and exciting gameplay. While not flawless, Medieval Dynasty provides a fascinating experience by immersing you in the Middle Ages and compelling you to hunt, cultivate, and manage a hamlet in order to survive. If you’re looking for anything that shakes up the survival formula, this could be it, as it retains enough of the survival identity while stretching its legs much beyond what you’d anticipate. Living your daily life will be stressful, rewarding, and exhilarating, but it will also be annoying if you don’t realise what you’re getting yourself into.


Grounded allows you to see the world from a smaller scale. Grounded is an open-world survival game in which you and your buddies are downsized to the size of insects and stranded in your backyard. To survive and learn how you got here, you’ll need to make weapons and tools out of the soil to fight off the gigantic insects that live in your backyard. You can explore this larger-than-life environment alone or in online co-op with your pals.


A worldwide phenomenon, infinite worlds may be created and explored, making for an enjoyable and peaceful gaming experience. This game’s main goal is to explore and live in a world full of friendly critters, NPCs, and monsters. When you begin a game, you must build, harvest, hunt, and keep your health and hunger in check. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to explore and find amazing places to start establishing a base. It’s all about progress, setting up a system to keep resources topped off, improving your base, and acquiring better tools to make the overall experience a little more fluid. Of course, if you don’t want to play the game in survival mode, there is a creative mode option that allows players to freely create without worry of losing a life, progression, or valuable things.


Terraria arose immediately from Minecraft’s popularity, making some comparable concessions in terms of a block cosmos. Terraria, on the other hand, severely restricts the world by limiting it to a two-dimensional, pixelated design. It compensates for this limitation by providing you with a wider variety of monsters to fight. You can summon various epic bosses and powerful waves of outlandish monsters by manufacturing magic artefacts. There are also several well-developed NPCs with whom you can deal. They also occasionally give you bits of information and quests—another great one for family entertainment.

No Man’s Sky

Easily one of the best Survival Games on Xbox available on Xbox, the No Man’s Sky is one of the “it grew better over time” titles on this list, and it’s a great example of a studio delivering on its promise. What began as a pretty simple and bare-bones space model has evolved into something much, much larger. Traveling across space, constructing your own spaceport, and leading expositions on various worlds have never been easier, thanks to vastly improved loading times. No Man’s Sky now has a lot more content, including mech suits and more ship options, not to mention multiplayer, making it a considerably better experience than it was when it first launched in 2016.

Final Words

Here are the best Survival Games on Xbox. Survival games are a contentious genre. While there are few ambivalent enthusiasts, the majority of people either adore or despise this gaming experience. The qualities that define these titles have elicited diverse reviews. Huge open worlds, a lack of direction, a lack of a solid objective, rational crafting, difficult-to-find materials, and, most significantly, the fear of losing it all are not enticing to everyone.

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