You should look into a couple of the prominent best tactical RPGs that are releasing this year. As they have not yet been released, these games are not necessarily ordered in any particular order. You might even want to bookmark this page since we’ll keep adding to it as new games are announced or official release dates are revealed throughout the year. Therefore, best tactical RPGs concentrate on complex strategic turn-based battles on a chessboard-style map where you move units into tactically advantageous positions to gain the upper hand over your opponents, as opposed to more traditional hack’n’slash RPGs that focus on fast-paced action and exploration.

Here is the list of Best Tactical RPGs

Final Fantasy Tactics

The War of the Lions re-release of Final Fantasy Tactics significantly improves upon an already outstanding game by adding fresh localization, guest characters, cutscenes, and job classes. The deep gameplay, amazing soundtrack, and rich story of Final Fantasy Tactics flourish in a portable setting, and 25 years later, the Ivalice setting is still used for new best tactical RPGs. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 1 and 2 were sequels that appeared on the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS, however they failed to live up to the standards set by their older brother because to the character progression’s more streamlined nature and the intrusive Judge system.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

You probably enjoy playing tactical role-playing games because you’ve played Final Fantasy Tactics at some point. All right, but we bet you’ve also been pursuing the proverbial dragon ever since. Fell Seal, Arbiter’s Mark will satisfy that void in your heart for strategy. Arbiter’s Mark is the actual deal; it is gorgeous, nuanced, and includes secret classes that may be unlocked. In this updated version of the PlayStation classic, the traditional fighting system, characters with many job options, and even terrain height concerns are all there and accurate. Arbiter’s Mark is a rare example of a video game homage that hits all the right notes and almost entirely avoids errors.


XCOM 2 is unquestionably among the best tactical RPGs available and is well-deserved of its No. 2 position. Twenty years have passed since the previous game, according to the game. The alien threat has occupied Earth and “built atop it” to demonstrate their “benevolence,” despite concealing a sinister secret. All that’s left to fight back are you and the rest of XCOM. You’ll need to launch hit-and-run attacks, recruit fresh teammates, and then gradually bring the fight back to the adversary. You’ll face immense difficulty, and if you’re not careful, your squad could be lost.

Brave Nine

The Brave Nine is the best tactical RPGs is ranked first on our list. A gang of young people set out on a mission to purge the world of evil spirits are the subject of the novel Brave Nine. Build the ultimate mercenary army, then engage in real-time, turn-based warfare with people from all around the world. The game’s 1200 stages, over 300 unique mercenaries, and weekly and monthly tasks will keep you interested for a very long time. New features have been added to Brave Nine, allowing you to customise your collection of heroes and stand out from other players in the World Arena. In addition, new mercenaries and other items are frequently added.

Dungeon Boss

An Android best tactical RPGs called Dungeon Boss allows players to summon a variety of characters, from heroic knights to goblin warriors. The game’s distinctive blocky, paper-craft aesthetics add pleasure to the gameplay overall. Combat becomes even more exciting and immersive when taking on large bosses and opponents in a variety of settings. You can visit and download Dungeon Boss on google store. Additionally, you may always see fight replays of other players in “My Dungeon” to learn team-based methods if you feel like your strategies in these game modes are failing. If you enjoy action-packed turn-based fights, Dungeon Boss is without a doubt the best tactical role-playing game for Android that you should download and instal on your smartphone or tablet.

Valkyria Chronicles

The best tactical RPGs genre may not have seen much success during the PS3 era, but Valkyria Chronicles demonstrated that it was not going away without a fight. Although Valkyria Chronicles is mostly a turn-based game, there is also some real-time action. The camera swivels to the side of your unit as you move your men, which you do in real time. When that happens, some job classes will operate as sentries, which means that if an enemy moves into their line of sight, they will shoot at them. A significant component of the strategy involved is positioning your soldiers to benefit from this. One of the few excellent best tactical RPGs to be released when the PS3 was in production.

Shadowrun Returns

A following has been building for more than 25 years thanks to the setting and visuals in the video game Shadowrun Returns. It creates an universe that is unlike any other by fusing cyberpunk design with fantasy figures. In the best tactical RPGs, humans coexist with elves, dwarves, trolls, and other fantastical creatures in a dystopian future when corporations are robbing the earth dry. A mission to discover a killer is given to you as a mercenary known as a Shadowrunner, and it ends up being far bigger than you could have ever anticipated. To overcome the obstacles put in your path and uncover the truth that could upend the entire planet, you must first create your character from the bottom up and then place them in a fierce tactical conflict.

Wonder Tactics

In clashes against foes in Wonder Tactics, squad organisation is crucial. To battle opponents set on square grids, you must place heroes on a 3X3 grid. You must decide which heroes belong in the square grid in addition to selecting the formation that best fits the fighting style of your squad. The Best Tactical RPGs is typically to position the ranged heroes with strong attack and high HP in the back of the formation, where they can concentrate on eliminating enemies one at a time. When you have amassed a large number of heroes, things become more challenging. To prevent them from being defeated by foes, you must pick the greatest heroes.

Age of Magic

It’s a mage on mage battle! You can amass a variety of characters skilled in the dark arts in Age of Magic. Swamp witches, raccoon magicians, elves, and dragonkin will be under your command. There are more than fifty heroes to gather and enlist in your mage group, and the game’s fast-paced turn-based fights take place in enormous arenas. In the game’s PvP arena, people from all around the world can compete in a large tournament for prizes. Playing the story campaigns is enjoyable. Age of Magic provides a number of additional game modes, including Valley of Treasures and Tomb of Horrors, in addition to the story mode and PvP.

Final Words

Players can select the type of combat they want best tactical RPGs. While some people enjoy tactical warfare, others prefer quick hack and slaughter fights. Turn-based best tactical RPGs allow players to plan ahead before charging into hostile terrain. While characters, armour, and magical equipment are crucial in battle, it is smart squad management and strategy that determines who will prevail on the field of battle.

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