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[contentsdisabled] The best identity theft protection services will help you detect, stop and recover from identity theft. Most will also provide credit reports and show how to keep your credit score high. Identity theft has cost US consumers $56 billion. You may not even know your identity has been stolen until you are denied a loan, your credit cards are declined, or your tax refund disappears. The best identity theft protection services monitor your credit files, monitor your bank accounts and find out if your name or social security number is being misused. They can also provide free legal advice and assistance and reimburse you for up to $1 million in damages, court costs and attorney fees resulting from identity theft. It’s worth paying for these services if you know your personal information has been compromised in a data breach or other leak. But you can also take free steps to protect your identity and monitor your credibility. We used each service for three months, tracking how many notifications we received and how useful the notifications were.

Check out the list of the best theft protection services

IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit

Paying for a credit monitoring service might be the last thing on your mind, but it can be money well spent. Credit monitoring services like IdentityForce can provide real-time alerts that can indicate signs of potential fraud, allowing you to take action faster than if you monitored your credit yourself. IdentityForce offers two paid plans – IdentityForce UltraSecure and IdentityForce UltraSecure + Credit – that can help you spot signs of potential fraud in more resources than if you were using a free credit monitoring service. A free service is best if you want a simple way to see changes to one or two of your credit reports without an additional monthly fee.

LifeLock Ultimate Plus

LifeLock Ultimate Plus has many features to provide the principal among which is insurance for $1 million in stolen funds. Insurance covers the costs of recovering stolen identity or funds up to one million dollars, including additional personal expenses such as child care costs, legal fees and more. LifeLock also provides lost wallet assistance by blocking credit cards, social security cards and driver’s license. Identity theft can affect just about anyone who makes purchases online or even has an online identity. From students to teachers, from computer experts to internet newbies, everyone is under the threat of identity theft. LifeLock Ultimate Plus offers exceptional coverage for attorneys, legal and financial experts and more.

MyFICO Premier

MyFICO, based in San Jose, California, began helping people get their credit scores without having to go through a third party. To that end, every myFICO plan offers a FICO score simulator that allows you to estimate the effects of 24 different financial decisions on your credit score – for example, taking a home or auto loan or increasing your credit limit. The myFICO Basic plan is called myFICO Basic. It provides credit monitoring from an Experian office, FICO scores and its credit simulation tools differentiate myFICO plans from other identity theft protection services. However, the Basic plan for $19.95 does not include identity monitoring. That means missing features such as address change monitoring, social security number monitoring, and other entry-level identity theft protection coverage.

identity guard

One of the things that makes fighting identity theft so difficult is that it can be hard to know when it happens to you. Someone could steal your identity and wait weeks or months before doing anything with it. Identity Guard uses traditional methods to monitor your identity for signs of fraud. The company also constantly scans the internet, including the dark web, for references to you or your identity to try to stay one step ahead of fraudsters who stole your personal information. When your identity is compromised, time is of the essence. You will want to notify your bank and creditors and lock your credit reports as soon as possible to limit the amount of damage someone can do. Identity Guard can alert you as soon as it detects evidence of identity theft.

IDShield Individual Credit Bureau Monitoring 3

IDShield, like other identity theft monitoring services, cannot prevent identity theft. But this service can alert you to instances where your personal information – such as your social security number or even your email login credentials – has been exposed and help you recover if you suffer damage, and it can alert you about social media posts that can hurt your chances of getting a job. Before purchasing such protection, verify that you already have access to free identity theft protection and, if so, that it has the features you need. Remember that freezing your credit with all three credit bureaus is the best way to stop criminals from opening accounts using your personal information. And freezing your credit is free and easy to do yourself.

Total Protection PrivacyGuard

PrivacyGuard is one of the most useful identity theft protection apps we’ve come across as it provides a website rich with instructive information. There are in-depth explanations of almost every feature that helps you not only make a decision about using it, but also with how to deal with problems that may arise later. Sometimes the only difference between one identity theft protection app and another is whether they have a space in their name (Identity Guard) or not (like PrivacyGuard). Where things get interesting is when you start to inspect the pricing plans and what’s actually included in each app. PrivacyGuard is not trying to confuse us, but there is always a rubric to dissect.

IdentityIQ Secure

IdentityIQ offers four identity theft protection products that focus on monitoring and preserving credit and, if necessary, restoring identity. Additional features include Social Security number alerts, internet monitoring and more. IdentityIQ offers four different levels of protection, all focused on protecting your identity and monitoring your credit. As plan levels increase in scope, they provide deeper credit monitoring options, with more frequent reporting from multiple agencies. The Secure Plus and Max plans provide alerts related to score changes and crimes committed on your behalf, while the Max plan includes a credit score tracker and simulator.

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection

These different approaches result in different prices. DeleteMe must employ human agents to carry out some of its opt-out activities, which explains its price of $129 per year. With LifeLock, you get help from human agents, replacement of stolen funds, and other guarantees, for anywhere between $11.99 and $34.99 per month. The Digital Identity Monitor Dashboard is your overview of service findings. There’s a lot to see here. Fortunately, you don’t have to master everything at once. The dashboard has three main sections: Digital Footprint, Data Breaches, and Identity Verification.


Lifelock offers multiple levels of coverage to help protect your identity. These include LifeLock Select with Norton 360, LifeLock Advantage with Norton 360, and LifeLock Ultimate Plus with Norton 360. You can also choose a standard plan that comes without Norton 360 software, but as the price is the same as the LifeLock Select option with Norton 360 , there is no reason to be without. When hackers and thieves get their hands on your personal information, they can easily open accounts in your name, take out payday loans, or even file your tax return before you have a chance. There are steps you can take to prevent some types of fraud — such as freezing your credit reports — but a thief who has your social security number, your date of birth, and other crucial information can still wreak havoc by stealing your identity right under your nose. nose.


A comprehensive monitoring network provides near real-time alerts for issues including searches of your credit report, address changes, accounts being opened in your name, fraudulent use of your social security number, your details appearing in court records or the registration of sex offenders, and their data being sold on the dark web. There are some interesting bonuses features. PC-based anti-phishing and anti-keylogger software tries to keep malware in check and prevent hackers from stealing your data, while a social media identity monitoring package scans your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ streams for malicious links, hacked and imposter accounts and more.

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