The Best Thumb Grips for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

[contentsdisabled] After years of use, controller grips of all types can start to look a little ragged. Especially in intense, competitive games, a worn out, cracked, or slippery thumb can make it difficult for the precise, tiny movements needed to win. While standard thumbsticks can be used on newer game controllers, many professional gamers choose attachable thumbsticks for added accuracy and durability. We’ll review some of the best available and explain why a pair of custom thumb grips might work for you. If you are a professional gamer who likes to play games like Call of Duty, Street Fighters, and Pubg that require quick and accurate input, then thumb grips will be really helpful for you. These thumb grips offer extreme comfort when playing your favorite games. Plus, these thumb loops keep moisture and dirt out while you’re engaged in long gaming sessions. Made from high quality composite material, these thumb grips are known to increase surface area for up to 101% and dramatically improve your gaming performance. So if you’re looking to buy an effective thumb control, take a look at some of the most popular options available:

Here is the list of the best thumb grips for PS5, Xbox One and Switch

If you’ve never used these adapters, it takes some getting used to. But we feel they help with game fatigue as my fingers don’t hurt after playing too long. I just wish they had the option to buy one shorter than the other as the left stick would make better use of a shorter stick. Good thing I bought this instead of the kontrol freaks, as they only lasted a year or so before the gum came out. Buy

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Purple

This is the third pair of KF’s I own, my second pair of Galaxy. We are not going to play FPS games without them, they are so good. They noticeably increase my accuracy and make long gaming sessions much more enjoyable. Galaxies is the best of the 4-5 different models I’ve tried, the bigger stick on the right really makes a difference for accurate aiming, I’ll never use both at the same height again. As for the quality, I personally never had any problems. Of course, they will wear out over time, but that’s to be expected. There’s never been anything crazy with the ones I’ve had, my last couple lasted almost a full year and for $15 it’s good enough for me. I’ve seen a few that looked like they would probably fall apart a lot faster, but my two galaxy pairs were great quality and long lasting. Buy

Carocheri 4 pairs 8 pieces silicone thumb grip joystick cap

These are great for PS4 controllers. I like the fact that they come in four colors and I even gifted two pairs to my friends. You are firmly in control as long as you are not too rude. They make my joysticks even more responsive and require minimal effort when tracking motion in games. Works great for PS4 and also for my Gamersir 3rd party Android controller. However, DO NOT try to rip the original PS4 handles from the joysticks. This thumb strap will not fit properly on a PS4 joystick if the original grip is removed. I made this mistake and the thumb grip is slipping from one of my PS4 controllers. My second controller, which still has the original grip remaining, has no problems. I’m not making a mistake with this company, just consider my warning. Buy

16 piece silicone noctilucent thumb grip

After using the same Xbox 360 controllers for 7 years, the rubber grips are completely gone, so I opted for this one. I already have some designer joystick extenders, but they made the joysticks too big and uncomfortable. These are a good alternative. Buy

Playrealm FPS thumb extender and silicone print rubber grip

Shipping was great. There are no issues with the seller, but they tend to slip. I looked for solutions and cooked the gum on the stove first. It shrunk them. Then I pasted the inside into the controller. One even lost one, but I glued it back with superglue and it was good. I’ve been with her for a month or so and I really like her. At first I thought they were too big there, but it was really great on my PS4 controller. I will buy more if I buy a different controller or the PS5. If it doesn’t slide, I would give it 5 stars, but it was an easy fix. I did a lot of research before buying and I’m very satisfied. Buy

Fosmon PS4 Controller Skin with 8 Thumb Grips

The PS4 Dualshock Grip Case from Fosmon gives your controller greater handling and customization. Enhance your gaming experience with Fosmon gaming accessories. This PS4 Dualshock skin also comes with 4 pairs of thumb grips in various shapes and sizes for added control while gaming. Designed specifically for PS4 Dualshock 4 controllers, this grip has precision button cutouts to provide grip without hampering your playability. This Dualshock 4 skin not only provides grip but adds another layer of protection to your controller. Protect your controller from scratches, smudges and more. This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. See the Fosmon website for more information. Buy

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