The Best TikTok Lights

[contentsdisabled] The best TikTok lights are the ones that went viral on the hugely popular social media app. Whether it’s for a dance set, lifestyle vlogs, or a regular product proposal video, there are certain TikTok-approved lights you should know about. Not all of the best TikTok lights are created equal. Options vary in terms of design, cost and features. Some options work more like regular light bulbs, while others are cheap RGB light strips. Some of the options below are some of the best smart lights, adding support for Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. TikTok trends come and go, but the best TikTok lights are excellent accessories to own anytime. Even if you’re not a TikTok user, you can appreciate creative lighting features in the list below. And who knows – some of them might even motivate you to set a record.

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Govee LED strip lights

Installing Govee strip lights is an easy task. All you have to do is plug the power supply into the wall and plug the lights themselves into it. A physical controller lets you switch between different color options and turn the device on and off, while 3M tape on the back of the strap makes it easy to mount on the underside of a counter, along the wall, or anywhere else you want it to go. put the lights. Context up the strip light, on the other hand, is a little weird. The Govee app isn’t the best designed app we’ve ever used, and when it came time to connect the lights to Wi-Fi, it didn’t automatically detect the Wi-Fi network, nor did it give me the option to choose any of the available connections. . Buy now

Latest 2.4G 660 advanced LED video light

LEDs have come a long way since they were first introduced. Compared to the early days, they have become more efficient, cheaper, brighter and have better color quality. All of this has made LED lighting panels a great choice for things like photography, videography and streaming. Neewer’s 2.4G 660 bicolor LED panels are an example of this type of product. They come with a wide variety of features, such as adjustable color temperature and the option to run them on batteries, while still being affordable. They also include a remote and brackets, making them a great choice for key, fill, or background lights. Buy now

Govee RGBWW Environment

The Govee Ambient RGBWW portable table lamp is a versatile little smart lamp that has access to 16 million colors. He provides up at 350 lumens of brightness, which we thought was more than enough, and the app offers an abundance of features including timers and scenes for different moods. We found the battery to be a little lackluster, as you only get four hours of light after a four-hour charge. However, considering the low price and the customization this lamp has to offer, it’s still a bargain and will keep kids entertained for hours. Buy now

Sensine 10

The light itself is a decent quality material. Nothing super flashy, but it has a 1/4-inch screw in the ring itself to mount a camera or microphone inside it. Unfortunately, the ring is too small to fit most DSLRs. The tripod is high quality with a fluid head on top to ensure your property is balanced. The support is quite robust and the phone grip can be adjusted to be comfortable for any phone. The tripod is a bit wide and bulky to use on top of a table, but if you place it behind your desk (ideally) or to the side, you can still get good results with it. Sensyne Ring light has adjustable color temperature and brightness using capacitive sensor buttons in the ring. The following are night and day photos at maximum brightness using the 3 different color presets. Buy now

Lumimus 8

Having a compact light source in your bag is always handy, from adding a little fill light to helping to illuminate a difficult subject to photograph. The Manfrotto Lumimuse8 is one of the smallest and most powerful LEDs out there. Now, with the addition of Bluetooth for remote control, it can be an essential kit. The build quality is typically Manfrotto, well designed, solid and elegant. From the start, this feels like a quality kit. In the box next to the lamp and micro USB charging cable is a 1/4-inch hot shoe adapter and two orange snap-on filters along with a diffuser. Buy now

nanosheet shapes

This isn’t Nanoleaf’s first smart lighting product, but Nanoleaf Shapes is easily the best yet. While there are a few minor issues afoot, that doesn’t stop you from loving many of the main ones. features here, as well as some of the more subtle details that you will smile at effectively. At a time when we’re all indoors more than we’d likely like to be, Nanoleaf Shapes make things better. He did up of nine flat hexagonal(ish) panels, Nanoleaf Shapes is a puzzle of its own design. You can choose to create a serpentine pattern of panels or create a more sensitive, grouped arrangement. The included power supply supports up for 21 panels so you can buy extra packs and add to your heart if you want, although it obviously costs a fair amount at $179.99 / £179.99 / AU$229.99 per pack of nine panels. Buy now

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