The Best Torrent Downloaders and Clients

[contentsdisabled] Put clearly, torrent clients or torrent downloaders are software that allow users to download torrent files. Typically, when you want to download a file, you log into your web browser and request that file. Then the server sends the file to your gadgets for download. However, with torrenting, downloading files is a different process. With torrenting, you download details from a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing network. When you request content over a P2P network, a P2P file-sharing application (using a BitTorrent protocol) looks for other computers using similar or harmonious software. It finds the content you requested in those gadgets and downloads different content from each of those gadgets. Likewise, it also downloads content from your computer to other users’ devices. That means you download and upload the similar file at the same time. With files this large, downloading them directly from a host server will likely result in a slow experience, especially if other people are having trouble accessing the similar file. But with a free torrent client, you can download a portion of the files you want from different people who already have them, resulting in faster download times. It will also do all the hard work for you, putting these files together like a puzzle.

Check the list of best torrent downloaders and clients


qBittorrent is an easy to use torrent client with all keys features you need to torrent. The fact that it’s free for everyone and doesn’t have an ad loading interface is icing on the cake. The ability to add external plugins makes the software more robust and powerful. The software has a clean and uncluttered interface, making it easy for anyone to use and download content from the Internet. It allows users to download multiple files simultaneously and is considered the closest equivalent of Torrent.


Vuze is incredibly easy to download and install. Its quick and uncomplicated installation wizard should give you no problems even if you are a torrent beginner. One issue to watch out for is that the Vuze installer may try to bundle bloatware into your download. This depends on which version you install and for which operating system. Just remember to click ‘Decline’ on any additional software offers. This simplicity is misleading, however. Under the hood, you’ll find the Vuze is exceptionally feature-heavy.


Currently, users can download Deluge for the most popular computer operating systems. These systems include Windows, MacOS and Linux. The Deluge torrent client is not available on mobile devices. However, the torrent in mobile is less popular than on the desktop, so the lack of a mobile app is not considered a cons. Deluge software is open source and free to use. The company behind the software considers it “lightweight” so it doesn’t come with many features. Those who want a cheap torrent option should be happy with Deluge. However, anyone interested in feature-packed should consider a different client such as Vuze.


uTorrent’s small size means that the client will consume very few valuable system resources that you can use to do other tasks while uTorrent is busy taking care of your torrent files. And the customer just eats up about 6 MB of RAM. Although, actual RAM usage will vary depending on the number of torrents you are downloading at any given time. In terms of sheer customization options, uTorrent is sufficient even for avid torrent users. However, users need to know how uTorrent works to anticipate how a specific setting would change after modification. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before uTorrent stops working and taints the entire torrent experience for the user. In other words, if the user knows what he wants, uTorrent offers enough options to satisfy his needs.


BitTorrent is the official torrent client for the BitTorrent protocol, the largest decentralized peer-to-peer protocol. It is used to transfer large files and data over the internet. BitTorrent, the company behind the BitTorrent client, also makes another similar and highly popular torrent application called uTorrent. The BitTorrent Classic client comes with a set of advanced features that should work for any user, helping to ensure fast and efficient torrent downloads. For starters, you have the ability to download multiple torrent files simultaneously, and it’s also possible to assign different levels of priority between these various downloads, so if there’s one you really need in a hurry, it can happen.


WebTorrent Desktop is capable of instantly streaming and playing video and audio. You don’t have to wait for it to finish downloading. It is the first torrent client built for the web. No browser plug-ins, extensions or installations are required to use WebTorrent in your browser. Easy to use. The option is that you can either drop a torrent file or paste a magnet link in the box at the bottom of the app. So enjoy instant playback. Alternatively, you can drop a torrent file on it. WebTorrent Desktop can chat with BitTorrent and WebTorrent peers.


Tixati may have some petty flaws, but overall there’s a lot more to praise than to criticize. Its highly customizable settings, simple ad-free interface and feature-heavy design makes Tixati extremely impressive for a free torrent client. The Tixati crash issue is worrying news for your security, even though a solution can be found in the Help Center. That’s why it’s vital to always use a VPN like ExpressVPN with Tixati. We recommend ExpressVPN because it has over 3,000 servers that work with P2P sharing.


KTorrent displays at the top of its window a list of files and individual information about each one about their size, speed, tempo, time remaining and the number of pears to which the client is connected. A little further down you can see four tabs. The status tab shows some additional information about the selected file and also something similar to the progress bars that show available chunks and downloaded chunks. Chunks are actually segments of the files you download, which are broken down this way by the protocol. Further down the window additional information about the chunks is displayed.

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