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It goes without saying that Google and the Internet are now almost synonymous. Whether it’s a quick fact check, searching for the meaning of a word, or finding the trending story, Google is always there for you as an assistant. The same can be said about the Google Chrome extensions too. The famous web browser includes a fair number of apps and extensions that solve a wide variety of problems from blocking ads to buying tickets. A certain group exists among these Chrome extensions features which are relatively unknown but definitely worth a try. We have compiled a list of such less popular Google Chrome extensions that you may find useful. Other stories: 15 Relatively Unknown Google Apps That May Be Useful to You

1. Earth View from Google Earth

Google Earth is a great app that allows you to travel to remote corners of this planet without spending a cent. Whether it’s the beautiful tulip fields of Amsterdam or the cold Gobi desert, a few clicks and taps are enough to take you virtually anywhere on Earth.

A great by-product of Google Earth is Google Earth’s Chrome extension for Earth View. It displays a beautiful picture of Mother Earth when you open a new tab. The best part is that the picture changes every time you open a new tab. Moreover, if a particular image appeals to you, you can also download it as a wallpaper. Trust me when I say that most of these photos are wallpaper material.

I’ve tried many extensions that offer a whole new way to look at tabs, such as Momentum, but Earth View stays in my Chrome permanently. Also See 21 excellent Chrome extensions to boost productivity

2. Google Arts & Culture

Art buffs, listen up upHere’s a cool Google Chrome extension that will help you keep your love of art closer to you heart

Like Earth View, Google Arts & Culture also gives the new tab a whole new meaning. Rather than enchanting natural beauties, this extension adorns your browser with masterpieces by Vincent van Gogh or Charles M. Russel, among others.

The works of art are not limited to the classics, you can also look at contemporary works by street artists. Changing photos is easy with Google Arts & Culture. The edit icon in the lower left corner allows you to proceed to the next artwork.

3. Search by image

Google Search by Image hardly needs any introduction. If you really like Google image search, let’s add a little positive reinforcement to your feelings.

The Google Search by Image Chrome extension is a neat little thing feature, which allows you to search for similar images without having to upload that image. The next time you come across a fascinating photo and want to learn more about it, click the camera icon in the lower right corner is enough to gather more details.

4. Send from Gmail (by Google)

Found an interesting link? Send it to your friend on the other side of the world in this easy way trick

The Chrome extension Send from Gmail (by Google) allows you to send links in an email (through the primary account). While you can also use other popular options such as WhatsApp Web or Facebook Messenger, sometimes an email is much safer and more secure. Clicking the extension icon will open your compose email window with the link and subject. All you need from your end is add a few lines of text (if you want) and hit Send.

5. Color enhancer

Google Accessibility’s Color Enhancer extension aims to make the Internet a better place for people with color blindness.

It is essentially a set of color filters that improve color perception in the browser. The user must choose from the set of filters with the faintest stars and then adjust the bottom slider until all the stars are visible.

6. Go back with Backspace

Just over a year ago, Google engineers have a small but important feature on Google Chrome – the ability to go back to the previous page when you press Backspace.

This change came as a huge relief to those who lost their jobs due to accidental hits. This feature can be brought back to your Google Chrome browser. An extension called Go Back With Backspace can be added to Google Chrome.

Once you enable this feature, you can also whitelist some pages for which you don’t want backspace to work as a navigation tool. Also see: iPhone X would look like the Nokia 3310’s cousin when these two smartphones are launched

How many did you know?

These were some of the lesser known but important Google Chrome extensions. There are more useful and less known extensions such as Google Tone, which allow you to broadcast a URL to nearby online users using a special sound signature.

You can also check out Google Dictionary, Google Similar Pages or Data Saver which will help you in more ways than one. So how much of this did you know? Leave us a few lines in the comment section below. See following: How to Remove apps from history in Google Play Store

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