All of this is in addition to creating fantastic material that your audience will want to watch. This post will provide you with a list of the best video editing software for YouTube beginners. Furthermore, in this collection, we have assembled tools with fantastic assets and straightforward interfaces. The finest software for editing YouTube videos offers a number of apps and tools meant to boost your footage. By using the right software to clip together your YouTube films, both beginners and experts will end up with videos that are great for YouTube. But don’t worry, we’ve also chosen free tools for individuals on a tight budget. Essentially, our list has something for everyone.

Here is the list of Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

Premiere Pro

If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, you’ll notice that a large portion of them were edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s the best video editing software for YouTube, a cross-platform programme that’s jam-packed with capabilities and has a slew of useful collaborative options. It’s utilised almost everywhere, from home-based solo makers to the top of the TV and film industries. = There is automatic audio and video syncing, the ability to import After Effects motion graphics, and much more. Recent versions have included more codec support, as well as a handy Quick Export feature that can be customised to your preferences. There is also a virtual screening room for collaborative editing if you operate as part of a team.

EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is a simple-to-use yet professional video editing that helps you to create great YouTube videos that stand out and increase the success of your channel. You can use it to trim, cut, divide, combine, rotate, and mix video clips, as well as accelerate or slow down the video speed. The best video editing software for YouTube includes a variety of graphic effects, filters, and transitions to help you add a professional and fashionable touch to your films. EaseUS Video Editor is all you need to get started on YouTube. If you’re planning to record tutorial videos, you should also try their screen recorder, EaseUS RecExperts, which is also a fantastic tool for YouTubers.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing software for YouTube, featuring an unrivalled array of tools for editing videos for the web, film, and television. It has HDR support, free stock video, graphics, audio, a captioning tool, an auto reframe tool, and other features to assist you in producing cinematic-grade videos. However, employing all of these editing features requires patience and extensive comprehension of the software – especially for individuals who have never used an Adobe app before. In reality, some video editing techniques necessitate the usage of additional software, such as Adobe After Effects.


The initial version of this open-source best video editing software for YouTube was released in 2000, and no new versions have been released since October 27, 2013. The software was popular in the early 2000s, but its popularity faded fast due to its poor video editing capabilities. This free YouTube video editor is designed for people who are new to video editing. Users of VirtualDub can capture, edit, and assemble films from TGA and BMP files. It is possible to cut, resize, or trim video clips, however the software only supports the AVI file format, so you may encounter difficulty if your camera produced material in another format.


If you’re seeking for highly configurable, professional software, LightWorks is the way to go. While it is offered for free trial, purchasing this software will provide a far more comprehensive user experience. LightWorks provides media production tools such as nonlinear editing and over 100 special effects. Furthermore, it supports up to 4K quality and is compatible with both HD and SD formats. Users can also access royalty-free audio and video content that adheres to YouTube’s copyright restrictions. The software has new social media templates for smooth transitions, thumbnails, and more, which might be useful for posting to a variety of channels.


WeVideo’s online best video editing software for YouTube is comparable to that of traditional editing tools, and the layout may be difficult for beginner-level YouTube video editors to master. It includes, in addition to basic trimming and splitting functions, access to stock film and audio, green screen and slow motion, simultaneous screen and webcam recording, and connectivity with Twitter and Facebook.

Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite is designed for inexperienced editors who desire a quick and simple approach to edit videos. It’s a low-cost programme with a lot of useful features all in one compact bundle. With the set of tools available, editors may effortlessly merge, chop, add transitions, and publish their videos. There is also a nice screen recording feature for creating tutorials. The software has 160 filters, caption support, slow motion, and chroma key. This is the programme for you if you are one of the numerous YouTube newbies looking for an all-in-one solution to assist you edit YouTube videos and other video content.


Shotcut is the best video editing software for YouTube that is open-source and cross-platform. That means it has the occasional error, but overall, it’s a fairly sturdy piece of software that appears on nearly every ‘Best Video Editing Software’ list available. Shotcut supports hundreds of video and audio formats, making it ideal for combining diverse sources. Drag-and-drop file management makes it simple to import anything you need for your social video masterpiece.

Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio has all of the features of the other top-tier products on this list, such as 360-degree VR and 4k support, but it also has the distinction of being the first piece of consumer best video editing software for YouTube to offer motion tracking a feature that allows you to track specific objects throughout your cut. If you’re not already familiar if you wanted, say, to point an arrow at one of your characters, blur out his face, or bestow him with a funny hat. The majority of the products on our list have motion tracking, however VideoStudio still has one of the greatest motion tracking systems available.


More free video editing applications! It turns out that internet users are, after all, giving and nice. Take advantage of the collaborative programming skills of the kind strangers who contribute to Kdenlive and download this incredibly powerful best video editing software for YouTube to make your social video ideas a reality. Arrange your interface in the way that best suits your workflow, then save it. Keyboard shortcuts can also be tailored to your own creative process. Here, you can use any music or video format.

Final Words

Any computer programme or app that allows you to make changes to one or more video files is referred to as best video editing software for YouTube can be used to trim video clips, combine or reorganise video clips, adjust audio or visual components, and add special effects or sound effects. You can use best video editing software for YouTube to do anything as sophisticated as editing a full-length feature film or something as easy as adjusting the specifications of a video to fit a specific social media site and chat apps.

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