Gone are the days when we had to convert a video to a low-quality file format in order to watch it on a mobile device. You can still do that, however video players increasingly take advantage of powerful technology in our smartphones and can play practically all video file formats. We frequently use our best video player apps for android to play music and videos, and as these devices grow more capable of running numerous instances and more complex programs, doing so has gotten more comfortable and enjoyable. There’s also the convenience of being able to watch your films from anywhere, whether they’re a simple party recording or a streaming movie.

Here is the list of Best Video Player Apps for Android

InShot Inc.

InShot Inc. is well-known for developing some of the best video player apps for android content curators, such as YouCut, Photo Editor Pro, and Screen Recorder. The developer also made a big impression with Video Player All Format, originally known as XPlayer. Aside from supporting a wide range of video and audio codecs. Video Player All Format also includes Android-specific features such as Chromecast support and the ability to play videos in a pop-up window for multitasking. The ability to modify playback speed and zoom has been added to the media settings, and users who want to keep their movies private can set passwords for videos and albums to keep snoops out for good.


LocalCast competes with AllCast and performs many of the same services. Streaming media from your device to a Chromecast, Xbox 360/One, Roku, Fire Stick, or Apple TV is one example. It, like AllCast, supports streaming from cloud storage and should work on most DLNA-compliant devices. It only supports the codecs that the Chromecast does. However, most major codecs should support this now. Nonetheless, it’s one of only a few respectable best video player apps for android that can do this.


The best video player apps for android is AllCast is more than simply a movie player because it can stream videos from your smartphone. You may use this to cast films to your Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and other DLNA-compatible devices. You can even reverse cast a video from another device to your smartphone. The sole disadvantage of the app is that it displays advertisements when casting videos. You can, however, upgrade to the premium version for a more seamless experience. Aside from films, it also supports other media formats, so you may browse images or listen to music from local storage or the cloud.

MX player

MX player is an excellent combination of simplicity and power. The best video player apps for android has a video player as well as a selection of movies and TV shows to view. The video player is free to use, but some movies and shows may require you to upgrade to the premium version. However, if your goal is only to play movies. It is unquestionably the greatest Android video player, with features such as subtitle controls, variable aspect ratio, and screen lock- all of which are accessible from the main view panel. Other features such as Pinch to Zoom and Swipe movements are also available. More features can be found in the app’s Settings.


BSPlayer is the best video player apps for android that supports both software and hardware decoding and supports the majority of video formats. The interface has a conventional appearance, and you may control the movie with features. You can also modify the skin of the player to customise the look and feel. Subtitles are supported by BSPlayer, and the player can also discover subtitles online and add them to your video automatically. Another great feature is the pop-out option. You can exit the app and have the video float around the screen on top of whatever apps you’re using. You can activate the child lock to prevent children from exiting the app when you hand them the phone to watch cartoons.


VLC for Android is a full-featured media player that has swiftly become one of the must-have best video player apps for android. It can play all types of video and music files, as well as network share drives, network streams, and DVD ISOs. It includes a variety of unique features, including the ability to stream videos through URL and subtitle support. It also has an equaliser and filters. In addition, VLC supports all video formats and codecs, including MOV, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLAC, Ogg, AAC, TS, Wv, and M2TS.

FX Player

FX Player is the best video player apps for android users if you don’ mind making a few in-app purchases to unlock the whole feature set. Videos may be played back in 4K, 8K, and 1080p resolutions, whether they are directly saved to the phone or accessed via a range of compatible cloud services. If you’re watching a video and wish to save a certain segment or musical element, you can instantly convert and save it as an MP3. The UI is simple and straightforward to use, so beginners may get started right away. Subtitles can be downloaded online and used not just on the smartphone, but also while casting to your TV via Chromecast.


XPlayer is one of the most visually appealing best video player apps for android. This programme has an attractive user interface that is simple to browse and enjoyable to use. This software also includes the floating window function, which allows you to continue watching your video regardless of what else you’re doing on your phone. It can play high-definition videos without issue and supports hardware acceleration. The programme can store your films in a private folder that you can, of course, lock. This programme makes it simple to cast videos to Chromecast, and also supports subtitles. It includes a dark theme and a quick mute option.


Plex is currently the best video player apps for android solution for what to do if you have a large number of videos but just 32GB of storage on your phone. Plex lets you create a server on your computer and then stream material from your computer to your smartphone. It differs from other movie player apps in that it does not require you to keep your files on your smartphone. This liberates valuable storage space for other items. The service is free to set up, but the mobile app costs $4.99, and a $4.99 per month subscription unlocks all Plex Pass features.


Xender is the best video player apps for android and a video player in one. You can exchange music and movies with others nearby without utilising mobile data. Furthermore, the programme can play most movies and music files without issue. That makes it a good choice for those purposes. While it lacks the extensive viewing and playback capabilities found in many dedicated video player programmes. It’s an excellent one-two punch for folks who need to share media with peers while also watching or listening to that media. It’s completely free and surprisingly popular.

Final Words

There are various factors to consider while deciding on a video player. The best video player apps for android obvious is one’s intention to consume media content. Following that, one must decide if they want a free, ad-supported, or a paid best video player apps for android. Following that should be app-specific functionality such as casting to or from one’s device, streaming from cloud storage, and numerous subtitle formats.

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