Virtual assistants (VAs) can help with everything from organising appointments and handling paperwork to designing social media marketing campaigns and providing customer service for businesses. Best virtual assistant services can save business owners money on operational costs because they can perform activities performed by several people without being paid a salary or benefits. Aside from time savings, there are other benefits of virtual assistant. Because those assistants execute activities that would normally be handled by numerous personnel, business owners benefit from significant cost reductions. They also do not expect benefits in the same way that an in-house team would.

Here is the list of Best Virtual Assistant Services


Magic launched in 2015 as a text-based concierge service and has since grown to become the finest provider of rush-job services in the VA industry. The company focuses on weekly support and charges $35 per hour. VAs only provide services in English. The organisation offers 24/7 service and enrollment is free, so you can get started right away. Magic provides three options, but particular pricing must be requested online. Magic, like the other best virtual assistant services companies we’ve evaluated, will pair you with a devoted assistant that has the talents you require and uses the tools you like. Magic can link with Trello for even greater productivity.


MyOutDesk is one of the most well-known best virtual assistant services, and it lives up to its name by offering a diverse and outstanding set of functions. They can screen calls and emails, manage your calendar, plan your vacation, and even create content, from writing to graphic design. These assistants can manage all of your paperwork, keep your social media presence up to date, and save you a lot of time. MyOutDesk doesn’t simply provide traditional personal assistants you can also hire specialists in a variety of fields ranging from customer service and marketing to real estate and finance.


BELAY delivers is the best virtual assistant services to small and large organisations across the country. We chose it as the finest for highly qualified VAs since it provides dedicated, college-educated, career experts situated in the United States. A thorough search procedure is used to discover seasoned, remote workers in the United States with demonstrated experience in their fields. Such as virtual assistants, bookkeepers, website buliders and social media strategists. It caters to CEOs, entrepreneurs, small enterprises, attorneys, consultants, and others. BELAY primarily hires assistants with bachelor’s degrees or higher. Onboarding begins when a client meets with a team member to discuss their requirements.

Fancy Hands

This is yet another excellent best virtual assistant services solution to consider for your company. Fancy Hands provides a dedicated assistant who can manage whatever you require, as well as a variety of comprehensive programmes to ensure that every business receives everything they need and more. They provide rollover credits to ensure that nothing goes to waste, and you may send requests via text, email, or phone call. App connectors, schedule integrations, unique projects, and other features are available. Fancy Hands allows you to specify how frequently you require assistance and then select a plan that meets your requirements.


OkayRelax is all about removing stress from your life, and it sells best virtual assistant services in three different packages that all focus on making life easier. All three subscriptions feature a trio of fundamental duties, ensuring that you may always obtain assistance with scheduling, calendar management, research assignments, and phone conversations. The entry-level bundle includes five OkayRelax credits good for thirty minutes of work, but no dedicated help. If you upgrade to the Comfort plan, you will receive a dedicated assistant as well as twenty-five credits, which is great if you frequently require assistance with tasks on a daily basis.

Wood Bows

With 98 out of every 100 consumers returning, no hidden fees, over 300 positive online reviews, and nearly 20 service excellence awards, Wood Bows is a market leader in the VA business. These powerful characteristics, combined with their 200% satisfaction promise, make Wood Bows the industry’s strongest service guarantee. The company was founded in 2015, and it now has operations in the Philippines, India, and the United States. The company specialises in real estate, graphics and web design, digital marketing, customer service, app development, software development, content writing, and data entry, in addition to generalised virtual assistance.


The best virtual assistant services is Prialto strives to provide high-quality assistance services by combining knowledgeable, experienced personnel with a hands-on approach. You can easily download Prialto apps and after that easily sign up for the service, you’ll see what we mean: before you start working with an assistant, Prialto’s managers will assess your needs and develop a plan. As well as immediately delegating key tasks to your new hire. As time passes, you will not only work with your assistant, but also with your engagement manager, who can assist you in making your Prialto connection more productive. Your assistant will also aggressively seek ways to increase their work, which will benefit you.

Time etc

Time etc was established in 2017 and provides some of the best virtual assistant services available today. The team is overseen by a personal assistant who previously worked with Richard Branson, guaranteeing that you receive the greatest professional help available. This site now has over 22,000 clients, and they have a 10-step selection procedure that ensures you get the dedicated service that you deserve. You can even request services via mobile on the app and receive a money-back guarantee on all services. They offer reasonably priced solutions with no setup fees.


The CEO of FreeUp stated that he developed the service because he was upset with the time it took to find best virtual assistant services when he was running other firms. FreeUp properly evaluates its freelancers, selects the best 1%, and treats them well. It charges by the hour and has price ranges based on location, experience, and duties. FreeUp received a 3.95 out of 5 in our evaluation due to its more wide administrative focus. It covers administration, bookkeeping, research, and marketing, but does not include IT or industries that require specialised knowledge. It also does not provide qualified backups and does not provide 24-hour services, such as answering phones after hours.


Uassist.ME was created in 2009 and has since become one of the world’s leading best virtual assistant services and business process outsourcing companies. Our organisation services clients in over 20 countries from locations in Miami and San Salvador. Our founders were named one of Inc Magazine’s 30 under 30, and our story has been highlighted in a number of other media. The majority of our clients are small enterprises, startups, and entrepreneurs who want to expand and grow their operations. Our more than 200 team members come from a variety of fields, including marketing, business, finance, design, and so on apps.

Final Words

The best virtual assistant services can manage both personal and professional responsibilities, freeing up your time to focus on more important matters. There are best virtual assistant services organizations headquartered in the United States that are exclusively staffed by VAs resident in the United States, and others that attract talent from every continent except Antarctica.

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