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[contentsdisabled] Free yourself from a keyboard or controller with the best VR games available. The titles on this list are the ones that can make gamers fully understand why it’s worth investing in a pair of headphones and potentially putting an end to motion sickness. The ones that show you experiences you just can’t get by playing games. The best VR games give you the chance to pilot Tony Stark’s armored suit in Iron Man VR, rebel against an alien empire in Half-Life: Alix or pilot an X-Wing or TIE Fighter in Star Wars Squadrons . Newcomers to VR gaming or seasoned VR explorers looking for something different to try, we think you’ll look to the games on this list to provide the next best gaming experience you’re looking for. Surely this list will only grow further in the future as Among Us VR has been declared. The Last City is also on the horizon. Now is an excellent time to be a VR player. There’s a library of fantastic games already available and some really exciting games set to be released in the coming months.

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Thumper is one of those games that stays in your head long after you put it down. It’s a horror game disguised as rhythmic action, a high-speed journey through an abstract hell filled with imaginative cosmic entities and set to a sinister orchestral soundtrack. It’s surprisingly sophisticated a-button The control scheme makes it invitingly accessible while still allowing for a ton of tricky and precise maneuvers, and it’s all executed with intense physical brutality and speed that adds thrilling violence to all your actions. Thumper can do a lot with very little input, making it extremely easy to pick. up and difficult to master. This is a tempting combination that requires repetition, in part because of how subtle the rhythm-based gameplay later becomes. The first level does a good job of introducing the most basic mechanics, which lays the groundwork for the gradually intensified and increasingly interesting layers of obstacles that build. up in each of its nine stages. Buy now


The elevator tone for Subnautica doesn’t exactly sound like Game of the Year material. A survival horror crafting game set almost entirely underwater? Color me skeptical. But the PC sensation of Unknown Worlds, which arrived on Steam earlier this year and is now available on PS4 and Xbox One, makes a memorable impression from its earliest moments, in which your character straps himself into a spaceship escape pod. in freefall, only to emerge stranded on a strange and unforgiving ocean planet. It’s a brilliant setup, executed with precision and zeal, but Subnautica’s sea legs extend far beyond its opening intro. After the crash, players are free to dive into the depths under their broken, floating escape pod, which acts as an official base of operations for the first few hours of the game. Buy now

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the oldest series in PC gaming, a franchise particularly loved and supported by an audience of simulation and aviation enthusiasts. The 2020 edition, brought to life by developer Asobo Studio in conjunction with Microsoft, is sure to bring in a whole new generation and fan base. The obvious inclusion of enhanced visuals aside, the almost magical addition of a fully recreated and explorable Earth, built and populated with Microsoft’s Bing satellite imagery and Azure cloud computing service, takes the series to new heights. The dedication to realistic simulation remains, but flying over real cities, mountains, and landmarks you know is an experience unlike anything else in games, and arguably transcends what you can do in any other medium. Let go of performance and hardware barrier to entry, the real-world flight sensation of Flight Simulator with more iterative updates, features that go beyond the essentials and updated visuals more than up for these issues. Buy now

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons is truly a game of two halves – in many senses of the word. Divided into a ten-hour campaign and two main multiplayer modes, both sides feel completely different despite sharing the same set of controls, with the story favoring immersion and the multiplayer providing more of the compelling star-fighting experience I was after. looking for. The latter is where Squadrons gameplay really shines, and it only gets better when experienced in the terrifying beauty of VR. Before you get stuck in multiplayer, however, you’ll probably want to test your driving skills in the game’s campaign mode – which has its moments but never quite reaches the same heights as multiplayer. Buy now

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

Star Wars VR Story – Episode 1 does a good job of letting you enjoy the Star Wars ambiance and the impressive presence of Darth Vader himself. Its mechanics are simple and almost ubiquitous among VR games, but refined enough, and the story is a useful excuse to wade through them. Lightsaber combat could have used more than one main enemy type to fight, especially in the final scene, but it looks and sounds wonderful for a short time. Vader Immortal Episode 3 ends the Star Wars VR series with a thud. If this weren’t a Star Wars game, it would be pretty standard – decent lightsaber-on-lightsaber combat is barely used this time around, and using Force powers and strangely unsatisfying blasters to take down an endless parade of Storm Troopers gets old. very fast . Buy now

Pistol Whip

Certain genres have thrived in the VR space, with music/rhythm games proving to be especially impressive with VR hardware. While Beat Saber might be the most popular music/rhythm VR game on the market, Cloudhead Games’ Pistol Whip is one of the best. Pistol Whip is a music/rhythm game, but it doesn’t force players to do everything to the beat like other titles in the genre. Instead, the game encourages players to follow the beat of the music as they are pulled down a hallway, shooting enemies, hitting them with the butt of the weapon, and avoiding obstacles. Players are free to play the Pistol Whip however they want, but time actions with the beat will typically reward PS4 trophies as well as make it easier to complete levels. Buy now

Iron Man VR (PSVR)

Marvel’s Iron Man VR makes impressive use of PSVR and its now completely outdated PlayStation Move controllers as a fun, high-flying action game dotted with a superhero flair throughout. But while I enjoyed my time in the Iron Mask, repetitive missions and a bland story keep the latest PS4 Marvel exclusive from flying too high. In case that wasn’t clear, Iron Man VR is a PSVR exclusive where you take first-person control of Tony Stark himself in and out of the suit. That means using hand-directed repulsions to nimbly fly through the air while taking down robotic enemy drones, but it also means roaming around your luxurious Malibu. home and upgrading your outfit between missions in your linear campaign. Buy now

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