The Best Weather Apps For Android Device

[contentsdisabled] The weather is something we check before leaving for work or anything else. It plays an important role in our lives and affects our mood in some way. However, to check the weather, let’s look at weather apps. The best weather apps are necessary additions to any smartphone, providing accurate forecasts and really interesting information about the world around you. Each weather app offers different features and user interfaces; Therefore, choosing the best weather app is a challenge, especially when looking for the best weather apps for Android. Of course, almost every device, whether iOS or Android, comes with its own built-in app. But while that might be good for the basics of how hot or cold it will be today, the best weather apps can do so much more. For example, some provide incredibly detailed forecasts at the hyperlocal level, others are full of radar imagery, weather alerts, and even air quality information.

Here is the list of the best weather apps for Android devices

climate carrot

CARROT Weather provides sarcasm-laced forecasts from CARROT AI, which has all the fun of a troubled HAL 9000. Rain forecasts arrive with a message that “sucks to be you”. Sunny days? “I brought the sun so I can blind you with it.” Nice. It has best-in-class visual design and a powerful customization system. You get a wide variety of panels and components to adjust and arrange to your liking. And when using the app, a long press almost anywhere gives you access to more useful data or settings.


The app has an attractive interface that gives you immediate access to actual and “RealFeel” current temperatures. The Next 4 Hours MinuteCast tells you what type of precipitation to expect (if any) in the next four hours. You can view hourly and daily forecasts, along with the current radar, using tabs at the bottom of the screen; you can also track any approaching hurricanes. The AccuWeather forecast and weather alerts you know and trust. From local weather updates to WinterCast snow alerts, get the weather forecast you can trust. With detailed weather news, forecast updates, free weather alerts, plus today’s forecast and much more.

Applied Time

The interface is straightforward and simple, especially its timeline, which allows you to scroll down to see current weather and future forecast. You can also scroll left to right at the bottom to see hourly and daily forecasts. Apply Weather currently uses a variety of sources for its data, including Dark Sky, Foreca, and OpenWeather.


The app offers detailed weather reports such as humidity, UV index, wind speed and more. There are also hourly and daily weather forecasts and weather radars that further enhance the experience. Additionally, the app has its WearOS app, which looks stunning on any smartwatch running WearOS. The widget will provide weather, location, temperature conditions, etc. and will also be updated automatically. O feature to the bottom of the widget according to the temperature conditions is good, which I liked the most. Thereby feature Widget background changes according to weather conditions. The app also provides weather conditions in the notification bar which is also one of the great ones. feature much appreciated by me because with this there is no need to unlock phone to see the weather, you are updated in the notification bar.

1 time

While 1Weather bills itself as the most aesthetically pleasing weather app, that doesn’t mean it isn’t informative and data-packed. In fact, he managed to cram more information into his main page than the geeky Editors’ Choice Weather Underground. On the main map screen, you will find visibility, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed/direction, UV index, dew point, temperature and chance of precipitation. Each has an accompanying glyph and there’s a helpful explanation for each measurement when you tap on it.

Today Weather

It has a straightforward interface that starts with a photo and today’s weather, and you can scroll down to get details on weather for the next 24 hours and seven days, live radar, air quality, and other categories. If you’re in the US, you can choose to get your data from a variety of sources, including Today Weather itself, the National Weather Service,, Open Weather Map, or (the Meteorological Institute). Paying customers can choose from even more data sources, including AccuWeather and Dark Sky.

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