The Best Web-Based Video Conferencing

[contentsdisabled] Corporate culture has changed significantly in recent years. More and more companies have embraced hybrid working, a trend that has even dispensed with the COVID-19 pandemic. And with a few years of remote work, many workers are starting to insist on roles that allow them to work remotely. home, even if it means they have to look for a new job. But for all your products, adapting to these latest variants also requires the latest tools and practices. Firstly, it is necessary to invest in a high quality videoconferencing system. Today, working from home drives most video conferencing sales. The end-to-end proprietary systems you’ve probably seen in smart conference rooms still exist, but today’s stars are cloud services that require little more than an account and a webcam. We are targeting them for this summary as they are most relevant to remote work. However, these platforms can sometimes spread your solution across multiple parts suppliers, adding to the support load. Video conferencing software enables online communication for audio meetings, video conferences and seminars with features such as chat, screen sharing and recording. These applications run to enable international or long-distance communication, improve collaboration, and reduce travel costs.

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Zoom has become so popular in the last couple of months that it has joined the pantheon of brands that have somehow become verbs. Along with Uber, Netflix and Google, FaceTime, Zoom has become a verb. You are not going to video call your friend later, you are going to raise it later. Zoom has arrived. Zoom deserves its popularity due to its impressive performance, overall stability and wide range of features, but its popularity has also been a double-edged sword. Security issues have plagued Zoom with its popularity, but it’s working quickly to fix up security breaches.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers the level of quality and feature set that we recommend to any organization looking for a videoconferencing tool. But this is not just a video conferencing tool, which is why it is more effective than most of its competitors. Instead of combining video and audio conferencing with separate tools for team chat and collaboration, with Teams you get it all in one powerful digital workspace. And in terms of performance and range of features available for conferencing and collaboration, other collaborative platforms just don’t match up.

Remote PC meeting

RemotePC Meeting is included in all four of the service’s remote access plans, but prices are a little high if you don’t need remote access. features. All four plans include the same video conferencing tools but different levels of remote access or other features. Overall, we were very impressed with the usability of RemotePC Meeting’s video conferencing tools. It is a powerful and intuitive application that comes with several tools to optimize remote collaboration. RemotePC Meeting enables secure video conferencing and comes with several access control tools so you can monitor who joins a meeting.


The platform offers all the tools you need to run a successful business meeting. GoToMeeting stands out for its exceptional call quality, features, and excellent customer service. If you’ve reached the limits of free conferencing software or are dissatisfied with what you’re using now, GoToMeeting is definitely worth checking out. Stop worrying about time limits on calls or poor voice quality. We recommend GoToMeeting to many users, but it won’t be perfect for everyone’s needs. Go through these sections on the benefits and drawbacks of GoToMeeting to determine if it is right for your business or organization.

Google Meet

Google Meet is part of the Google Workspace suite (formerly Google G Suite). However, this video conferencing tool is perfectly capable of standing on its own. Your best experience, however, will be using it as part of Workspace, where the mid-level subscription tier supports 150 meeting participants and an unlimited number of meetings for a maximum of 24 hours per meeting, which is a decent range of features for a typical small to medium business (SMB). The Enterprise tier doesn’t have transparent pricing, which means you’ll need to negotiate a custom deal with Google. However, this layer has all the bells and whistles, including cutting-edge data and endpoint security and, on the conference side, domain live streaming and noise cancellation.

Cisco Webex

Although Webex doesn’t make our list of the best teleconferencing services out there, it’s still a good platform especially for the business. It is strong in many use cases, from live conferences and webinars to IT support and slide and video presentations. The interface is very user-friendly. This is one of the most significant benefits of Webex. Cisco is the world’s largest corporate cybersecurity company, so you can trust them to ensure your privacy and data security on a Webex call. Webex encrypts all your data, no matter what plan you buy.

RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video is just one of the many solutions available for team collaboration right now. This solution has already gained a lot of attention simply because it is provided by one of the most trusted cloud communications brands. But how exactly does RingCentral differentiate its video and collaboration offering? Companies need to have the right tools on hand to help their employees work from anywhere in this modern digital work landscape. Video is one of the most valuable solutions available right now, offering better engagement and more intimate face-to-face experiences in any setting.


ClickMeeting has a progress bar that encourages you to complete your account profile which, after activation, is at 25%. You can choose to complete your profile via Facebook or add your details manually. You can represent yourself with an avatar, upload a profile picture or take a picture with your webcam. The user interface (UI) is friendly, colorful, uncluttered and doesn’t look too corporate or dated. ClickMeeting is also easy to navigate and guides you step by step when configuring up a meeting and handle other tasks. From your account dashboard, you can see the events you’ve created and statistics like meeting duration, number of attendees, and more.

U Meeting

U is designed not for companies, but for the individuals who work for them. It’s fast, fun to use and as simple to use as the social apps you use every day to connect with people. Build your work teams and business partnerships with free online meetings, webinar presentations and instant messaging that are super easy to use, smooth HD quality and totally lag-free. Host video conferences and webinars with up for 25 people FREE of charge. U is simple, it’s social and it works! You can also start a chat directly by clicking on the chat window at the bottom right of the screen. It’s not as customizable, but it works.


Skype is a free tool, that is, the solution is accessible to anyone looking for a no-obligation videoconferencing tool. It is suitable for individuals and small and large companies looking for a solution that can help them remotely manage their teams, improve team communication or interact with customers. The tool supports up for 50 meeting participants, so it may not be suitable for large companies. Skype also offers a number of paid plans that may offer cheaper calling rates than using a phone company for long distance calls, or to make many calls.

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