Squarespace is the best website builders for photographers, according to our research, because of its gorgeous, image-focused themes that strike a balance between creative and professional. Building a website from scratch can be extremely intimidating, especially if you are not particularly computer skilled. If you’ve ever looked at another photographer’s website and thought how lovely it is, it’s likely that they started with a simple template and grew on it to make it their own. You no longer need to worry about understanding how to code because these best website builders for photographers handle everything for you behind the scenes.

Here is the list of Best Website Builders for Photographers


Then you’ll want your best website builders for photographers to be as visually appealing as feasible. As a result, even though it isn’t specifically designed for photographers, Squarespace is our pick for the finest website builder. Squarespace, on the other hand, is aimed for creatives. As a result, it boasts the most attractive and minimalist templates of any site builder. As a result, it is an excellent alternative for photographers who want to promote their work online. When we reviewed Squarespace, we discovered that these lovely templates truly make your work appear good. Indeed, 41 of them are specifically created for photographers. Even those that aren’t are designed to display enormous, high-quality images.


Wix is the best website builders for photographers that scored an excellent 4.4 out of 5 for simplicity of use in our testing. It was also a tremendous hit with our users, receiving the highest customer score of 4.6 out of 5. So you can trust that building with Wix will be simple and pleasant, which is critical! Wix has announced that it will integrate with Semrush’s SEO keyword tool in 2022, which is a great addition. Increasing user visibility in Google search results. Wix has many of useful tools – its features score of 4.8 is second only to SmugMug – so you can quickly and simply create a truly powerful website.


SmugMug is the best website builders for photographers that makes it simple to display and sell your images. SmugMug is an excellent niche builder, but it can feel constrained in compared to a more generalist builder like Squarespace. SmugMug’s true edge over competitors is that it is ready to help you sell right now! Without the need for additional integrations, you may charge per photo download, build bespoke price lists for clients, and sell prints and presents directly.


According to the Zenfolio website, it is the best website builders for photographers. And as we look deeper into its services, we can see why. One of Zenfolio’s main draws is its clearly well-thought-out toolkit, which appears to actually assist photography businesses flourish. Zenfolio has a number of templates that can be simply changed to match your brand and make you stand out. It’s quick and simple to submit photo galleries, and you may password protect them if you’re a wedding photographer. There is a built-in payment mechanism that makes selling your prints a simple, as well as unlimited storage, image protection, and image security.


Zyro is at the top of the best website builders for photographers. Although the platform is new, it has earned a name for itself by simplifying and speeding up the website construction process. It also contains gorgeous picture-centered templates and excellent AI business tools – all for a much lower price than its closest competitors. Zyro is relatively new to the scene, but it has already demonstrated that it has the capacity to challenge the top dogs in the near future. Let me explain why. To begin, you may establish a beautifully appealing photography website in a matter of minutes, making it the quickest option on this list and a favourite among busy bees.


Fabrik is a hidden gem, with a plethora of fantastic features and the opportunity to choose your creative vocation before you begin, allowing the builder to personalise its features to you. It includes clever themes that leverage your content to provide the optimum aesthetic for displays ranging from smartphone to billboard size. You submit your high-resolution images, and the AI handles the rest. We particularly appreciate the smart focus tool, which focuses on the’most intriguing’ sections of your photographs, although you may still edit manually if you like. Fabrik does not have an integrated shopping function, but you can utilise a plugin to add an ecommerce store to your page, which Fabrik clearly explains with a useful explanation.


The best website builders for photographers is GoDaddy operates differently than website builders such as Squarespace and Wix. While you can choose a design from the template library, the ideal way to utilise GoDaddy is to let the ADI builder develop your website for you. Although GoDaddy generates your design, you can preview multiple layouts and choose the one you like most before continuing to edit it until you’re ready to publish. However, GoDaddy does not provide as much creative freedom as Wix, making it more difficult to develop anything truly distinctive.

Editor X

Editor X is a new Wix website builder that promises powerful best website builders for photographers that layouts without the need for CSS knowledge. When it comes to text, photographs, graphics, and headers, the drag and drop builder gives you complete control over their location, size, and design components. Select the font, font colour, and font size, then add containers, galleries, grid layouts, and your social media news feed. It provides a wide range of integrated business solutions, including eCommerce for selling prints as well as professional marketing and SEO tools. The most basic service costs £15 a month and includes 10GB of storage, a free domain for a year, and 24/7 support.

Final Words

It’s not easy to choose the best website builders for photographers. There are numerous platforms available. You need to ensure that it is within your budget and has everything you need to create a fantastic photography website. Our collection contains something for both professional photographers and those just starting out in the online marketplace. There are no-cost options. Others are available for photographers with the financial means to pursue something more exceptional.

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