The best website to learn English is not that tough. But in order to improve our English, we need the right rules. Only because of insufficient instructions do many people fail to correctly learn English. If you’re looking for a way to study English online or through websites, there’s excellent news for you. In a study of students, 83% of participants said working with a tutor was the best approach to meet their objectives. There are a ton of reliable websites where you can study English for free if you’re wanting to do so. There are several websites where you may study English, and they all include different grammatical, listening, and speaking exercises. The best website to learn English of all levels are included in this list. A difficult but worthwhile endeavor, learning a new language. The increased use of online and mobile technology has made it much simpler and more accessible to learn a language.

Here is the list of Best Websites to Learn English


FluentU uses video material organized by level, genre, and topic to teach students grammatical fundamentals. You may click on the subtitles in each movie to get brevity definitions and sentence structure explanations. You may comprehend grammar principles more rapidly thanks to the contextual nature of all the material than through textbook descriptions. It might be difficult for users to determine if they have fully grasped the explanations due to the absence of teacher help. Nevertheless, if you love viewing movie and television trailers, it’s one of the best website to learn English.


Babbel offers short tests and mini-games that enable you practice learning new vocabulary and grammar. Babbel emphasizes repetition, making it easier for you to recall new words and ideas by often bringing them up in exercises, videos, photos, and audio. With the speech recognition tool, you can even get better at speaking. You can change which course you’re taking at any time. Complete classes to access additional options for learning! Babbel really makes the best website to learn English. You may compete with others, collect accomplishments, and set weekly objectives for yourself. You may now enroll in virtual group sessions with Babbel Live. In addition, there are genuine games that you can play if you want a fun break from the normal lessons.

TED talks

Visit TED presentations if you want to learn about life, careers, and anything else worthwhile while you are learning English. The platforms feature lectures from authors, engineers, painters, life coaches, architects, businesspeople, students, and a wide range of other individuals who share their touching and inspirational experiences and lessons with the globe. To learn more, you may view these videos with subtitles. You can also read the video transcripts in other languages to comprehend what is being said. You may also take part in discussions based on a specific video to learn more about the subject and improve your communication skills. It is undoubtedly among the best websites for best website to learn English.


A news and media service is called VOA (Voice of America). These do, however, offer English classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced levels, and they are accessible online. All students may benefit from the best website to learn English, and you can discover a ton of stuff there. You will also receive a lot of videos that will help you fast advance your English language abilities. It’s a great location for you to begin your English study. They have served as both radio and television show content. You will likely have success if you simply download their program and listen to it offline.


Through the use of flashcards and game-based quizzes, Quizlet aids students in learning anything, including languages. To share with their pupils, teachers can make their own flashcards. To find materials for studying English, you may use utilize Quizlet’s search option. For instance, if you enter “English grammar” in the search bar, you will be given access to a number of study sets on the subject. To find resources made by instructors or other trustworthy providers, utilize search criteria. Quizlet also provides five study modes: Test mode, Write mode, Learn mode, and Flashcards mode. The learning style of their choice is available to students. Both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store offer Quizlet. To find out more, read the entire Quizlet. Currently, this is one of the best website to learn English that you can check right now.


LearEnglish is a website that offers courses and materials created by the British Council to aid adult learners in improving their English-language abilities. These tools include self-study courses, instructor-led, interactive online classrooms, tests, games, and more. To establish their present best website to learn English proficiency, learners might start by completing the free online English exam offered by the British Council. Additionally, the website provides free tools to assist students in learning English vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Additionally, there is a section for business English where students may explore a variety of resources to aid in their learning of the dialect of English spoken in offices.


On their user-friendly app, Duolingo offers five-minute games and quizzes that may be used to learn new vocabulary and grammar. Each lesson includes adorable animations and images to make learning even more enjoyable. Each lesson in Duolingo is broken down into several categories, and it also contains useful hints and notes in case you need further clarification. Still, it is one of the best website to learn English that you can consider. Duolingo encourages you to start making sentences right away and teaches words in context rather than just on their own. Duolingo also allows you to create objectives and tracks your progress as you use the app. Every word has an audio recording so you can hear how to pronounce each new word you learn. In order to “unlock” new lessons, you must also finish previous classes or pass a placement test.


An effective grammar checker called Grammarly was introduced in 2009. Unlike anything else on the market, it has developed over time from a simple grammar checker into a plagiarism checker and sophisticated writing aid driven by AI. Additionally, it gives authors the chance to click a button to rework phrases and make their writing easier to read. The Grammarly product is accessible through a collection of desktop, online, and plugin-based software applications. The grammar checker is Grammarly’s main function. It corrects all kinds of language and punctuation issues. The browser plugin or app offers ideas and instructions in real-time on how to fix these errors. Thus, these app is one of the best website to learn English available right now.


You may study best website to learn English in a structured manner with the aid of the website and learning software Busuu. To put it another way, Busuu uses a “Study Plan” to direct your acquisition of English. The majority of the exercises make use of flashcards and brief tutorials on English grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. Busuu’s strength is on repetition. After reading and hearing a word or phrase in English, you practice it using a number of methods to ensure that you properly understand it. The software also assists with pronunciation and interaction through a chat feature, which allows you to communicate and engage with native English speakers. There are also mini-grammar lessons along the way as well as a quiz at the conclusion of each course to assess your comprehension.


A terrific little app to help you talk more clearly was made by the BBC. Each lesson is brief, lasting only 2 to 6 minutes, and is divided into programs focused on corporate English, daily English, grammar, learn with the news, pronunciation, and vocabulary. The writing are excellent and frequently humorous. Transcripts are also available for accessibility. We’ve recently listened to a wide variety of themes, including unicorns, The lessons are evaluated by difficulty. We appreciate that English We Speak explains the most recent terms and expressions. There are new lessons uploaded every day, and you may follow a schedule or set reminders to remind you to keep studying. Lingohack covers the words and phrases that have really featured in genuine BBC World News bulletins.

Final Words

More excellent websites than ever exist to help people best website to learn English. However, because the majority of them appeal to a wide audience, they seldom ever offer resources made to support your unique language learning objectives. Many websites provide best website to learn English lessons, as we already indicated. Some of them apply to all languages, while others are focused on a specific linguistic region. We made an effort to include both groups’ websites, but there are many more that weren’t included.

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