The Best Weighted Blankets

[contentsdisabled] Sales of Heavy Blankets have increased in recent years. While the research behind the apparent health benefits of heavy blankets is still pretty inconclusive, those who swear by them say that squeezing under the extra weight helps reduce anxiety and, in some cases, alleviate insomnia. While the best weighted blankets will work for most people, check with your doctor first if you have a medical condition like asthma or type 2 diabetes. For more better ways to get a good night’s sleep, our roundup of the most comfortable pillows​ to sleep. Most heavy blankets contain plastic pellets, ball bearings, and other items that make them feel significantly heavier than a regular blanket or comforter. However, some newer blankets feature open mesh designs, which many sleepers find more breathable. Typical weights for these blankets range from 5 to 30 pounds. Sleepers feel more comfortable under a blanket that up about 10 percent of your own body weight. Sensory weighted blankets and clothing are nothing new; Therapists have used them for over a decade to help people with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But blankets really entered the mainstream consumer market only recently, when people started sharing how comforting they found them.

Check out the list of the best weighted blankets

Adult Luna Heavy Blanket

Luna Weighted Blanket fulfills many requirements. First, it’s available in a selection of sizes and weights from full size (12 pounds) to king (20 pounds). Then there’s the color selection, which ranges from polka dots to soothing light blue. Eco-friendly shoppers will love the Oeko-Tex certified 100% breathable cotton cover that guarantees non-toxicity. The glass bead filling means there are no synthetic materials inside that harm the environment or overheat your body while you sleep. This padding material provides even pressure across your entire body, so you won’t feel any awkward pressure points. Buy now

Gravity Heavy Blanket

In the world of heavy blankets, the Gravity Blanket is perhaps the most famous of all and the most likely to be gifted. It’s the best choice for anyone looking for a super relaxing way to relieve stress before bed and calm anxiety in bed. As an added treat, the Gravity Blanket comes with a detachable micro-plush cover that looks divine for snuggling underneath. The outer duvet cover is made of super soft micro-fleece. The interior weighted blanket is made from fine quality cotton and glass beads and is held in place inside the duvet cover by our new upgraded zipper system. Checkered stitching on the weighted interior ensures the glass beads stay evenly distributed during use. Duvet cover is machine washable; Inner blanket is for hand wash only. Buy now

YNM Weighted Blanket

Restful sleep is guaranteed with YNM’s super soft and comfortable blanket, available in a variety of patterns, sizes and weights to suit your sleep and body needs. The glass bead padding sits evenly inside pockets sewn between layers of breathable cotton, providing even pressure distribution across the body. Sizes range from one size to king size, with heavier weight options available the larger the size you choose. Thousands of premium glass beads add weight that instantly soothes and relaxes. Layers of breathable fabric cover the beads for body temperature control and maximum comfort. Interior sewn pockets provide even weight distribution and allow the blanket to conform to your body. To find your ideal size, take 10% of your body weight and add 1 pound. 20lb weighted blanket ensures a relaxing night’s rest, providing a soothing sensory experience for maximum comfort and decompression Buy now

Baloo Heavy Blanket

The Baloo Weighted blanket is extremely easy to care for and is machine washable (use cold water and wash on a gentle cycle), although the company advises customers to take the larger sizes to a commercial cleaner. This happy weighted blanket from Baloo ‘conforms to your body like a gentle hug’. Sounds good, right? Made from 100% pure cotton, the Baloo Weighted Blanket is refreshing and breathable. This helps keep your temperature balanced as you fall asleep under the soothing pressure of the glass bead filling. And you can keep your cool in another way, too, as the Baloo blanket is also an eco-friendly choice with lead-free glass beads and certified toxin-free cotton. The tight, quilted pattern keeps heavy padding in place so you never have to worry about weight piling up or clumping. The soft white color promotes calm, comfort and hope. Buy now

Heavy Quilted Blanket

The Quilty Adult Heavy Blanket is available in four weights and sizes, so there should be one to suit most people, whether you sleep alone or share a bed. Like all good quality weighted blankets, Quilty’s is filled with glass beads and the seven-layer construction is designed to fit your body for comfort. It also has a washable cover and comes in multiple colors. So not only does this anxiety blanket look great on the couch, it can also help you unwind after a stressful day. The Quilty Weighted Blanket for Adults adds an extra touch of relaxation by being soft to the touch and refreshing so there’s no fear of overheating. So if Baloo’s weighted cooling blanket is out of your price range, this is the next best option. This large blanket contains premium glass microspheres that evenly distribute pressure, ensuring the weight remains balanced for your comfort and peace of mind. Buy now

Heavy Blanket Tranquility

If you struggle to sleep because of stress, the Tranquility Weighted Blanket can help you fall asleep. It’s comfortable, refreshing, comfortable and affordable, making it the best weighted blanket for stressed sleepers with little money to spend. The downside is that there are only two weights to choose from: 15lbs for those weighing 125lbs to 150lbs, or 20lbs for sleepers that weigh over 175lbs. The Tranquility Weighted Blanket helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep through the night and wake up rested. This weighted blanket applies gentle, even pressure to the entire body and helps soothe and comfort people who have trouble sleeping, including those with conditions such as stress, anxiety, autism, ADHD and PTSD. The weighted blanket of tranquility features a plush fabric and a microfiber bottom to keep you comfortable. For the best results, you should select a weight that is 8% to 12% of your total body weight. Buy now

duvet with weight brooklinen

Most weighted blankets are like heavier blankets, but this exclusive Brooklinen offering doubles as a weighted blanket and a comforter for your bed, so you don’t have to use two. It has a soft alternate filling, quality cotton outer fabric, and convenient corner loops so you can clip it to the duvet cover. If you have trouble turning off your mind and going to sleep – whether because of anxiety or normal day-to-day stress – a weighted blanket can be the perfect solution to help you relax. When we learned that Brooklinen (i.e. one of our most tested bedding brands) was releasing a weighted comforter, we couldn’t wait to find out more. Buy now

Layla Heavy Blanket

While most heavy blankets look the same, this one is unique thanks to its innovative features, such as its reversible design. One side has a cotton fabric that looks like a traditional sheet, while the other side is a cozy fleece that feels more like a blanket. And while most heavy blankets come with a cover because they aren’t washable, this entire blanket is machine washable (just make sure the machine can handle a heavy load). Layla also offers a free 120 night return period so you can get your money back even if you used it and don’t love it. It comes in three sizes: a 15-pound twin, a 20-pound queen, and a 25-pound king. The Layla Weighted Blanket has many features that stand out from the crowd. Perhaps most notably, its shell consists of two different fabrics. One side is plain, 300-thread-count cotton, which may appeal more to hot sleepers. Buy now

SensaCalm Custom Heavy Blanket

SensaCalm manufactures high quality, weighted blankets that are customizable in size, print and fabric. There is a wide variety of prints available for children and adults. The blankets are made of cotton with hypoallergenic, non-toxic pellets and filled with Poly-fil so they can be easily machine washed. You choose the fabric, size, weight and finishing details for this bespoke, made-to-order blanket. You can even choose to include polyfill to make it look more like a fluffy comforter. (If you don’t, it will look more like a quilt.) Unlike most other styles, this entire blanket is machine washable. It’s filled with glass beads and you can choose from five sizes, a weight between 3-45 pounds, and nearly 50 colors and fabrics. Buy now

BlanQuil Cooling Heavy Duty Blanket

It comes with a cover that instantly feels cool to the touch. While it doesn’t have the benefits of temperature regulation overnight, you’ll get that icy feeling as soon as you climb underneath. Like others, it’s made with glass beads and the outer lid is safe to put in the washer and dryer. Some online reviewers noticed that accounts tend to change, but that it wasn’t something they couldn’t easily redistribute before snuggling up. up for the night. The blanket is available in 15 or 20 pounds and only comes in a frost white color. The machine washable outer comforter and the weighted inner blanket. Like any duvet and blanket system, the pieces move independently and displacement should be expected. For that reason, we designed the BlanQuil system to reduce displacement, including 8 strong loops, which will help keep the comforter and blanket in line. up during use, and also allow you to quickly readjust when needed. Simply unzip the outer cover and make sure all the loops are secure. Buy now

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