The Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps

[contentsdisabled] WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers for everyday communication, especially for face-to-face conversations. It’s a fast and free way to text or call someone in seconds. While the app offers an excellent way of effective communication, it poses few risks related to privacy and cybersecurity. Like all other social media, WhatsApp makes it much easier for scammers to communicate without their partners’ knowledge. Furthermore, when it comes to cyber security, children and young people face a new danger of being attacked by cyber criminals. Either you are a loving spouse or a caring partner, there are ways to spy on WhatsApp accounts to find out the truth and keep a situation under control. Fortunately, technology has allowed evidence to go much further than just looking for lipstick on a shirt or poking around in keyholes. We know that WhatsApp Messenger has become a necessary part of our lives. However, we cannot turn a blind eye to the dangers you or your loved ones may face if you use WhatsApp incorrectly. Your child could be a victim of cyberbullying, your spouse could be having an affair, or your coworker could be selling your company secrets through WhatsApp Messenger. So it’s no wonder that many people want to learn how to spy on WhatsApp messages and go unnoticed.

Check the list of the best WhatsApp tracking apps


Maybe you’re worried that your child has a bully at school. Perhaps you suspect some rebellious friendships. Or maybe you simply need to know how much time they are spending on their mobile phones instead of on your homework or chores. uMobix equips you with call and SMS monitoring features to help you in these situations. No more unwanted calls from school bullies or unappreciated SMS messages from friends with rebellious tendencies. And if you want to scold your child for spending too much time in the phone with your friends you can do it as with all the evidence to support you up.

Mobile Spy is an advanced hybrid smartphone monitoring software that allows you to monitor your children or employees remotely. It gives you the privilege to take control over your mobile phone without even touching it. It is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones and it’s a great choice for all your spying needs. You can even opt for email updates instead of visiting the online portal, in simple words you can get all phone activity details in your registered email. You can even choose to receive updates only when the target cell phone is connected to WIFI to reduce mobile/deduction of cellular data as well as battery drain.


SpyBubble is a very comprehensive monitoring software that allows you to track a target in multiple ways through an easy to use interface and accurate reports. It consistently updates its servers with the entries on the target device, providing a record of all activities on it. SpyBubble is a very comprehensive monitoring software that allows you to track a target in multiple ways through an easy to use interface and accurate reports. It consistently updates its servers with the entries on the target device, providing a record of all activities on it.


FlexiSPY is a tracking and monitoring app that allows you to secretly and remotely spy on a target device’s online and offline activities. Furthermore, it is one of the most featurerico software on the market. This app allows you to view and record calls, view text and social media messages, track location and even take photos and videos. You can use it to record target conversations phone. The function gives you the option to record all conversations on it or just those with specific contacts. To listen to them, simply log into the app and select a call from the FlexiSPY panel. You can do this at any time.


XNSPY is an application that allows you to remotely access a significant amount of data on a device. With their own monitoring motives, each individual can use this app to spy on whoever they want. But the question is what makes this app different from others and what operating system it runs on. XNSPY works on Android and iPhone devices. As Android allows third-party installations, it is easy to download this app on Android devices, but iOS is not. For this reason, XNSPY requires a person’s iCloud credentials to make iPhone spying possible.


You can remotely track the activity of your team and loved ones simply by monitoring social media apps. You can do everything from reading a chat history and viewing an app’s interface to monitoring shared multimedia and checking app activity logs. And, you can do all this without the need for root! You can take advantage of built-in GPS or Wi-Fi location tracking technology to track real-time locations. You can also set up geofence and receive alerts when your child enters or leaves the virtual boundary. Get access to contacts, call logs, texts, photos, videos, browser history and more. It’s basically a record of everything on the desired device.


The successful tracking of the target cell phone is only possible if Hoverwatch supports it. Therefore, it is better to know if the device that we are going to track is compatible with the application or not. If an app does not support an Android device, it simply means that the monitoring app is useless and exists in the market without proper research. The app claims to take the selfie of the target, the moment he unlocks his phone. Although for us it didn’t exactly happen when they unlock their phones, the Hoverwatch takes lots of pictures at any time randomly while your lover is using the phone.


mSpy is a mobile monitoring app which can be installed on your kid phone and allows you to monitor their phone calls, social media activity, instant messaging, locations and more. After installing the app on the phone it runs in the background and hides itself completely. mSpy has become one of the most popular and well-known monitoring software programs in the world. It’s reliable, easy to set up up, and works on both unlocked and non-jailbroken iOS devices and Android devices. Installation is simple and takes just a few minutes.


PanSpy is a professional application that specializes in monitoring the target device, offering various spying tools as well as a tracking solution. From social media updates to live location, it tries to bring you the most comprehensive set of features for users. That’s why the app has been recommended by many people around the world. What could we do with a monitoring app? While some have not yet realized the importance of spyware, many have already started using these applications. There may be different reasons, however, each reason has a purpose. These monitoring solutions are designed to protect our loved ones.

highster Mobile

Higher bills itself as an industry-leading spyware application for cell monitoring phones and tablets and is aimed at Apple and Android products. The app is packed with a number of features to facilitate monitoring of any device on which the software is installed. Parents with minor children can legally monitor any device used by their children without the child’s permission. Employees can legally monitor their employees’ devices as long as those devices are owned by the employer. Best business practices suggest that the employer inform the employee that their device will be monitored.

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