The Best White-Noise Machines

[contentsdisabled] White noise devices are popular with many sleepers for their ability to block out unwanted noise and potentially promote more restful sleep. There are a large number of models on the market, from the simplest to those capable of reproducing a range of white noises as well as soft natural sounds. Customers can also choose from a variety of features and options designed for use in home or on the move. White noise machines vary in price by manufacturer and features, but most can be purchased for under $100.

Here is the list of the best white noise machines

Classic Marpac Dohm

White noise machines are by no means new. In fact, Marpac has done just that. In a classic example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” design, the Marpac Dohm Classic hasn’t really changed in the last 50 years. Instead of generating white noise digitally, the Marpac Dohm Classic simply contains a small fan inside a dome. You can use the fan on a low or high setting and then adjust the pitch. That’s it. Very simple to configure up and use, and Marpac works as well now as it did in the 1960s. Buy

HoMedics Deep Sleep Mini

The HoMedics Deep Sleep Mini is our number one white noise machine. In our tests, his choice of relaxing sounds helped us fall asleep smoothly and calm down if we were disturbed during the night. There’s a choice of white, brown and pink noise, as well as rain and storm nature sounds – and you can choose to keep the noise on overnight to block out disturbances. We found pink noise particularly effective in blocking snoring. The Deep Sleep Mini is easy to operate (even if you’re sleep deprived) thanks to its carefully designed controls, and if you have trouble sleeping away from home, it’s small enough to fit in your purse or suitcase when you’re travelling. Our only gripe is that there’s no option to play music, so the Deep Sleep Mini can’t do dual function as a speaker during the day, but that’s a small problem. If you need a little help getting a good night’s sleep, we highly recommend it. Buy

Big red rooster white noise machine

Unlike real chickens, the Big Red Rooster white noise machine does not sing to you first thing in the morning. In fact, it can help you fall asleep a little and wake up. up like a real walking stick. This machine is one of the cheaper options, costing $30, but can often be found for under $20. However, you don’t have to sacrifice any functionality as it offers six different soothing sounds: rain, stream, ocean, thunder, white noise and summer night. Another big benefit is that the Big Red Rooster can be powered by an AC adapter or three AA batteries, making it great for travel. Buy

LectroFan Classic

Let’s face it, everyone is different and the sound environments we find ourselves in are also different. And until you start using a white noise machine, you won’t know which type of noise works best for you. That’s why we love that LectroFan offers you 20 unique sounds to choose from. They neatly break down into 10 fan sounds (including ‘Industrial Fan’, ‘Circular Fan’, ‘Swinging Fan’ and so on), along with 10 noise sounds including white, pink and brown noise. As you’d expect, the top 10 sound more mechanical, while the last 10 are smoother and more ambient. Play around with the different options for a while, including the excellent volume control, and you’ll soon find the perfect sweet spot for you. More importantly, you’ll find that all of these sounds are excellent for masking background noise, especially conversation. The controls on this device are very simple to use, even in a dark room. And we particularly like how, while the power is on, the LectroFan will remember the last noise and fan setting you made when changing modes. This allows you to switch between your favorite fan sound and your favorite white noise sound without any fuss. Buy

HoMedics Sound Spa Rejuvenates

If you’re looking for a white noise machine and on a tight budget, it’s hard to go wrong with the HoMedics Sound Spa Rejuvenate. It’s extremely easy to use, and while its sounds aren’t as natural as those of high-end machines, our reviewer found Sound Spa Rejuvenate to be very effective at blocking out everything from noisy neighbors to barking dogs. It can run from mains or batteries, which makes it a great choice if you’re traveling and often have trouble sleeping in noisy hotels, or if you don’t have an electrical outlet within easy reach of your nightstand. Its speaker sounds a bit metallic, and we found it vibrated audibly at the highest volume setting, but it’s hard to argue at this price point. Buy

Recharged Alarm Clock and Homedics Sound Machine

Sleep is an admirable goal, but most of us also need to wake up. up at a given time. That’s where Homedics Recharged Alarm Clock & Sound Machine comes in handy. In addition to offering eight different calming noises to help you fall asleep, the machine also doubles as an alarm clock radio. feature. You can wake up to your favorite FM radio station – or a more traditional alarm if the music doesn’t cheer you up in the morning. There’s also a timer, thermometer, smartphone holder and projection clock, so you can see the time displayed on the nearest wall. Buy

Google Home mini smart speaker

There’s an argument to be made that the best device for any app is the one you already own. You may not have a Google Home Mini Smart Speaker, but you probably have what powers it: a smartphone. Using a smart speaker lets you leverage your existing smartphone apps to stream whatever you want. That means you can buy a white noise recording or play it back on YouTube – or even ask Google Assistant to find one for you. Its sound library is potentially as large as the Internet itself, and you can customize various timers and alarms to go along with it. Buy

Avantek white noise machine

White noise isn’t the only type of sound people use to relax or sleep. So if you are looking for a device that provides white noise and other ambient sound recordings, we recommend this budget device. First of all, the variety of different sounds is very impressive. Avantek’s white noise machine offers 20 digitally produced sound recordings, including six ‘white noise’ variations (including a deeper pink noise), six fan sounds and eight nature sounds: ocean waves, rain, wind, stream, birds, bonfire, cricket and clock. That’s a lot of variety, and while the recordings repeat themselves, there are no jarring edits to unduly distract you. Buy

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